A new device ensures a safe human-robot interaction

Jan 07, 2022 | Shaoni Ghosh

A new device ensures a safe human-robot interaction title banner

Robotics has ushered into the field of Artificial Intelligence, a revolutionary technological medium. It has not only pushed the discoveries towards the modernity of the 21st century, but has also amplified the spirit of research and development in the blink of an eye. 


It exercises control over the computer systems and is put into effect in tasks where humans cannot perform as efficiently as robots. The researchers have now been employing machine learning to introduce interaction, standardizing at social levels.


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Mobile collaborative robots are gradually being employed for a wide range of human-robot collaboration tasks. Researchers at Russia's Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology have designed a prototype technique to enhance human safety while dealing with robots. 


CoHaptics monitors human users' motions and provides haptic feedback to warn them of robot collisions via haptics technology and hand-tracking technology.


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Roboticists should come up with collaborative approaches that take into account both human agility and robot power. One collaborative robot can assist in taking up large components and bringing you closer to where the parts will be assembled.


An easy-to-use technology


A tracking device based on a 6 DoF camera may be worn on the wrist by users to limit robot-human collisions.


A haptic feedback-based system has been created by researchers that allows a person and a robot to collaborate in a communal space.


The researchers discovered that their approach reduced robot crashes and improved the safety of human-robot interaction, but it also took the robot longer to perform tasks.


In an effort to increase human safety, researchers have devised a system that modifies a robot's course to prevent accidents with humans. They reasoned that people could be so preoccupied with their current jobs that they wouldn't notice neighboring robots. 


As a result, they incorporated a haptic function to their system that warns humans about potential future robot crashes.


Hands on Response


Human users respond to haptic input from their system at an average of 0.32 seconds, which is quick enough to avoid a collision.


The CoHaptics device may change the course of robots and avert collisions using data obtained by the 6DoF camera worn by users on their wrists. It might be a useful technique for boosting the safety of employees in industrial settings who operate alongside mobile robots. 


Tsetserukou, Altamirano Cabrera, and his colleagues choose to come up with innovative ways to improve human-robot collaboration.


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As reported by TechXplore, researchers are currently working on Coverse (collaborative universe), a 3D environment that simulates a factory where robots and humans may be tracked and animated in real-time. 


They might construct comparable representations for metropolitan landscapes or other situations where robots might be deployed in the long term.

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