Robots can assist in intra operative ultrasounds

Jun 23, 2021 | Vanshika Kaushik

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Ultrasound imaging or sonography use high frequency sound waves to view the internal organs of the body. Ultrasound images, as they are captured in real time can show blood flowing or other processes that are taking place inside the body. It is the right method to diagnose the internalized disease.


There are several disadvantages associated with ultrasound imaging. Ultrasound imaging usually produces harmful impacts on the body. The waves produced during sonography can heat the tissues; it can also produce gas in body fluids. 


Now researchers have developed a robot that can accurately image a patient through ultrasound , without hand cramping or exposure to heat and radiation. Ultrasounds are usually accompanied with X rays that produce harmful radiation. The heat radiations are harmful for both the patient and the ultrasound operator.


The robotic intra operative echocardiography developed by researchers is an imaging technique that can diagnose heart disease to assist cardiac surgeons. The researchers used a parallel control and intelligence system along with robot in a virtual environment. The virtual environment was similar to the real environment. Robot was fed with the ultrasound images, the robot was successful in locating the target areas.


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The location of target areas eased the work of ultrasound operators. It will also assist them in better visualization of internal body parts. 


As reported by Tech Explore Wang Director of the State Key Laboratory of Management and Control of Complex Systems, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences. said  "The ultimate goal is to integrate the virtual system and the physical robot for in-vivo clinical tests, so as to propose a new diagnosis and treatment protocol using parallel intelligence in medical operations," Wang said.

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