MongoDB unveils MongoDB 5.0 and Serverless Atlas

Jul 20, 2021 | Vanshika Kaushik

MongoDB unveils MongoDB 5.0 and Serverless Atlas title banner

MongoDB, leading general purpose database platform has released some new set of updates to scale up its analytics portfolio. MongoDB has launched MongoDB 5.0 that will provide native time support. In addition to that MongoDB 5.0 will provide preview of serverless databases in MongoDB Atlas. 


Features of MongoDB 5.0


  • Native time series: Varied collections, clustered indexing and advanced set of window functions will cut down the costs involved in building and running IoT and financial applications

  •      Seamless data redistribution: This will enable users to  modify shared keys  on demand for evolving workloads and complex migrations.


  • Future Proof Application Compatibility: Developers can use Versioned API to increase the database lifecycle. Same set of application code can be used by developers for multiple years, database upgradation will not remove its original code

  • Multi- Cloud Privacy Controls: Client Field Level Encryption (FLE) will strengthen the security controls. Through auditing and certificate  rotational features MangoDB 5.0 will provide stringent security postures. 


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MongoDB has also released a preview version of the serverless database model. Serverless instances will be supported by MongoDB 5.0. It will automatically backup to save important codes. Users will be required to choose a cloud region for building documents that will link objects to the code. 


According to ZDNet Mongo’s  developer-focused announcements are the Realm SDK for the Unity mobile game engine, enhancements to Atlas Search, and extension of MongoDB Charts support from Atlas Data Lake. Where this feature especially comes in handy is when data ingest and access patterns change, making the efficient sharding patterns inefficient

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