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7 Best Tech Companies to Invest in 2022

  • Vanshika Kaushik
  • Aug 05, 2021
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Every billionaire or a multi- millionaire’s story has one similar aspect and that is investing. Investing money is as integral to money multiplication as cryptocurrency fluctuations are to Elon Musk tweets pretty inseparable terms right? Tech has taken a lot of space in  our everyday lives,  for good ofcourse. With multi faceted developments in artificial intelligence, 5G and IoT there’s no market trend that can depict massive potential that tech companies hold for potential and existing investors. 


But isn’t choosing the right tech company for investing is similar to looking for a needle in a haystack. It won’t be like that anymore post reading of course. 


Best Tech Companies to Invest In


Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Electric Vehicles, and Artificial Intelligence are the ruling industries of 2021. Companies that are providing services in the above mentioned domains will be ruling the year 2022 as well. Following are the companies that might turn their investors into millionaires in the upcoming years. 

(Please Note: All the data for investment analyst recommendations is taken from CNN Business)


  1. Cloudflare.INC


Cloudflare Inc. is an American web infrastructure company that provides DDos mitigation services and content delivery networks. Intelligent WAF, Bot Management, are a part of the company's advanced security systems. 


Cloudflare made $138.1 million in the first quarter of fiscal year 2022. Its GAAP gross profit skyrocketed to reach $106.0 million. This highly recommended stock is estimated to hit $135.00.  


Investment Analyst Recommendations


Keeping in consideration the previous trends, investment analysts are highly optimistic about Clouflare's stock prices. With forecasts of exponential growth in the cybersecurity sector this stock is the right choice according to analysts. 



  1. Nvidia


Nvidia Corporation, a Santa Clara based company designs graphic processing units for professional and gaming markets.At present company is leading the computing and automotive market through production of system on chip (SoC) units. Nvidia has embraced tech revolutions in AI, machine learning and deep learning. 


It provides solutions in augmented reality, virtual reality and edge computing. Nvidia made $5.66 billion in the first quarter fiscal year 2022. Nvidia Gaming broke all previous records to reach $2.76 billion. 


Investment Analyst Recommendations


Investment  analysts are inclined towards Nvidia’s stock. Company’s stock is expected to hit $250.00.  Nvidia stayed in the limelight in 2021 for all the right reasons , this company is the right choice for investors who are looking for assured returns. 



  1. Salesforce


Salesforce is an American cloud based software company that focuses on the development of customer related management solutions. It provides one stop solution to business enterprises for stabilizing business and enhancing customer interaction experience. 


This software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform enable businesses to purchase business softwares on a subscription basis. Salesforce’s first quarter revenue fiscal year 2022 rose to $5.96 billion. First quarter’s GAAP operating margin is 5.9%. 


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Investment Analyst Recommendations 


This software-as-a-service platform is forecasted to hit the maximum value of $320.00 Investment  analysts are recommending investors to buy stocks in Salesforce. Staying in line with industry trends, Salesforce is all geared up to benefit its existing and new investors. 



  1. Tesla 


Tesla is an American company that develops clean energy electric vehicles for a sustainable future. Tesla has got many things under a single portfolio. Tesla’s diverse product line includes electric cars, solar panels, solar roof tiles, and energy storage home to grid based systems. 


Tesla models that are released after 2021 come equipped with full self-driving mode. Once powered this mode can navigate its way through the traffic lanes, change roads and stop at traffic lights. Tesla has made autonomous driving a reality through its softwares advanced capabilities. 


Investment Analyst Recommendations


Tesla is an all time favourite stock for tech investors. As autonomous vehicles are taking over traditional automobiles this EV company’s future forecasts foretell a similar story. Investment  analysts are highly optimistic as Tesla might hit the maximum target of $1471.00 in the upcoming months. Analysts are recommending investors to purchase stocks in Tesla. 

this image describes top tech companies to invest in 2022

Best Tech Companies to Invest, (Source: Investopedia and YCharts)

  1. Zoom Video Communications


Zoom’s video conferencing application rose to fame in the year 2020. This American communication technology company provides video calling services through its cloud based peer-to-peer software. This application can be used for business meetings, online classes, and virtual get togethers. 


Zoom has entered the healthcare market via its new telehealth approach. With a special focus on remote monitoring, zoom’s video calling feature connected healthcare professionals with patients. 


Zoom’s first quarter revenue reached for fiscal year 2022 is $956.2 million. Its GAAP Net Income for the first quarter touched a new pinnacle and reached $ 227.4 million. 


Investment Analyst Recommendations


As most companies are opting for a hybrid working model, Zoom will stay in the limelight even in the year 2022. Investment analysts have some high hopes from this company’s stock. Zoom is expected to hit the maximum value $525.00. Analysts are recommending investors to purchase stocks in Zoom Video Communications.


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  1. Synnex Corporation


Synnex Corporation is an American company that provides logistics, integration services and technology solutions to customers. Synnex also provides professional and marketing services with specific emphasis on pre sales and post sales support. Synnex focuses on security, collaboration, networking and data centres. 


This company offers multiple services and has a tremendous potential for growth in the upcoming years. Synnex first quarter revenue for fiscal year 2022 reached $4.9 billion which is 21% higher than its previous fiscal quarter. Its Non-GAAP operating income was $142 million. 


Investment Analyst Recommendations


Investment analysts have mapped the hidden potential of Synnex Corporation. Synnex Corporation is expected to hit  $155.00 in the upcoming months. As this company is witnessing manifold increase in its stock price analysts are recommending investors to buy stock in Synnex Corporation. 


This video by Tactical Investing describes in detail the best tech stocks for the year 2021. It focuses on in- depth analysis of companies, and can be considered as a reference prior to shortlisting tech based companies for investment. 



  1. CDK Global Corporation 


CDK Global is an American multinational Corporation that provides technology solutions to automotive, heavy truck and heavy equipment industries. CDK focuses on AI to provide advanced analytics which in turn enhances their partners IT infrastructure and retailing services. CDK is the new age company that seeks to leverage the best of data driven technologies for providing automated solutions. 


Investment Analyst Recommendations


This diverse company has a potential to beat some big market players, investment analysts are optimistic about this company, it might hit the highest $72 in the upcoming months. Analysts are recommending people to buy stock in CDK Global Inc. 



Last Note


Given a 10% chance of a 100 times payoff, you should take that bet every time." — Jeff Bezos


Everything that simplifies human life is tech. This simple term has contributed to multiple growth related factors that have shaped human history. With rapid advancements in technology, there is no sector that can stand in competition with tech’s supremacy. Though investing is a risky game, it might make someone a billionaire, and can snap off entire wealth from someone’s bank account but investing in tech is a safe play. This sector holds massive potential for growth so “risk and return” or “no risk no return” by the end 

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