Zypp Electric launches IoT enabled scooter to serve as online delivery partner

Jul 13, 2021 | Vanshika Kaushik

Zypp Electric launches IoT enabled scooter to serve as online delivery partner title banner

Amid the surging fuel prices, electric vehicles are gaining popularity. Fully electric cars and bikes can take people to long distances without petrol. There is no requirement to fill the car’s engine with fuel. These electric vehicles thus promote sustainable living. Electric cars and bikes minimize carbon emissions. 


In an attempt to reduce carbon emissions and to enable clean energy usage Zypp Electric has launched an electric two wheeler for last mile delivery. The electric scooter can carry 250 kg thus making it the best online delivery vehicle. 


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Zypp’s Electric scooter will have 40 Ah battery capacity. The IoT enabled scooter is appropriate for transportation of crates, water bottles, and large food boxes. Electric scooter is the right delivery partner for B2B companies. 


Electric scooter contains a digital console that can be used for tracking and mapping routes. It’s metal bodywork provides a robust build against the tornadoes of weather. Serving two purposes in one scooter can also work as a bike taxi. Its IoT enabled features can be used to keep a track of batteries, short routes and cargo load. 


India based startup Zypp Electric is built with the mission to make India carbon free through its electric vehicles. Company is a proud delivery partner and delivers grocery, medicines, food packages through its IoT enabled scooters. Currently it has over 1000 delivery executives. 


Electric vehicles will pave the way for fuel free rides. Tata Motors has launched the electric version of Nixon. Toyota’s electric car is a breakthrough invention for the electric industry.Tesla, Nio, Nikola Motors are some big names that are developing electric vehicles.  


According to Financial Express Akash Gupta, CEO of Zypp Electric said,  “ We designed something unique and started speaking to many OEMs in the process to make something exclusive. We are extremely happy to launch India’s first heavy-duty electric 2-wheeler in the cargo segment with a loading capacity of 250 kg.”

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