Software Development Platform Github Introduces India Operations for the Local Developer Community

Feb 13, 2020 | AS Team

Software Development Platform Github Introduces India Operations for the Local Developer Community title banner

US-based company Github, the software development platform, on Wednesday has declared the opening of India subsidiary, the new launching of India Operations for good serving to regional developer bodies at GitHub India Private Limited.


Github CEO, Erica Brescia, while disclosing launch, she added, “Indian developers are the third-largest active developers on Github after US and China that is 22% growth over past years, they are truly making the future of software development.” Across a few past years, the number of users-depositories has raised up to 75% in India that shows a definite growth in the association in the community of Indian developers.


Our aim is to build a regional developers’ team and make more powerful connections with the developers’ team. It promotes open-source growth in developers, maintainers, and organizations.


In addition, Stack Overflow, another developer community online that has more than 50 million guests every month, has its largest number of users in the Bengaluru, followed by London and Chennai.


The Github has appointed Maneesh Sharma as the general manager of Github India for maintaining Indian operations. He is supposed to conduct the development planning of Github’s operations in India. He has also pursed senior leadership roles at SAP and Adobe, prior to Github.


Erica said code repository services would have 200 operators in India at the end of this year covering sales and marketing, and globally to have 2000 employees at the year-end.


Sharma said Github hooks on combined characters of computer science and commerce communities in India, there are multiple open-sourced programs that had appeared out of India. 


In order to make Indian operational’s life more simpler, we are planning to work on the bom-digital firms so that developers can spend more time on innovations, also aid legacy firms to develop with modification policies, he said.


GitHub is also in partnership with Swiggy and ArisGlobal for Indian operations. The company also has begun an Android beta app where developers can moderate and analyze codes and execute ongoing projects. The original app adjusts to each size of screens and devices.


Also, Innovaccer has initiated a SaaS solution that is working for business schools and organizations over the edge but drags out near to the healthcare domain. As it initiated projects in India, most of its clients and relevant work are operated in the US.  

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