Tata Power partners with the world's first renewable energy startup, BluWave-ai

Oct 09, 2021 | Shaoni Ghosh

Tata Power partners with the world's first renewable energy startup, BluWave-ai title banner

The Partnership


On 6th October, Wednesday, BluWave-ai, the globe's first renewable energy AI startup, inked a three-year commercial contract with a five-year extension clause for partnership with India's leading integrated power utility, Tata Power.


The core business of this emerging power utility is centred at the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. Its services include natural gas exploration and its products include that of electric power and natural gas.


The contract was reached following a successful trial project in which Tata Power assessed the effectiveness of the BluWave-ai cloud service in generating intra-day and day-ahead dispatch to be used in its power scheduling operations.


As reported by TheEconomicTimes, India recently implemented mechanisms to enforce proper energy planning and created a real-time marketplace to boost renewable energy integration into the power network.


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As a result, electricity distribution firms are now subject to harsh charges if they deviate from their projected energy use, which is exacerbated by power scheduling errors. 


Tata Power has used the power of Artificial Intelligence to improve power planning and so match new regulatory requirements.


The Central Control Room for Renewable Assets (CCRA), for example, employs machine learning for loss estimates, prediction, and alert/notification.


The pit is also used to plant Coal Supply Management (Coal SCM) and Management Strategic Review (MSR) solutions by Tata Power's Coastal Gujarat Power Limited (CGPL) and Maithon Power Plant (MPL) divisions.


To optimize power procurement, the PSCC team designed and executed change overload detection and RTM optimization, which makes best use of linear programming and neural networks.


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The India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF) has awarded Tata Power and BluWave-ai the top-level 'Diamond Trophy' in the Utility Distribution category. The prize recognized the advantages of BluWave's technique for estimating Tata Power's energy consumption demand.


Tata Power is partnering with BluWave-ai to put AI to work in its day-to-day power distribution in Mumbai. 


Sanjay Banga, President, Tata Power T&D, stated that working with AI-enabled system enhancements in real-time operations via cloud services improves their baseline systems, leading to greater operational precision and reliability.


Devashish Paul, BluWave-ai CEO, stated that they have focused on partnering with major global energy firms like Tata Power to develop the world's greatest AI cleantech firm.


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Since February 2020, the BluWave-ai software-as-a-service (SaaS) has been operating 24x7x365.  It also adapted quickly to last year's huge COVID-related downtimes and subsequent Mumbai lockdowns.


Paul stated that the technology delivers their clients an option that achieves a considerable financial benefit from the 35,000+ annual power dispatches.

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