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13 Popular Web Analytics Tools

  • Pragya Soni
  • Nov 11, 2021
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Every company whether it is a mere startup or a branded business, focuses on growth and development. There are different technologies which impact the business in one way or another. 


Success of a business is not a one factor driven process but depends on multiple factors and strategies. See how the business analytics Tools can play a part in improving your business insights, productivity and profitability.


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What are the Web Analytics Tools?


Web Analytics are basically a set of software. These Tools allow you to look after your business requirements. The Tools help the owners to understand the performance of their website.



Top 13 Web Analytics Tools


Top Web Analytics Tools are as follows:
Google Analytics
Adobe Analytics
Facebook Insights
Baidu Web Analytics

Top Web Analytics Tools

In recent times the use and demand of the Web Analytics Tools has constantly increased. Here is the list of top thirteen Web Analytics Tools which are mostly preferred by the companies.


1. GOOGLE Analytics Tool


Google Analytics is a traffic tracking Tool from Google. It is used in calculating bounce goals and real time visitors count. Its main purpose is to analyze website traffic. Google Analytics is available for free, but you have to pay for Google 360, which is far more beneficial than the former one.



2. MIXPANEL Web Analytics


Mixpanel is an advanced Web Analytics platform. It is a SaaS based analytics Tool. It is useful in tracking the customer’s behavior and approach towards the site. Mixpanel is also used to detect KPIs across mobile applications and websites. The simple version of the software is available for free, but the premium version costs around 1000 INR.



3. ADOBE Analytics Tool


Adobe Analytics is one of the top Web Analytics Tools. The software can be used as an alternative to Google Analytics. The software offers multichannel data collection spanning, web, voice and IoT. Adobe Analytics is not free to use and provides advanced insights.



4. AMPLITUDE Web Analytics


Amplitude is used in tracking user experience. It is an application of web intelligence and provides advanced features like user profile data and behavior analysis. The software is free to use for up to 10 million actions per month, after that analyst has to unlock features by paying.



5. BAIDU Web Analytics


Baidu is a Chinese search engine. It is a specific Web Analytics Tool, which is used to track the traffic driven from the search engine Baidu. The simple features are available for free. The software provides the following features.


1.     Standard traffic analytics


2.     Ad performance metrics


3.     Organic search keyword data


But the entire analysis process is limited to the Baidu search engine only.



6. MATOMO Web and Business Analytics


Matomo is free and open-source Web Analytics. The software is available for no cost for self-hosted users. For organizations, it costs money. If you are a medium scale user, you can self-host Matomo with your WordPress server. The software is used in checking website traffic and users’ approach.



7. HUBSPOT Web Analytics


HubSpot is specially designed for web businesses. The software serves as an all-in-one customer lifecycle analytics Tool. It can be used as a marketing platform or sales analytics software. 


The cost of the software is INR $40. It is used in managing leads; social media mentions tracking, lead nurturing, email automation and conversion rate optimization.



8. STATCOUNTER Web Analytics


Statcounter is a web traffic analytics company. It is used to track real-time visitors and page views. For the basic process the software is available for free after that user has to upgrade to the premium version. Most of the features are available for the premium version.



9. YANDEX METRICA Web Analytics


Like Baidu, Yandex Metrica is also a search engine focused Tool. It provides overall analysis from Yandex, a Russian search engine.


Yandex provides the following benefits for no cost.


1.     Unsampled data


2.     Session replays count


3.     Click map counts


4.     Scroll heatmaps


5.     User behavior



10. YAHOO Web Analytics Tool


Yahoo Web Analytics  is similar to Google Analytics. But Yahoo is famous for its free and deeper analysis.


Following are the features of Yahoo Analytics :


1.     Multi-site analytics


2.     Raw and real time data collection


3.     User behavior


4.     Demographics reports


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Crazy Egg is a paid Web Analytics Tool. It costs around INR 90 to 900, depending upon the variety and number of tasks. The software facilitates building heat maps and tracking the number of visitors on every click. 


At the same time, the software allows the user to see from where the most traffic is coming, and which part of their site is most attractive to the visitors. The software is easy to use even for the beginners and if the users don't like the software, the platform offers 30 days money back.





ClickTale is a qualitative customer analysis. The software records the action of every click from your website. It is available for free for the basic features and asks for a premium update for availing advanced Tools.





If you are looking to analyze your business launched on Facebook site. Facebook Insights is a great choice. There are two types of insights available by Facebook, and users can select the one according to its need.



Why are Web Analytics Tools important?


The Web Analytics Tools are important for keeping an eye on your business. Here are the major reasons which show the importance of Web Analytics Tools.


To measure online traffic 


  1. Web Analytics tells you how many visitors and users have visited your site at a given time.


  1. Tell about their place from where they are using that site.


  1. Tell about their purpose of visiting the site and how much time they spend on the site.


  1. Web Analytics divide all the sources of traffic and website conversion in an easy way a person can understand. They analyze the data which is provided and after that the company will recognize the activity which produces the maximum amount of profit to the bottom line.


Tracking bounce rate


In Web Analytics bounce rate refers to the user who has visited the website but leaves without interacting with the site.


It tells us many things like:


1. User was not satisfied with the content that is provided on the website or it didn't match with his/ her search.


2. Weak experience of users.


3. After tracking the experience of users the site improves their content that it matches with the query of the users.


4. Tracking the different web pages and their exit page tells about the worst performance of the site.


Optimizing and Tracking of Marketing Campaigns


Different types of unique links online or offline are created for the marketing campaigns which can be tracked. After tracking these links it will provide the details about how these marketing campaigns have received the users and about the profit status too.


After tracking these, one could understand the profit and loss status and which is a highly returning campaign and whose performance is poor so the company can cancel that campaign.


Finding the Right Target Audience and its Capitalization


Web Analytics helps the company and provides the right information about how to create and find the right target audience. Right marketing campaign helps to increase the sales, conversion and make the site better.


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Conversion Rate Optimization


With the help of Web Analytics different types of websites improve their conversion optimization. The main motive of the conversion Rate optimization is to make users do tasks which are assigned to them. 


The calculation of conversion rate is the received goals are divided by the number of users. There are alot of conversion a website should measure and the businesses measure which is more important for them


A few conversions are there:




Video views 


Offers and bids


Spent time on website 


Newsletter sign-ups 


Brochure downloads


Contact from the contact forms


Improving the conversion rate helps the company to improve the profitability and return on investment.


Tracking business goals online


With the help of Web Analytics the companies create specific goals for them. The goals should track the effectiveness, profitability and weaknesses of any certain events. 


Improve the results from Google ads and Facebook ads


Web Analytics plays a major role in managing online advertisements. The data which is collected from the online advertisements tells us how they produced conversion, clicks and how the ads have been received by the audience. 


Starting is easy 


The use of Google analytics is enough for most of the companies. One of the advantages of Google analytics is that it is free and very simple to install on any platform. Google analytics also gives a quick overview of how the businesses are working and about their performance on that platform and people's reviews on that. 


New creative ideas


After analyzing the data it gives the right perspective for the business model. Tracking the data tells a lot about the needs of customers, what they want to search and which type of content they want and tracking these problems increase the profitability of any company or website.


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A way forward


Web Analytics help in increasing the growth and brand name of a company. In the marketing sector, it is very important to find the target audience for your products and services. A precise target group will improve the profitability of any marketing campaigns and it leaves a productive mark on the company. 


With the help of Web Analytics, the company finds out the problems which are associated with the company and helps to improve it. We have already provided you with the list of 13 best Web Analytics Tools. You have to choose the right one according to your needs and requirements.



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