SightLab VR software will allow users to conduct eye tracking experiments

May 27, 2021 | Vanshika Kaushik

SightLab VR software will allow users to conduct eye tracking experiments title banner

Virtual Reality is now widely used in every field. In the past VR was restricted to gaming, but these days VR is used in the education sector, military and  human behavioral research. 


VR headsets and VR glasses allow an individual to delve into the world of augmented reality. Now, the companies are developing VR softwares for helping researchers worldwide.


Worldviz, a leading software company and the pioneers of VR industry, has developed a VR software that can be used for eye tracking experiments. Worldviz’s SightLab VR software can be paired with the VR headset. 


The software can capture pupil’s dilation, point of gaze, eye movements and blinking. SightLab VR is an extension to Vizard software that can collect data with ease. 


It can be used to gain behavioral insights through eye tracking. 


The software collects precise data and predicts the outcomes based on the collected data.


 Data related to eye fixation, concentration lapse is collected. It comes with a set of tools that can be used for efficient eye tracking. Vizard7 comes with ready to use templates and experiments that can be used by researchers to build their eye tracking applications. Software also provides multi user facilities. 


Eye Tracking refers to the process of observing and recording different eye movements. Eye Tracking enables human behaviour and psychology researchers to study about the concentration levels, cognitive processes and learning patterns of humans. 


Data related to eye tracking allows them to study the social behaviour of human beings. 


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Eye tracking is also used by companies to develop advertising campaigns. Companies assimilate data related to eye concentration levels to finalize which colours are more attractive, for  a better UI/UX interface. 


The colours that attract maximum user intention, and the ones where the user tends to focus on for longer duration are chosen for the website. 


Features of Sight Lab VR


  • The software will record and playback “eye tracking behaviour” for after action review.

  • The software will offer extensive data analytics.

  • It will offer 3D visualization of data.

  • 360 videos and 3D files from different sources.


According to Cision Matthias Pusch, CEO of Worldviz said, "We have always been at the forefront of VR for research, bringing meaningful solutions to the research community. Now anyone can set up an experiment in just minutes.”


Tobii Pro Lab, SMI BeGaze, and iMotions are some popular eye tracking softwares.

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