RailTel Chief: Indian Railway to Incorporates Big Data, IoT and AI in Future Events

Feb 18, 2020 | AS Team


  • Niti Aayog is executing plans towards the integrated expansion of the railway stations.
  • BJP’s announced the contraption of the Indian Railway in Lok Sabha elections 2019.
  • Sitaraman said India has embraced AI and IoT technologies that replace traditional business
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The advancement in Indian Railway always remained the part of the election proposal, the same proposed by BJP in 2019 Lok Sabha Elections. Also, the Government considers the Niti Aayog proposal for the extensive development in the region of almost 50 railway stations with the strength to account for private investment.


Over 1.4 Mn passengers use Indian Railway every day, the government is planning to make the railway more advanced, these plans included Big Data, Internet of Things(IoT) and Artificial Intelligence(AI).


Railtech chief and managing director, Puneet Chawla, told in his statement that Indian Railway depends on technologies greatly as it provides satisfaction to passengers, operators and train operations to ensure punctuality and safety. He added, as the fifth-largest telecom base in the country, Railtel indexed with varied examples as video calls, WiFi, CCTV’s, e-office and computer-based signals in operating trains. 


Piyush Goyal, railway minister, said that we are planning to install more CCTV cameras at the stations and to make 6.5K  stations online using WiFi.


While presenting the budget, the financial minister Nirmala Sitaraman expressed a new concept of the tech economy with patients, data centers, quantum technologies, and connectivity. She added, using AI in Indian business enhanced the economy via sharing economy with aggregators that replacing traditional business. 


“With a new era of technologies, it allows the direct transfer of interest and financial incorporation on the measurement that never assumed before,” she said.

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