Oxford Quantum Circuits launched Quantum Computing-as-a-Service in UK

Jul 14, 2021 | Vanshika Kaushik

Oxford Quantum Circuits launched Quantum Computing-as-a-Service in UK title banner

Quantum Computing is the future of technology. Quantum computers are based and built on the principles of quantum theory. This type of computing operates through quantum bits. The next gen quantum computers can readily solve large linear calculations, identify chemical compounds for new discoveries, and are right fit for training artificial intelligence systems. 


Although Quantum Computers have a bucket full of advantages, the benefits of quantum computing are made available only to a handful of industries. In order to make quantum computing’s advantages accessible, Oxford Quantum Circuits has launched the Quantum Computing-as-a- Service (QCaaS) platform. 


UK’s first Quantum Computing-as-a-Service platform will take quantum technology to the market via private cloud. Company’s partners and customers will get access to the technology which will pave the way for breakthrough inventions. Cambridge Quantum will be the first company to explore advantages of quantum computing service for its Ironbridge Cybersecurity platform. 


Quantum Computing-as-a-Service will be a beneficial platform for major companies in different business domains. Pharmaceutical companies can leverage the benefits of quantum computing services for drug discoveries and experiments. Financial Institutions will get the superpowers of quantum for risk assessment and financial analysis. 


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Quantum Computers will present better ways for clean energy production, research conducted through quantum computers will provide insights into the future of battery technology. They can also be used for mining cryptocurrencies. Cutting edge service (QCaaS) will instill a gleam of hope in the research industry. 


Availability of service will pave the way for better research in the medical industry.  UK is leading the quantum computing industry. With the help of quantum computing startups like ArQit, Crypta Labs, ORCA Computing, Phasecraft UK might overtake China in the quantum computing industry. 


As per the statistics Quantum Computing market will hit $949 million in 2025. Forecasts shed positive light on the future of the quantum computing industry. 


According to CLOUDTECH, Dr Ilana Wisby, the CEO of OQC, said: “The launch of our QCaaS platform is not only a remarkable achievement in the history of Oxford Quantum Circuits, but is a significant milestone in unlocking the potential of quantum computing both in the UK and globally.

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