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Top 10 AI Stocks to Invest in 2022

  • Soumyaa Rawat
  • Aug 04, 2021
Top 10 AI Stocks to Invest in 2022 title banner

 “AI is neither good nor evil. It's a tool. It's a technology for us to use.”  -OREN ETZIONI




Artificial Intelligence technology is everywhere, in the online shopping we do or the data that we accumulate for academic assignments. It has become an inevitable driving force that has paved its way in almost everything we do. 


From finance to investment, social media to websites, or academia to research, AI is omnipresent. Especially when it comes to financial investment, not only does AI let us make the right decisions by scanning through the viable options available, but also opens endless opportunities for financial proliferation. 


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What’s more, AI has become a major determinant in the stock market, influencing investors to invest in stocks that are driven by AI. Known as AI stocks, the list of artificial intelligence companies that surround their operations on AI have become endlessly popular among tech-based stocks. 


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With respect to the advancements being made in the field of AI, the stock markets around the world have seen significant development in the market cap of AI stocks, leading investors to vouch for their success in the future ahead. 


Being an integral part of our lives, AI has successfully raided the world of the share market wherein investors now look for AI stocks with a promising future since AI is the apex of investment in the coming decade. In this blog, we will be discovering the top 10 AI stocks to invest in.


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Top AI Stocks  


In this segment, we will learn about the top AI stocks to invest in in 2022. Based on their performances recorded in the financial years 2020 and 2021 so far, we will be explaining the reason behind the AI stock’s success and the predicted performance in the future.  


(Please note all the market cap values are taken from companiesmarketcap.com)


Top AI stocks



An American multinational technology, NVIDIA Corporation is an artificial intelligence computing corporation that manufactures modern computer graphics and is a pioneer in the gaming market as well. It is one of the best artificial intelligence stock picks. 


Given its vast variety of products in computer hardware, NVIDIA Corp. is a leading AI stock that is your right pick in 2022. Founded by Jensen Huang, Chris Malachowsky, and Curtis Priem, NVIDIA Corp. was launched in 1993. 


With the current market cap of $473.18bn, the NVIDIA stock is successfully reaching to the top with advancements in parallel, visual, and AI computing. 


In the coming year, the company is expected to reach even higher given that it is the world’s 13th most valuable company by market cap. 


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The parent corporation of Google, Alphabet is another top AI stock to invest in in 2022. With a market cap of $1.79tn, Alphabet incorporates artificial intelligence in numerous ways - voice search, internet browsing, and email verification. 


While this umbrella organization is a parent to numerous companies, Google remains to be the top company by popularity and purpose. Alphabet founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have incorporated along with their team the different artificial intelligence algorithms that have led the company to prosper in the long run. 


Based in the Silicon Valley, U.S.A, Alphabet is expected to achieve more in the field of AI and remain a promising AI stock in the coming year considering the performance of the best AI stocks 2021.


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There is no single company that AI hasn’t affected. Yet, Amazon is a top AI stock that has been potentially transformed with the evolution of AI. As quoted by the company’s CEO Jeff Bezos in an interview with CNBC, AI is an ‘enabling layer’ that will improve each and every business in a unique manner. 


With a current market cap of $1.81tn, Amazon is just the right pick when it comes to the top AI stocks to invest in 2022. Unlike any other business that has only benefited from advanced AI algorithms in one particular way, Amazon AI products have fully borrowed the success of technological advancements in AI and the company has a promising future in the times to come.      


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As the penetration of AI-led technologies is increasing day by day, the dependence of corporate success on AI is also widening. One of the most successful AI stocks to invest in in 2022 is Microsoft. 


With a market cap of $2.14tn, Microsoft has incorporated artificial intelligence algorithms in a way that no company has. 


Be it the company’s voice search assistant Cortana or its cloud computing Azure, Microsoft has clubbed the power of AI with its purpose of developing software services in software engineering, and this is exactly why the company is listed among the top 10 AI stocks. 


