TikTok is donating worth 100 Crores of medical equipment in India

Apr 02, 2020 | AS Team

TikTok is donating worth 100 Crores of medical equipment in India title banner

With COVID-19 erupting and rippling across the world and the whole country being put under lockdown to combat the disease, TikTok a Chinese video-sharing social networking service company has announced to donate 400,000 Hazmat medical protective suits and 20000 masks in an effort to protect doctors and frontline medical staff in their struggle against this pandemic.


In its recent press release, the company emphasized that as Indian citizens practice social distancing, remaining quarantined to their homes and supporting the authorities in curbing the virus, India’s medical personals have exposed themselves on the frontline as they endeavor to work day and night courageously to keep the nation protected. This makes our health care workers the most vulnerable and exposed to the virus. 


The company also added that as the Government of India continues to make concerted efforts to reduce the spread of the virus, the firm would like to offer their part in the struggle against the disease through the donation of 40000 hazmat suits and masks. The company also claimed that they are willing to extend further support by way of additional donations in the coming time. 

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