Paris Based Web3 platform Arianee raises $21 million

May 11, 2022 | Mallika Rangaiah

Paris Based Web3 platform Arianee raises $21 million title banner

About the Company


Arianee is a Paris based Web3 platform that provides end-to-end web3 solutions for brands. It helps brands in tokenizing different valuable assets and distributing NFTs.  As per Vogue, the platform combines Arianee Project, an association that manages the open source part of the technology, and Arianee SAS, a software-as-a-service firm based on blockchain technology. 


Arianee is focused on building a decentralized internet, while keeping integrity and respect for privacy in mind. With NFT becoming a trending digital asset in the recent era, Arianee aims to capitalize on the same by deploying metaverse, supporting airdrops and endorsing engaging in-app visualizations. The platform is focused on downstream use cases such as customer relationship management.


The Raise


Arianee raised $21 million in a Series A round headed by Tiger Global. As reported by Tech Crunch, alongside Tiger Global, existing investors Bpifrance, ISAI, Noia Capital and Cygni Labs also took part in the round. First time investors joining the round include Commerce Ventures and Motier Ventures. 


Prior to this, Arianee had raised $9.5 million in a seed round in March 2021, which included the participation of government-affiliated French Public Investment Bank (Bpifrance), which had also participated in the Series A round.


The funding round is a combined equity investment in Arianee’s software solution as well as Aria20, which is the native cryptocurrency of the Arianee platform. Alongside global expansion and additional hires, the funds will be deployed to resume developing the brand’s products and services.

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