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10 Top IT startups

  • Muskan
  • Apr 13, 2021
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In this ever-evolving and modernizing world, technology is literally everywhere. In every aspect of life, somehow technology has taken control over the world. Everything is seeking their online presence so as to be easily accessible to all as well as due to the convenience. In terms of information, it has created this virtual space for people to store their words in the form of data, as they call it, to interact with each other and to let them be a part of the same technological sphere. 


Information technology is the usage of computers, storage, networking, and other physical devices with a suitable combination of software to be able to create, process, store and exchange electronic data as per the functional requirement of the companies. 



What is Information Technology?

Information technology is a very broad term encompassing several different terms it combines basic computer-based information systems, hardware, operating systems, and software. This works to develop, process, and analyze data with its secure usage as data is the only thing somehow that plays a crucial role in the working and efficacy of the businesses. 

Here is a list of Top IT startups which has taken information technology as their background.

Top IT Startups


We’ve broadly highlighted some of the Top IT Startups in India.


1. WESTGHATS Technologies 

This is a technology company providing solutions in Deep learning-based smart vision and semiconductor chip domains. This 2012 founded company based in Thiruvananthapuram was founded by Jyothis Indira Bhai. It is involved in various tasks like Software publishing, consultancy, and supply where they deliver ready-made noncustomized operating systems and other applications software with the consultancy aiding in understanding the needs of custom software as per the user’s needs and requirements. 


Westghats also introduces a Smart Vision of their services under which they provide Smart Traffic Camera, Activities Monitoring Camera Solutions, and Automotive - In-vehicle monitoring system (IVMS).

2. Synctag 

Social media nowadays is a crucial element in any business’s success and it is the tool to fetch them organic reach at its best. Understanding this concept is Synctag, a platform that was founded in 2015 by Harish Mehta, and which aims to provide a better social media experience for businesses. In the present scenario with competition at its peak, online brands wish to create and expand their online presence. Yet not everyone can understand the dynamics of what happens on a social media platform and what would make a company get more and more clients, this is where Synctag comes in to rescue the aspiring businesses. 


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Synctag is a one-app platform for social media management, email content, and media networks for businesses. They provide their services to leading brands like amazon web services, Microsoft Azure and Facebook already. 


3. Snapper Future Tech 

This Company founded by Naresh Jain, Prasanth Surana & Avnish Gupta in 2017 based in Pune is a global service & technology products company. It offers services in blockchain application development, training & consulting, and an innovative suite of specialized products for e-Governance, Financial Services, Insurance, Sustainable Supply Chain & Healthcare. 


Snapper Future Tech also participates in open-source initiatives throughout the globe & has brilliant technological alliances & partnerships with companies like Hyperledger, Oracle, Amazon Web Services, IBM, Trust over IP & Sovrin. What must be noted here is that they target both the b2b and b2c businesses and provide them their service. 


Image shows some of the Top IT Startups in India, namely Westghats Technologies, Synctag,  Snapper Future Tech, Seqato, Reckonsys Tech Labs, Increff, Habibelabs, Delium, DataCrux, Coture.ai

Top IT startups


This was founded by Robin Panicker SEAQTO and is a smart consultancy with experts with robust experience across various domains of web and mobile providing specialized consultancy in niche areas like AI, ML, Big data, and more. 


Also, they specialize in diversified customized software development for both web and mobile software, using the latest and required technologies. SEQATO works with a  dedicated 24 by 7 Application Maintenance & Support team and a flexible development team working across different time zones.

5. Reckonsys Tech Labs 

“I laid the foundation for Reckonsys paying heed to my friends’ request to help other startups in building their products."
-Sathish Visanagiri

Founded in 2015 by Sathish Visanagiri, Reckonsys is a firm that assists startups in the entire product development lifecycle. They provide services like UX/UI DESIGN, Blockchain, Data Sciences, IOT web and mobile applications development and they have continued to assist the clients with the right solutions for their problems and have grown to delve into any upcoming technology and deliver solutions. 


Also, they just do not just deliver the product to clients but rather assist them in making their product live by connecting them to the right cloud providers in the market. 

6. Increff 

Bangalore-based Increff is a Data and Technology company helping fashion & lifestyle brands and retailers improve inventory turns through Intelligent Merchandising which they call IRIS and a single view of inventory and Accurate Order Fulfillment called ASSURE.  


This 2016 founded company by Rajul Jain, Romil Jain, and Anshuman Agarwal aims to help brands with their merchandising and fulfillment operations and to build systems for gathering data and have relevant algorithms for recommendations and also they claim to provide a 20-25% revenue lift 15% increase in full-price sell-through. Increff’s clients include Puma, Wrogn, Reliance AJIO, Myntra, Mango, ESPRIT, Newport, and Ruf N Tuf. 


7. Habilelabs


“We created a highly efficient team to provide global services which helped us to kick start the journey of Habilelabs in 2015,”

- Ankit. 

Habilelabs is a Jaipur-based company founded in 2015 by Ankit Dhir & Shankar Morwal. The company is a premier software product development and IT-service provider, delivering web-based and mobile app solutions with a specialization in the frontend, backend, and database services. 

Habilelabs works on approx all the technologies and javascript frameworks and tends to provide solutions for JavaScript frameworks (node.js, Angular, React. js, Meteor.js), Databases (MongoDB, Oracle, MySQL, MS-SQL). It also has expertise in hybrid mobile technologies including React Native, Ionic framework, Meteor.js, native script, and Flutter. This company seeks to serve clients from different sectors which include healthcare, education, ERP, CRM, and eCommerce. 

8. Delium 

This is a Chennai-based company founded in 2016 by Simran Roy, Kumar Vembu, and Arvind Kumar Chinniah. Delium focuses on inserting a self-drive model in the core operations of their clients and they seek to help in improving planning accuracy, execution and tracking effectiveness, and peace of mind for retailers. 


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Some of their services are aimed at purchasing, customer engagement, open markets, and ATM cash forecasting. Delium strongly believes that automation adoption is essential for the success of any business. By building AI/ML to convert data to higher intelligence and self-drive the core function of retail businesses is to maximize the results. 


9. DataCrux Insights 

DataCrux Insights was founded in 2019 is a Pune, Maharashtra-based company offering a broad spectrum of data science consulting services and information technology solutions. As a part of its consulting, It extracts insights from raw data and presents those insights. It builds information systems that offer direct value to the customer. They also formulate corporate training like Comprehensive training programs, like data science, deep learning, machine learning, data mining, etc. 


This 2019 company was founded by Manisha V Jadhav, in short, is currently Transforming enterprises through data-driven technology solutions to generate revenue and growth opportunities for other businesses as well as individuals. 

10. Couture.ai 

Couture.ai is an enterprise-wide AI platform that focuses on automation,  orchestration, governance, and security as a supporting platform whose modularity is based on user profile with enterprise-grade security, allowing for rapid scaling and greater shared resources. 


The platform was founded by Prateek Shrivastava and Shobhit Agarwal in 2017. It works as a full-stack artificial intelligence platform for hyper-scale enterprise deployment, empowering global leading enterprises to enhance the omnichannel experience for their users.  


Nowadays various companies are using technical tactics to be online and to execute their businesses by the use of various AI algorithms. This is where IT startup companies come into the picture as they seek to provide good solutions for technical problems like blockchains requirements, applications UI UX Designs, automated solutions, and bot on websites. 


Companies are growing every day to help and provide solutions to the clients as the technical importance of the businesses and problems are growing in the market rapidly and IT companies that seek to deal with them provide a robust solution for the same. 

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