Upgrad joins hand with EyeWay Vision for AR based learning experience

Apr 14, 2021 | Vanshika Kaushik

Upgrad joins hand with EyeWay Vision for AR based learning experience title banner

Similar to Byjus and Unacademy, Upgrad is the company which has revolutionized the way the world looked at online education. It offers a plethora of courses in science ,arts and law. It’s an online community of learners which enables them to study from the comforts of their home . It has achieved yet another milestone by collaborating with Israel based EyeWay Vision.


EyeWay Vision is a pioneer in the field of Augmented Reality and seeks to provide a truly immersive experience on the go.While online education is the future it becomes tedious at times as it appears the student is simply learning and there seems to be no way out for interaction.


Focusing on this major drawback of online learning Upgrad decided to collaborate with EyeWay Vision to give its learners a chance to interact not only with the teachers but even with the fellow learners.This way the learning would be an enriching process and it will not only include summarizing concepts but it will  also include real time problem analysis.


EyeWay Vision’s AR


EyeWay Vision’s wearable AR system which is in the development stage,its one of a distinguished kind as it   can work in the bright light it encompasses a gaze linked FOV that will allow the users to  experience a dynamic field of view without boundaries.


Its variable focus would enable  the users to experience an hassle free view of virtual objects when placed alongside real objects.Keeping the human eye resolution in mind the AR system would make the digital content appear as smooth and natural as the real one. 


In an interview with ET times Phalgun Kompalli the co-founder of Upgrad revealed that for the beginning they would be employing this AR system for machine learning and data learning courses which are also the most popular courses on Upgrad. He also emphasized that this partnership will benefit a lot more students who were hesitant in leveraging the benefit of online courses owing to its loopholes.


Not only Upgrad will be benefited from this partnership but even Eye Vision will get a platform to showcase the performance of their AR system.Further this can also be seen as a mini step towards the usage of AR in the field of education.


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While Cambridge curriculum especially in Australia and New Zealand is allowing its teachers and students to experience quality education through AR there is still a long way for the other developing countries to adapt AR based study modules.

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