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How do the Internet and Science Make Education So Efficient?

  • Utsav Mishra
  • May 21, 2021
How do the Internet and Science Make Education So Efficient? title banner



Online learning, learning through the internet. We all know what online learning means. We all have seen the internet and technology, making their way into our daily lives in the times of this pandemic. We have seen many instances of how the education sector is leveraging digital technology in this pandemic.


If we talk about the education sector a bit more, we will get to know that if something has kept this growing, it is the internet due to which students are able to continue their learning, tutors are able to teach their students and educational institutes are able to function online. 


Over the period of time, we have seen so many educational institutes shifting completely online. Most of them being institutes of science and technology, be it engineering colleges or the ones that provide degrees in science and related subjects. 


Students too weren’t disappointed to hear the news of colleges being shifted online, the reason being, the internet provides learners with kinds of stuff that they can rarely get in books. 



Internet in Education System


With thousands of books, lined up experiments, a million websites and so many courses, suddenly so many opportunities opened up in front of the students. Now, they were able to learn anything from their field anytime, without worrying about any additional factor.


When it comes to learning science and technology, the internet has been a helping hand for students for ages. Since the evolution of modern computers and schools, the internet has been the prime source of information in their field of science and research. Be it for school projects, or experiments, or practical exams, the internet has helped a lot of students grow in this field.


So, now when more than half of our learning and education has shifted online, the students of the science field have a reason to rejoice. Now, their studies can move even smoother.  They can do a lot of things amidst learning new concepts and topics through the internet.



Factors that makes Science & Technology so efficient


We know the internet is a helping hand for the students of science fields and that it plays a vital role in their growth and learning, but;


  • Have we ever tried to find the answer to these curious questions? 

  • What makes technology so helpful for science? 

  • Why is the internet such an important asset for the ones learning new things? 


The answer to this can’t be confined to one sentence. Like the scientific theories it needs to be explained, so let us have a look at the factors that make this relationship between tech and science so amazing.


  1. The ocean of knowledge


Talking about knowledge and topics available online, we all know that the internet is an ocean from where we search for our stream and take very little out of it.  So when science students get to see this many topics and things to learn, curiosity will make way on its own. So what happens when curiosity meets technology?


To have the answer to this we must visit any online learning portal and go to its science section. There are millions of courses available online, and millions of students and enrolled in them. 


  • Students get to learn from the best teachers around the globe, they get to learn what they want to. 

  • Apart from their academics, they also get to learn about things that interest them and act as water to their thirsty mind. 

  • They get to learn things with a different approach, the study materials available online help the students with the theory section, and the videos help them with the practical ones. 

  • From the ocean of knowledge that the internet is, students need to take their stream out of it, and for this, technology is very generous towards science.



  1. The sudden change


The internet came with changes, a lot of changes, most of them being at the global level, but as these students shifted to the internet for education, the internet changed a lot in them. Their self-confidence shot up because of the interactive learning methods provided online. 


The feedback culture helped them in regaining the voice they had lost in classroom studies. Every knowledge with confidence is a blessing and that blessing continued for science students as the internet came to work. 


This sudden change was the one to be remembered. As science was doing wonders everywhere, technology mixed with science and education was creating a revolution in the lives of students. 


Easier availability of notes and study materials and the teaching-learning processes were the ones that ensured a two-way flow of knowledge which resulted as a highly beneficial thing for these students.



  1. The Real-world teaching


Teaching advanced in online classes and real-world problems started making way to the minds of these students in the form of learning. 


Let us suppose a physics student is being taught about the process of making electricity and then is asked about providing electricity to a village where there is no electricity for the past 55 years but there is a mountain from where a stream flows down. Here he is being taught about the concept of the turbine but these real-world problems are making him ready for life. 


When these curious minds are told to think about these problems they provide the best solutions and that is what technology is extracting from them with the help of science.


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  1. The research was never so easy


Science and research go hand in hand. Research is a really tough thing to do be it on any topic but when it comes to science it becomes a bit tougher because many factors are taken into consideration and there is not everything in the textbooks. 


But again the internet comes as a savor to save the day. From the bunch of websites and knowledge available, it helps a student to research as much as they want to and gain whatever they can from it. 


Research being the toughest job of any stream had never felt this easy in ages. Students nowadays just open their laptops and computers whenever someone talks about a topic and asks them to elaborate on it by doing research. That is the change we have been talking about for a year now. That is the change, the internet has brought to science.




Learning was never this much of fun until technology decided to mingle with science and create a revolution. It helped the young minds nurture the best in the world. The online science communities helped them grow without a  fail, and provide them with all the knowledge they had always dreamt of gaining. 


Technology and science have together created an easy world for both the students and teachers, allowing them to ensure what we call two-way learning. So that’s what happens when the internet combines with science, they make sure that education is being attained with ease.