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Top Sites for learning SQL

  • Riya Kumari
  • Sep 24, 2020
  • Updated on: Jan 25, 2021
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SQL (Structured Query Language) is a computer language that is known to almost everyone in the IT sector. SQL is the essential language answerable for overseeing data held in an RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) or for stream handling in RDSMS (Relational Data Stream Management System). Basically, SQL is the language you use to connect with the database. 


Everyone is aware of the coronavirus pandemic which has shaken the entire world. Also, several people used this lockdown time to enhance their skills. There are people who have learned SQL from the best sites and they are very happy as in today's time there are incredible opportunities for the people who know even the basics of SQL.


So, in the blog, we are going to discuss several aspects related to SQL. You will find answers to your numerous questions like the top 5 sites you can use for learning SQL, the importance of learning SQL, how to learn SQL, the need for learning SQL, and many more.


Still, confused about what SQL is? Then just go through my previous blog which will clear your doubts about the basics of SQL.



Importance of learning SQL


SQL is the vastly accepted and generally used database language


We do not know when we need our old data, so data is a very much essential asset in today's time. Data is valuable in every decision-making process. SQL energies the generally used database engines such as MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite, and PostgreSQL.


Also, the data stored is dynamic, so it is possible to modify, queries, and easily manipulate the data by learning some fundamental SQL queries.


1. You can earn good money


There are numerous job alternatives if you know about SQL. You can make your livelihood better by applying for jobs like Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Data Modeler, Marketer, Business Owner, SQL developer, and many more. So, only by learning this easy computer language, you can make your future.


2. It is not really difficult to learn SQL


It's not like learning SQL is tough instead it is like the English language. Everything is difficult before you attempt how to do it. Hence, learn and then you will feel how simple SQL is.


If you start learning the basics of SQL then you will surely like to step up to an advanced level. Nowadays, there are several opportunities if you learn SQL.


(Learn more here, SQL: Easy or Tough)


3. SQL is one of the most sought-after skills by hiring employers


You should know that SQL is among the vastly prominent languages across web innovators, desktop developers, and data scientists. It's straightforward as all organizations no matter which industry they are in, all depend on data and requirements to arrange and comprehend the data in an important manner.


Odds are, they will experience SQL database, a great deal. So they are continually going to require a database proficient. (Visit the section R programming and JavaScript to learn more programming languages)


How to Learn SQL?


Now when you learn the importance of SQL you must be thinking about how to learn SQL? So, you will definitely get a satisfactory answer here. 


There are some steps for learning SQL. First, you need to understand the basics of SQL. So the first step is to Start Simple, yes! No matter whether you know anything about SQL or not. So at first the method of learning SQL is not important as you must be worried while starting this new skill.


Regardless, just concentrate on easy queries and take your time. Don't move quickly in tricky query writing and advanced level until you learn the basics properly.


The next step is to watch tutorials, as nowadays, people learn a lot by just watching the tutorial videos. You can watch SQLZOO, Codecademy, and several other tutorials that will provide you with the best educators for SQL and also test your SQL knowledge.


You can also take classes for SQL which will enlighten you not only for basics but also for advanced and certification levels.


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Consequently, there are additional alternatives like the most ideal approach to learn SQL is by rehearsing it. You can install a free open source database so you can begin composing and running basic inquiries using your own data.


Thus, MySQL is a famous free database that is viable with most working frameworks. When you have understood the basics of SQL and feel good running inquiries, then it's an ideal opportunity to get ratified.


Top 8 Online Sites for Learning SQL


SQL is a very valuable knack for several employment proposals. You may wonder about the source to learn SQL, so here you will find the best answer to your question. Here are some of the best online sites for your SQL learning enhancement.


1. Codecademy


People believe that it is one of the extensively trusted sites for learning SQL. You will be amazed after reading the next sentence. Yes! On Codecademy, learning SQL is FREE. You can easily learn SQL in this platform as they do not allow you to move to the next exercise before completing the first one correctly.


