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7 Benefits of Augmented Reality in Manufacturing Industry

  • Ashesh Anand
  • Feb 04, 2022
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Anyone who works in the manufacturing industry understands how competitive the market is, especially for products that have competing analogues. In these circumstances, many businesses have taken the plunge and adopted digital transformation in their manufacturing operations, and the results have been enormously beneficial to their bottom lines.


There has never been a better time to talk about augmented reality app development services, one of the most accessible and ground-breaking digital transformation methods, with digital transformation techniques like gamification, PLM, and immersive experiences gaining traction. In this blog, we'll look at the best ways to use technology and its benefits and drawbacks.


Benefits of Augmented Reality in Manufacturing


Augmented reality works by recording live footage with a device camera and showing it on a screen with 3D objects overlaid. As a result, a portion of the visible environment is transformed into a digital and potentially interactive environment. 


Unlike Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality does not necessitate the usage of a headset that covers the complete field of view or special controllers that translate actions on the screen. As a result, it's a compromise between seeing a totally digital and physical world — just certain elements and environments are digitally depicted.


  1. Augmented reality can speed up and improve the quality of production


When it comes to intricate item assembly, it normally takes years of training to become proficient, and even veterans make mistakes now and then.


The engineer is then given a pair of augmented reality lenses that not only provide a schematic image of what is being assembled, where it fits in, and in what order, but also aid in the detection of defects and weaknesses.


On the low end of the range, this means that assembly speed can be enhanced by more than 30%. This isn't even taking into account the improved assembly accuracy.

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  1. Solving Problems on the Shop Floor on an everyday basis


No production floor is devoid of problems or minor issues that arise on a regular basis, and identifying and resolving them in a timely manner can be a challenge. The worst-case scenario usually involves a production delay or halt.


However, using augmented reality technology makes it easier and faster to notice problem areas in real time and address them on the move. This implies that diverse teams and engineers can address issues while viewing their KPIs in real-time and diagnosing and resolving the problem without disrupting production.


  1. Data access is made easier with AR


There is a wealth of information available in every manufacturing process, including guidelines, schematics, manuals, and user instructions. They're available for every component on the assembly line. Sorting and categorising all of this data, as well as making it available when needed, is a time-consuming and energy-intensive operation.


This procedure is made easier with AR. You can not only gain real-time access to repair manuals, but you can also skip the search and get right to the maintenance and repair.


This also makes training new employees easier, as they can immediately access all of the documents and information they need for any manufacturing equipment while still on the factory floor.


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  1. AR Cuts Down on Maintenance Time


As previously said, AR allows for near-instant access to data when it is required, which is particularly useful in situations where maintenance is required. 


Not only do you acquire the capacity to detect errors, but you also receive access to the instructions and documents you'll need to complete repairs and maintenance more quickly.


This means that crucial components can be repaired faster and returned to service in the quickest period possible. Anyone involved in the production process understands how critical this issue is.

  1. Error Avoidance


The capacity to superimpose virtual representations against real-life items or sceneries is one of the most important aspects of Augmented Reality in manufacturing. This might be helpful when comparing a physical product to a design specification to ensure that they are the same. 


This is especially important for parts that go into mission-critical components like automobiles and planes. The tiniest variation from specifications could result in a devastating disaster.


This is why, since 2011, firms like Airbus have been adopting augmented reality in production for a variety of applications under the name Smart Augmented Reality Tool (SART). This technology can be used for a variety of purposes, but it is most usually associated with aircraft programmes.


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  1. In manufacturing, AR is the ideal tool for training


We must also discuss how this technology can be used to train and educate the future generation of workers and engineers.


There is no better way to earn money than via hands-on experience, yet working with incompetent hands usually means risking harm to pricey components or parts. When AR tools are used, this problem is usually solved. 


Not only can the proper use, operations, and functions of stated components be plainly displayed, but it can also help in identifying and correcting errors in operation.


This means that training is not only intuitive, but also allows for shorter learning curves for necessary tools and gadgets, even for experienced personnel.



  1. Picking up orders


Finally, augmented reality can make data regarding warehouse inventories more accessible.


Workers can instantly discover where products are placed in the warehouse and obtain navigation to that area. They can immediately analyse inventory levels and projected order pick times once they arrive.


All of this information enhances efficiency because the worker doesn't have to keep track of it in their brain or look at a database on a computer all of the time.


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Bottom Line: The Future of Augmented Reality in Manufacturing Industry


Because AR is on the verge of a technological revolution, some of the most fascinating applications are likely to be undiscovered.


Current augmented reality technology for industrial applications, on the other hand, has a lot of potential for increasing productivity and lowering costs. AR will surely transform manufacturing, and businesses should seriously explore it. 


Businesses must realise, however, that reaping the full benefits of AR involves careful obsolescence management, selected equipment updates, and a willingness to explore the technology's many applications.

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