In the coming year, Microsoft is going to touch greater heights with more advancements to come in the field of AI.     


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  1. IBM (IBM)


Even though the company has not been as ravishing as it used to be, IBM still stands to be among the top AI stocks. With so much to give to the world, the company aims to bring together AI technology and human intelligence to lead the world into a brighter future. 


That said, the company’s current market stays at $127.2bn. From data science to the decision-making capabilities of the company, AI has very well made its way into its operations and is now defining the future that the company beholds.  


“IBMers believe in progress—that the application of intelligence, reason and science can improve business, society and the human condition.” IBM and AI  




If social media is not defined by Facebook, then we will know what will define social media. The pioneer of social media networking sites, Facebook has made its way into every list of top companies that have made their impact on the world in various aspects. 


Having said that, the AI-led company has also made its way into the list of the top 10 AI stocks to invest in in 2022. A company with a market cap of over a trillion - $1.03tn, Facebook is led by its CEO Mark Zuckerberg. 


“The company is using AI to marry e-commerce more closely with Instagram, planning to roll out visual search, allowing users to click on images to shop for similar products.”How Facebook is using AI 


With the objective of bringing in a variety of revolutionary content for Facebook users worldwide, Facebook has been working on AI to imitate human intelligence in machines by closely observing the artificial intelligence applications in daily life. 


Undoubtedly, the company is one of the best options if you are thinking of investing in AI stocks in 2022. 


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With more than 5000 companies in the world, this AI stock stands at the 308th position with a market cap of $57.98bn. DocuSign is an e-signature brand that uses the technology of artificial intelligence to revolutionize contracts. 


If we go deep into this matter, this AI-led company uses AI models like Natural Language Processing and machine learning algorithms. One of the top AI stocks that is worth investing in in 2022, DOCUSIGN has strengthened the use of AI in the world and in the corporate sphere per se. 


With over 85 million users already hooked up to this company, investors can consider it a fair play to invest in it given that the company is only accelerating in its profitability and popularity. 




A leading manufacturer of high-end memory and storage computer technologies. Established in 1978, the company continues to be an AI stock that an investor can’t do without. 


With multiple technological advancements on their way, Micron Technology is a promising AI stock in the years to come. Withholding a market cap of $82.1bn, the company is known for increasing the current global chip storage.   


“Markedly, as self-driving cars take off, the sensors and cameras utilized in the ADAS systems will leverage more AI computing. This, in turn, will necessitate the need for advanced chips and robust drivers, which Micron strives to fulfill.”Micron Technology - The Next Pioneer in AI 


  1. TSMC (TSM)


Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company or TSMC is the largest independent contract manufacturer of semiconductor products. Launched in 1987, TSMC is a leading AI stock that cannot be forgotten when it comes to artificial intelligence applications


Already holding a market cap of $583.03bn, TSMC is all set to accelerate its operations in the high-performance computing segment. In association with large tech-based companies like Apple, Qualcomm, and NVIDIA, TSMC makes the magic happen when it comes to the microchips placed in our digital gadgets. 


So, if you are all set to explore the tech-based stock market, investing in the TSMC stock is a must! 




A global software company, UiPATH aims to accelerate human achievement. Specializing in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), this AI stock is going way forward in the times to come. 


With a market cap of $30.6bn, UiPATH is an all-rounder when it comes to AI and its endless capabilities that have led to the success of this firm.  


By working with 2 of the most transformative technologies in the field - RPA and AI, this company is working towards unfolding the potential of these 2 powers combined. 


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“Adding AI to RPA opens up almost limitless opportunities to automate intelligent, cognitive processes—driving productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction to new heights.” How AI and RPA work together 





To conclude, the above-mentioned 10 AI stocks are the topmost stocks that will not only be profitable but are also increasing in terms of their popularity. 


Making their way into the world with the help of revolutionary technologies like AI, these companies have successfully opened the doorways to the Industrial Revolution of the 21st century. 


In years to come, these companies will continue to nurture artificial intelligence and its applications that revolve around us in our everyday lives. 

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