Swiggy starts a wellness program ‘Built around you’

Apr 09, 2020 | AS Team

Swiggy starts a wellness program ‘Built around you’ title banner

The online food ordering and delivery platform Swiggy has presented 'Built Around You', a curated wellbeing program for employees for the event of World Health Day.


Planned for fortifying the general health of the whole Swiggy organization and their loved ones, the initiative is engaged around the four mainstays of physical, emotional, financial and legal wellbeing. 


The benefits extend from offering boundless tele/video interview meetings with free specialists, (for example, specialists, dietitians, advisors, therapists, financial and legal specialists) to customized advanced and on-location wellbeing programs for the workers and their loved ones. This incorporates wellbeing checkups, health workshops/online courses and one to one sessions on weight, addiction and diabetes management, maternity care, marital counseling, and so on. 


It likewise facilitates extra benefits like discounts on gym membership, physiotherapy meetings, home nurse visits and diagnostic assessments to empower everybody on their health venture. 


The program also caters past the customary meaning of employees and dependents, it’s been exceptionally curated for on-roll and off-role employees, kitchen staff and delivery accomplices. The benefits can be stretched out to relatives, accomplices or companions, any individual who matters. 


As reported by Economic Times, Girish Menon Swiggy’s head of HR has claimed that the firm believes that the wellbeing of each Swiggster also relies on the wellbeing of their loved ones. Hence the firm has introduced a complete program that is built not just for them, but also built around them.


The program for the delivery partners was made live on Wednesday, April 1, and has already seen a decent take-up with around 2,000 signups and more than 1,000 consultations. Meanwhile the benefits for the remainder of the firm will be made accessible from April 6.

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