Netflix’s “Play Something Button” will now play movies and shows for its mobile application users

May 28, 2021 | Vanshika Kaushik

Netflix’s “Play Something Button” will now play movies and shows for its mobile application users title banner

Netflix and chill were the two words  everyone gushed  during the pandemic. Netflix India has crossed the 2.4 million viewer count. The American content and production company has witnessed expansive growth in 2020.


It made a net profit of 25 billion US dollars in the year 2020. Netflix is a magical room with no escape gates, from science fiction, to rom com this platform has packed all the quality content and vows to deliver the best. 


Previously, Netflix launched the “Play Something” button for  laptops and televisions. As this new button is being liked by viewers, Netflix has begun testing the button feature for its Android application.


“Play Something” button will display a thousand recommendations based on the previous watchlist. Just a simple tap and the algorithm will present the viewer with shows, and movies based on the last played movie. 


Netflix is testing the play button feature globally initially it will be available as a pop-up window. If the recommendations recline with the viewer's choice, they can simply watch the movie/ drama.


 If the movie or series is not the right fit, simply clicking on “Play Something Else” will present the viewer a series or film that’s unfinished, a film that is already on the viewers list, or an unfinished movie that the viewer needs to delve into.


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The feature dissolves the hassles related to watching. At times algorithms can bring out the perfect match for the mood. 


The Play Something button will also support (Text to Speech) in Televisions. Users can use voice command through voice enabled remote controls or activated assistants, (Alexa or Siri) to give the “Play Something” command.


Netflix keeps rolling out new updates, in December 2020 it released an audio only mode for its mobile application. 


The mode displayed a “Video off” option. The audio mode allowed users to focus on the audio related to a series/ movie. After clicking it allowed the users to connect headphones, earphones, bluetooth speakers to the netflix application. 


In February 2021, Netflix launched the “ Downloads For You” feature for its mobile application. The Downloads for you feature would automatically download a movie/ series based on the user's watch history. It also launched a “Sleep Timer” feature that will turn off the content being played for a while.


According to engadget , “Netflix is continuing to add content at a furious pace, so finding something you'd missed that's at least decent is possible. Plus, there's more competition than ever, so it's easy to see why the company would want you to stop scrolling and press play instead of switching apps.”

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