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6 Effective ways of Online Learning

  • Utsav Mishra
  • May 22, 2021
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Online learning, when we hear this word, many speculations come up in our minds. Students are sometimes speculated about the learning methods and productivity while the parents or tutors are worried about their children not getting proper time and about them getting exposed to various sides of technology. 


But, no one can deny the fact that if something has been making education possible amidst this pandemic, it’s online learning. Online learning has not only helped students to learn but has also helped the teachers to grow amidst this pandemic when every single educational institute is closed. A huge transition from traditional to online classrooms can be observed.


Online learning came as a blessing in these tough times. Students were able to learn through various methods. They were able to learn whatever they wanted to. From the wide range of courses available they get the liberty to choose whatever they want to.


But as we talk about this new way of learning, we should know that this will take some time for students to get accustomed to it. It will require some effort from their side to excel through it. The first thing that comes up, when we talk about excelling through online learning is the way one should progress for effective and productive online learning.


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As we know, the main aspect of online learning is self-study, doesn’t matter how good the tutor is, who exists on the other side of the screen, but it’s one’s efforts that make a difference. For that difference many factors matter.  



Factors Effective Online Learning


Here we are going to talk about all those factors that matter for learning through the internet-


  1. Familiarization with the new way of learning


Among the factors that matter the most, is familiarization with online learning. If one is not familiar with how it functions, most probably they won’t be able to sail through the vast ocean of online learning.


The approach should be the same as it was there in traditional classes. One should be there with all the prerequisites of the course that they are taking and should be ready for all the things that come with it. 


  • One should be clear about their requirements from the course, be it getting a degree or mastering a new skill, or getting more knowledge about the subject or stream.

  • One should check themselves with the progress of the course, they should be clear about how they are growing with the course, this will make them confident about the techniques of online learning.

  • At the same time as this is one on one learning, one shouldn’t worry about their pace instead they should be ready to work on their pace but not much time should be taken. These things with time will increase their familiarity with the course and the new way of learning.



  1. Fulfill the course requirements 


One should be ready for the course they are taking. For example, if they are taking a course in the computer science field, let’s suppose a python programming course. Then, they must need to have a computer and laptop with a good processor, else there will be no meaning of taking up a skilled course which they are not able to practice. 


This is what the technical requirement of a course is. One must first know what a course requires from their side and should take the course only when they are completely able to fulfill the technical requirements of it.


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  1. A good and reliable internet connection


What’s the most important thing that comes to your mind when one asks about online learning or learning through the internet? Obviously, it’s the internet. 


  • One can’t do anything in online learning without it. For progressing and growing through online learning, one should have an internet, good internet. 

  • A reliable internet connection is a must. Sometimes due to lack of this, learners get left out from the ways of learning. They aren’t able to join in live sessions or pick up the pace they desire to because of it.

  • Good wifi along with a strong signal booster or router might help, also a modem can be crucial in this instead of relying on mobile hotspots and limited mobile data that get exhausted too easily while joining webinars or watching course videos.



  1. A calm study space


A calm and comfortable study space helps the mind think in the right direction. One can learn and grasp things more easily when they are in their comfort zone. For creating a better study space.

  • One needs to fix the lighting of their room first, then they must choose. 

  • A spot where the internet connection is strong and they can sit comfortably. 

  • The posture should  be correct and one shouldn’t be subjected to any kind of body ache that might affect later. 

  • All the necessary things like a notebook, pen, stationery items, and water bottle Should be kept near the study position, avoiding any kind of loss of concentration while studying.



  1. Making a routine


A routine is necessary for all aspects of life, the same is with learning. One should make a routine of how they want the courses to function and at what time they are going to study for it. 


A self-study routine is much more important than the routine for classes and courses. One should choose that time of the day when they are comfortable in studying and grasping things their way. 


For example, if someone studies till late at night, he should keep his routine well described as a night routine. He should in this case keep self-studying at night in his routine.



  1. Being about the goal and learning objectives


If someone goes to a salon what are his goals?


Most probably getting a haircut or getting the beard trimmed. Someone else might go there for having a bleach. Everyone has a different goal for the same things. The same is with online learning. 


Everyone has a different goal someone wants to get a certificate for his next job interview, while someone is just a beginner and wants to learn the skill first. Someone might be there just for some extra knowledge or someone else might be there for the sake of growth as a tutor. 


Everyone has a different goal, what matters is how sure someone is about their goal. If someone is sure about getting a certificate he will start preparing for the certification test, while the one who is there for the skill, will learn each and everything with sheer concentration and will then go to the certification section.





After looking at all the factors that matter for effective online learning, we conclude that as much as a  good tutor is needed, self-study also matters a lot. One must work on all these things to excel through this new way of learning. 


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As said earlier online learning is an ocean and one needs the perseverance to sail through it. They need to stay away from all the distractions available on the internet and should go ahead with complete concentration. The key factor remains self-study on which one should focus more than anything else.                                               

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