Robot to serve drugs and food to COVID19 patients in SMS hospital

Mar 27, 2020 | AS Team

Robot to serve drugs and food to COVID19 patients in SMS hospital title banner

On 25th March, as revealed by Times Of India, a robot was moved to Sawai Man Singh Hospital, on courtesy of a private firm for delivering food and medicines to the Covid-19 patients continuing treatment there. 


The firm has facilitated the robot to the SMS Hospital on the grounds of helping the nurses and doctors in maintaining distance from the Covid-19 patients. 


DR DS Meena, the superintendent of the SMS Hospital has emphasized that the task of delivering medicines and food, which is normally carried out by the nurses and doctors at the hospital, will now be carried out by a robot for the Covid-19 patients. 


The superintendent also stressed that the hospital will carry out a demo to judge the effectiveness of this approach and only if the robot is discovered to be valuable and accomplishes the work effectively will the robot be employed for these tasks. She added that the probability of the doctors getting tainted from the infection is high hence the robot would be useful to minimise physical contact between them.  


The robot has been created in such a way that it constitutes a tray which is convenient for ferrying food and medicine from one place to another. 


With over 500,000 people now globally infected and the global death toll crossing 23,000, the disease has now overtaken the route of nearly all countries across the world with the authorities now scrambling as they endeavor to protect themselves from any more casualties.

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