Whatsapp will soon launch “Stop button” that will allow users to review voice recording prior sharing

Jun 07, 2021 | Vanshika Kaushik

Whatsapp will soon launch “Stop button” that will allow users to review voice recording prior sharing title banner

Pandemic created havoc in people’s everyday life. While following the stringent covid norms people were confined to their homes, this halted the normal meetups. Social media applications like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp were the only ways to stay in touch with family and friends.


Whatsapp is a popular social media application that helps users to communicate with family and friends through voice notes, quirky stickers, text messages and video calls.


Whatsapp keeps on providing new features to enhance the user interaction experience. Whatsapp is going to launch a new feature that will allow users to review voice messages before sending them. At present users can hear these voice recordings after hitting the send button.


The new “stop” button will allow users to hear the voice message before sharing it with the recipient. When the users click on the “stop” button they will be directed to the new button after clicking on that users can hear the recording. If after reviewing the message users felt the message was recorded perfectly then can share the message, if some discrepancy arose they will get the option to delete. After deleting the specific message they can start all over with the voice recording process.


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The new button will only be available to android and iOS users, people using whatsapp’s desktop version won’t get a “stop” button. Recently whatsapp launched a feature that allowed its users to hear the voice recording in varying speeds like 1.0x, 1.5x, 2.0x. After selecting the ideal speed the desired audio gets played in the specific format.


In April 2021, Whatsapp launched a helpline to provide vaccine information. The vaccine helpline focuses on providing accurate vaccine related information. This new feature was launched in Argentina, Indonesia and India. The feature also provided an option to book the vaccination slot.


In March 2021 Whatsapp rolled out the video calling feature for its desktop application. The feature works in both landscape and portrait orientation. It will provide a new way to stay connected with friends and family through the large desktop screen.

 According to HTTech Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerburg  has confirmed three new WhatsApp features will be making their way to the app soon. Firstly, the company is planning to roll out a new ‘View Once’ feature on its platform The second WhatsApp feature is called multi-device support.. Lastly, another WhatsApp update is about disappearing mode that will ensure that when turned on all chats disappear leaving no trace at all.

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