Pearson VUE’s latest “Value of IT Certification” study highlights benefits of IT certification in challenging times

Jun 10, 2021 | AS Team

Pearson VUE’s latest “Value of IT Certification” study highlights benefits of IT certification in challenging times title banner

Facing all odds of this pandemic, how few organizations supported other businesses to survive and thrive in this adverse Covid situation


We have observed an inconsistent career graph globally for almost all professionals working in different categories since the outbreak of Covid-19 was evident. This was persistent throughout 2020. Sales were at an all-time low, small traders and new entrepreneurs shutting down their businesses, salaried employees losing their jobs, we have seen it all. Without proper guidance on how to survive in this tough situation and not excelling in skills, sets were the major reasons for such unemployment.


The unemployment rate was at an all-time high in April 2020 at 24%. The employment rate of small traders was negative 91.3 million, entrepreneurs were at -18.2 million and salaried employees were at -17.8 million.


As the pandemic’s impact was felt across all industries, the technology and IT sector started to evolve even more. IT professionals strive to discover even more efficient solutions to drive businesses forward, the need to upskill is a top priority to make them employable even during a crisis time like this. 


Hence, Pearson VUE (UK-based), a pioneer in computer-based testing, has been imparting the IT skills certifications to students and working professionals to fit in their job roles perfectly, become efficient, excel in their existing career, and seek promotions.


The company has been delivering such certifications for decades and has delivered more than 16 million certification and licensure exams annually in every industry from academia and admissions to IT and healthcare. The number of skills certifications that the company imparted has doubled during this pandemic time.


Pearson VUE also recently conducted a ground-breaking study that reveals that the validation of skills through certification continues to have significance for professionals wherever they are on their career pathway. The global pandemic widely disrupted employers’ budgets for staff training, and while certification programs were inevitably impacted, IT specialists remained committed to upgrading skills to enhance their employability and pay.


For this research, they conducted a survey among 29,000 candidates who completed IT certification exams between November 2019 and October 2020 - a period of seismic change all around the world. Respondents were from 160 countries and ranged from those who had pursued certification for the very first time, to seasoned IT professionals who hold multiple IT credentials. Findings of this research were, growth in cloud certifications aligned with companies are moving to remote working models, certification leads to advancement, certification improves self-esteem and is a lifelong activity, and Employers who support IT credentialing see a more productive, efficient, and loyal workforce.


Apart from this, there are other organizations saving small traders and entrepreneurs from the clutches of low sales and businesses closing down during this pandemic.


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