Ransomware attack on Ecuador's state regulated telecommunication provider

Jul 21, 2021 | Vanshika Kaushik

Ransomware attack on Ecuador's state regulated telecommunication provider title banner

Ransomware attacks are a threat to evolving technology. Big corporations are the soft targets of cybercriminals. Cybercriminals hack the entire working system after attacking the main system. Post attack they ask for huge ransom, from companies to enable system access. 


Ecuador's Corporation National Telecommunication (CNT) that is managed by Ecuador’s state government has suffered a ransomware attack. The attack has led to a halt in its business operations. Company’s payment portal and customer support is unable to process payments on account of cyberattack. 


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Telecommunication service provider offers broadband connection, internet services and movie streaming platform. The news of the cyberattack was broken down by the CNT website company issued detailed information and a statutory warning for its customers. Through the website it stated payment portal and customer services are not accessible. 


Integrated Service Centres and Contact centres have been closed for their working operations temporarily. CNT lodged a complaint for this cyberattack in the State  Attorney General’s Office. Preliminary investigation is in the process more details about the cyberattack will become clear after investigation. 


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As per the speculations this cyberattack is regulated by ransomware corporation RansomEXX. Infamous corporation has threatened CNT to leak stolen data if ransom is not paid. CNT has assured its customers about data safety through an official notice. 


RansomEXX claims to have hold over 190 customer credentials. Infamous ransom corporation has previously conducted cyberattacks on JBS, Sol Oriens and Brazil’s official Rio Grande do Sul court system. 


According to Bleeping Computer As is becoming common among ransomware operations, Ransom EXX  created a Linux version  to ensure they can target all critical servers and virtual machines.

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