NFC based payments in India will become a reality through Google Pay

May 04, 2021 | Vanshika Kaushik

NFC based payments in India will become a reality through Google Pay title banner

Google Pay became a name synonymous to digital payments in the year 2020.It is continuously working to ease down the process of online payments for its users.


The credibility of Google with the assurance of safe payments encouraged users to entrust their faith in Google Pay.Google Pay will soon launch NFC based payments in India.


Contactless payments are the future with the tremendous increase in coronavirus cases throughout the country,a lot of financial institutions betted on tokenized options or credit card based payments.


Applications like Apple Pay,LifeLock Wallet,MasterCard PayPass,Visa paywave are using NFC.NFC ensures safe payments and it is faster, convenient and versatile.


Countries like the US,China and Singapore are using contactless payment options to make credit /debit card based payments  simple.


In the past Titan has also launched a set of watches with NFC chips.NFC based chips can be embedded in any wearable device to make smart payments.


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NFC or Near field communication is a connecting technology that allows users to exchange information through a simple tap.


It is a technology standard based on radio frequency identification(RDFI)that doesn’t require an internal power source to function and can transmit information wirelessly over small distances.


NFC has opened a new possibility for consumer goods.It is similar to QR code in a certain way.NFC tags are usually in the form of stickers.


Two NFC stickers assembled together makes an NFC tag working.The tags are encoded through a URL.


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To interact with an NFC system user has to bring the phone closer to the NFC tag,once done it will present the user with the corresponding content. NFC tags work on both Android and Apple devices.


The NFC based payments by Google will allow the users to simply bring smartphones closer to NFC tags and it will debit the balance from users' active Google Pay account.


In the new updates Google Pay will provide more secure transactions to safeguard its users against hackers.


In the new set of updates the company will offer more choices and controls to manage transaction data on the platform.


According to Zee News, Ambarish Kenghe Vice President Product Google pay said, ”All users will be asked to choose whether they would like to put the control on or off as soon as they upgrade to the new version of Google Pay.”