NFT Marketplace: the one stop solution to encrypt and secure anonymous patient data

Oct 12, 2021 | Shaoni Ghosh

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Obtaining Healthcare data can further the medical field towards better ways of introducing new advancements in medicine. It shall also drive the healthcare professionals and researchers to explore something which has not yet been traced. 


However, withholding medical information due to security concerns restricts the medical research and limits them to a known boundary. 


Nevertheless, NFTs could venture beyond gaming and collectibles. Aimedis, an e-healthcare provider, has already plunged into the NFTs to enhance the specific problems faced by prospective customers in the medical marketspace.


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The Approach


And now, Aimedis has laid its attention on its launch of the platform such that it improves the way healthcare systems work using non fungible token (NFT).


Now that the standardized process has been put into effect, professional users would be able to share healthcare information under an umbrella of anonymity on the blockchain. 


And consequently, healthcare professionals, institutions and medical researchers would be able to access this information only after paying for online trials.


As the team makes a statement, the NFT marketplace is also referred to as the Aimedis DataXChange. It can make the "structuring, protection and monetization of scientific and medical data," undergo standardization procedures and be more comprehensible than ever before.


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Assured Encryption


The difference that eradicates security concerns lies in the hands of the decentralized nature of the blockchain, such that it extends the boundary of the medical arena, by giving the patients a way to share healthcare data anonymously, knowing that the given data is strongly encrypted and protected by all means.


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This would also enable democratized research, since it is no longer restricted to larger organizations. Now that they have access to healthcare databases, they would be able to treat others who experience similar kinds of symptoms, and introduce new medications and vaccines. 


Now, companies can easily access this data and if not, they will be able to join hands with other companies to purchase the required data.


To prepare this model, Aimedis makes best use of a multi-blockchain system, which in turn, employs a decentralized- non-public blockchain. This would keep account of transaction IDs, vaccinations, and others. And Blockchain Technology would ensure transparency in terms of its maintenance of keeping records of all such transaction IDs.


As reported by Cointelegraph, in return, the patients will earn the Aimedis Token (AIMX) and they can avail discounts on what Aimedis offers. And also, they will be given "different forms of content and other member-only advantages."


Having created the platform to solve the issues employing two significant technologies, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, Aimedis has been recently inspecting the NFT Marketplace to minute detail.

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