Version One Ventures raised $30 million through Version One Opportunities Fund Part II

Jun 10, 2021 | Vanshika Kaushik

Version One Ventures raised $30 million through Version One Opportunities Fund Part II title banner

The modern era is subject to regular changes, this enables new age startups to prosper from the newly adapted changes in technology. Amid the pandemic US startups like Argo AI, SpaceX, Rivian, Magic Leap and several others leveraged the power of artificial intelligence to multiply their profit shares.


The advancements in the fintech sector paved the way for blockchain startups. A lot of investors tapped the advancements in technology to fund startups working in the crypto setup.


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Version One Ventures is a Vancouver based early stage investment company that provides investments to startups working in SaaS, healthcare, cryptocurrency and fintech sectors. Version One Ventures have recently raised $ 30 million through the Version One Opportunities Fund Part II. In totality the company has raised $231.1 million through its seven rounds of funding.


It also seeks to raise $70 million through its Version One Fund IV. The company’s first funding round took place in 2012. The company has made 117 investments so far out of which they have made 17 lead investments in Seed Round of companies like Defined, Headout, Roost, NCX,  Coinbase, Dapper Labs, Headout and several others. 


The company has also made 26 diversity investments in startups like Opyn, Shippo, Dolly, Abstract, Gencove, Memo.AI and Preemadonna. This Canada based company has made major investments in the early stage US startups. The raised amount of $30 million will be used to expand the investing portfolio. 


As reported by TechCrunch  Boris Wertz the founding partner of Version One Ventures said, “We have this pretty broad focus of mission-driven founders, and not necessarily just investing in SaaS, or just investing in marketplaces, or crypto,”“We obviously love staying early — pre-seed and seed — we’re really the investors that love investing in people, not necessarily in existing traction and numbers.

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