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How Digital Technology Helps in the Education Industry During COVID-19?

  • Riya Kumari
  • Sep 03, 2020
  • Updated on: Jun 28, 2021
How Digital Technology Helps in the Education Industry During COVID-19? title banner

COVID-19 pandemic, lockdown, and quarantine are the three terms which have suddenly embarked on our vocabulary. People all over the globe are familiar with the situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic. It has influenced the everyday life of the population. It also has impacted various industries as well, check how COVID-19 has impact major 7 industries


However, during this tough time, digital technology boosted a lot in maintaining the decorum of the work-life. Not only is working life affected but students are confronting a hardship in their studies.


Nevertheless, digital technology has served as an almighty weapon to the education industry. We all know that schools and colleges have shut their door down for the safety of students. So, this time is challenging for students and teachers as well. 


In this blog, we will discuss how digital technology helps in the education industry during the coronavirus pandemic. Also, how parents and teachers who were completely unfamiliar with this digital realm are managing these online classes and all.



Digital Technology helps in COVID-19


Digital Technology in education empowers us to discover new answers not exclusively to what in particular individuals realize yet additionally to how they realize, where, and when they learn.


The image is depicting various platforms that are used for e-learning

SOnline platforms for e-learning


Also, digital technology can assist in boosting the role of educators. As opposed to simply conveying information, they can become co-makers of information, mentors, and evaluators.


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Thus, this coronavirus pandemic has abruptly increased the role of technology in the life of billions of learners. Regardless, only because of digital technology the learning system is still continuing in this challenging period. The online teaching systems are very convenient nowadays. 


Also, the AI system has made learning much better. Intelligence can itself identify a student's strengths and weaknesses. They have a customized learning process so that every student can achieve his or her full potential.


Even sometimes they are more satisfactory than classroom teaching. As we are talking about the education sector, take a glance at applications of AI in education industry


Students impacted by school and colleges closure


Coronavirus has shaken the entire world and people are now getting used to it. Office people are working from home whereas there are people who lost their job in this situation.


Every individual gets affected in this situation, poor people are facing problems in maintaining their daily life. On the other side, rich people are also confronting financial issues. 


Students are staying at home but due to digital technology, they are able to continue their studies. Consequently, there are various groups of students who were totally unaware of this digital technology. This online education is creating problems for some students. 


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela


There are students who belong to a poor family and they didn't have smartphones in their house so they are facing problems in their academics. Million of students just have no net connection at their homes.


Also, there are students under the age of 15 years whose parents are not familiar with digital technology and they are enduring problems in online classes. Parents have to work hard as they have their own work as well as this new responsibility moreover. 


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  • Students under 15years old are learning this advanced technology very early but they are dealing with problems like eyesight and back pain.
  • Teachers are also facing lots of problems as there are teachers who are totally unfamiliar with digital technology. But, they are trying their best to teach their students through online classes.
  • College students who have more practical classes than theory are similarly facing problems as in online classes practical knowledge is not possible.


It completely shows that challenges in guaranteeing instructive congruity don't stop with the sending of advanced answers for separation learning. We additionally need to give close consideration that innovation in instruction won't enhance existing disparities and not develop the computerized partition. 


In the case that we don't do that, understudies from disadvantaged backgrounds will stay shut out if schools shut down. Especially those students who do not have the versatility, learning procedures, or commitment to learn all alone.


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Digital technology in education system


Nevertheless, there are students and parents who are happy too. In this situation, their child got the chance to learn new things at a very early stage. College students are comfortable studying using digital technology.


They are comfortable with this as they are at their homes, no need to dress up or travel to their colleges. They just have to attend their online classes. Even they got the proper notes in various apps. 


Also, some parents whose children are less than 10 years old are happy with this online education. They got the chance to see how their teachers treat their students, their way of teaching, and also parents clear their doubts very easily. Also, they are not ready to send their kids to school and want to continue this way for the coming years.


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How productive is a digital technology for education and will this be continued?


This coronavirus pandemic has made online education habitual to most of the students. Zoom app and Google meet are two of the mediums of online education. 


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As indicated by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), a British organization that spends significant time in instruction and studies abroad, there are five pivotal exercises that the COVID-19 has left for advanced education.


  • Online Platforms are important- This pandemic situation has compelled us to use digital technology. This immediate boost in demand for online platforms clearly reflects the need for digital technology.

  • The value of global connection- This pandemic situation makes the education system realize the significance of being globally interconnected.

  • Importance of up to date technology- Having advanced stages and the correct specialized gear won't just assist fast developments to the online condition yet additionally uphold the regulatory perspectives. It is imperative for instructive organizations to constantly audit whether their foundation or advancements have gotten old or could keep them from reacting adequately in case of an emergency like that of the COVID.

  • Valuing the community- We have to give time to our loved ones and this pandemic has helped in this. Universities and schools have to be in touch with their students, faculty members and update them on the latest happenings and the importance of modern technology.

  • The significance of analyzing nature- Because of isolation, the way to the outside is restricted, bringing about numerous individuals coming to cheer it. Colleges need to nurture in their scholarly networks the connection between profitability, utilization, and nature.


Now, there is a question rotating in the mind of several students, teachers, and parents. Will this be continued after the pandemic also? So, to find the answer to this question, there was a survey which shows the miscellaneous opinion of the population. 


  • Many youngsters answered back, they expressed their feelings that they are missing their school and colleges and are facing problems during online classes. Sometimes they couldn't find a proper place for attending the classes. 

  • They are facing problems in completing their assignment and struggling because of an internet connection. Though, there are students who are enjoying this way only. 

  • They said they got the chance to study in their comfort zone, no need to travel and they want to continue in this technique.

  • Some students said they don't like to study this way permanently and other said, online education is not that effective as classroom teaching. 

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We can conclude by saying digital technology has supported the education system during this COVID-19 situation. Now everyone is aware and realizes how to study online. This will surely help in future studies.

However, students are missing their schools and want to be back in their traditional classrooms. Online platforms like Zoom, JioMeet and Google Meet will begin to add more features and try to make it worth it that people will feel more interactive and start liking studying online.

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