They provide you with the course in four fractions that is manipulating data, writing queries, using aggregate functions, and communicating with multiple tables. This is a favorable choice for learning this fascinating skill.



2. W3schools


You must have heard about W3schools as it is well-known for its quick pedagogy. For students who want to learn SQL quickly then you should go for this perfect site. They provide each topic in a short and clear manner with several examples. They make sure that you will understand this course easily and leave with no questions.


There is one exceptional element of W3schools that is the capacity to alter databases. With this capacity, you can try out queries and commands. Also, try not to stress over mixing it up as you can restore it whenever.


This image is indicating some of the websites for learning SQL.

Some websites for learning SQL


3. SQLCourse 


SQLCourse offers you the opportunity of making your own tables through an on-line SQL Interpreter. With this apparatus, you can likewise perform different commands, for example, select, embed, erase, and drop.


SQLCourse is helpful to have a go at composing commands from scratch, instead of simply following the models.



4. SQLZoo


SQLZoo is a very popular site as it has a remarkable feature of examination projects. This feature makes SQLZoo unique from other websites. In this examination project, you need to solve some illustrations. All these projects carry each type of question from easy, medium, and hard. These tasks will help you in challenging your own skill.



5. Udemy


Udemy is best for the students who prefer to learn using videos so this is the platform for video courses. Udemy gives you a variety of lessons. Also, it carries database devices such as My SQL, Oracle, and SQL Server for all phases. But, in this, only a few courses of SQL are free otherwise rest require payment.



6. Khan Academy


Khan Academy is the other best site for learning SQL. It is the best website if you want to learn programming and computer science online. They have a very convenient tutorial titled “Intro to SQL: Querying and managing databases” in which they guide how to use SQL to store, query, and manipulate data.


Students who learned from the tutorials of Khan Academy reckon it as one of the best websites to learn SQL with a vibe of the virtual classroom.



7. Coursera


If you are a person who prefers to learn with videos then Coursera is best for you. It is a well-known site for SQL video courses. It is an international online learning platform that gives access to anyone from all over the globe to online courses and degrees from top universities and companies.



8. SQLBolt


SQLBolt is also a very good website that is interactive and teaches by giving simple and relatable examples. They have designed a series of lessons that are very interactive and also provide exercises for practice and better understanding. After every lesson, you will see the SQL task which will help you in doing quick revision.


If you are a beginner then this website is best for you as first, it provides the basic knowledge of SQL then advanced level. After that, they have lessons that start with basic queries then advanced then confusing queries. Thus, this interactive tutorial of SQLBolt will definitely clear your doubts related to SQL.



What is the Need for Learning SQL?


In simple words, SQL is a special programming language that is used to interact with the database. So, just have a glance at some points which explain the need for learning SQL.


  • Data Manipulation- You will be satisfied after hearing that SQL is especially beneficial at data manipulation. As it permits you to see the specific data and how it functions, you will have a simpler time testing and manipulating the data. Moreover, information compiled in SQL is dynamic like it can be adjusted and controlled whenever using some essential queries.


  • SQL Programmers in High Demand- Nowadays, you don't need to worry about your job as a SQL Programmer. There are outstanding opportunities in this field. As you have read above, learning SQL will lead to your better future and there is a high demand for people who know about SQL.


  • Data Mining- Learning SQL will permit you to mine data with bigger proficiency. By utilizing essential inquiries you can distinguish explicit information at time stretches, see update occasions, screen table action, and significantly more. Hence, this by itself ought to be reason enough to step up and learn SQL.


  • Merge Data from Multiple Sources- Consolidating data from at least two sources can be a tedious and absolutely overwhelming task. Nevertheless, SQL makes the cycle a breeze by supporting straightforward "converges" in which the predefined fields or whole database are consolidated.


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Hope you understand the importance and need for learning SQL. Learning the basics of SQL is easy, as it will not take more than a week to understand. But, if you want to move to the next level that is advanced or want to become a pro in SQL then it may take time. It can take years and you need to practice continuously and boost yourself. Therefore, learning SQL is important, easy, and it will add spice to your future planning.

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