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7 Differences between Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence

  • Riya Kumari
  • Jan 04, 2021
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Human Intelligence is the creation of God gifted to humans and Artificial Intelligence is created by humans. Intelligence plays a vital role whether it is human or artificial. Human intelligence is a quality that helps humans in learning, understanding, and solving problems with brilliant ideas whereas artificial intelligence is something that mimics human beings by the information they receive. 


You can imagine if machines could do the work exactly like the human brain, our lives would become simpler. Are you still thinking, is artificial intelligence could match human intelligence or not? Read this blog and we are sure that you will find the answers to your questions.


Without any further delay let’s start the blog by learning the definition of artificial intelligence and human intelligence. This blog also carries the role of artificial intelligence in the human world, artificial intelligence vs human intelligence, impacts of artificial intelligence on the future of jobs and economy, and many more in detail.


Definition of Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence simply means technology that can make machines think like human beings and they can work the way we humans do. It assists robots to copy the activity of humans based on their behaviour and it is used in almost every area such as the healthcare industry, cartoons and animation, media industry, and so on. 


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Artificial intelligence is always around us whether we realize it or not like when we use Google Maps, autocorrect, smart speakers, face recognition, and many more. The machine can self-learn, self-analyze, and also self-correct themselves and it needs very tiny or almost no human extravagance while processing. 


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AI is rising very quickly and it is encouraging human beings to become more productive and live a reasonable life.


Human Intelligence alludes to people's scholarly ability that permits us to think, gain from various expressions, comprehend complex ideas, solve numerical issues, adapt to new situations, use knowledge to manipulate one's environment and speak with fellow human beings. What makes human intelligence remarkable is that it is supported by conceptual feelings such as energy, and inspiration that empower people to achieve complex psychological assignments. 


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What is the role of artificial intelligence in the human world?


Artificial intelligence advancements are built by numerical cycles that influence expanding figuring capacity to convey quicker and more precise models and estimates of operational systems, or upgraded portrayals and blends of huge data sets. Nevertheless, while these trendsetting innovations can play out certain assignments with higher productivity and precision, human ability assumes a basic part in planning and using AI innovation. 


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Human intelligence is the thing that shapes the development and appropriation of man-made consciousness and creative arrangements related to it. It is human intelligence that tries to ask 'why' and considers 'imagine a scenario where' through basic reasoning. As engineering design keeps on being tested by complex issues and the nature of information, the requirement for human oversight, skill, and quality affirmation is basic in using AI-created yields. 


Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence


The idea of making a machine that can think like human beings has arrived from the fiction world to the real world. Robots can do the task that earlier was impossible. We have since quite a while ago endeavoured to acquire Intelligence in Machines to facilitate our work. 


There are bots, humanoids, robots, and computerized people that either outflank people or organize with us from numerous points of view. These AI-driven applications have a higher speed of execution, have higher operational capacity and exactness, while likewise profoundly huge in dreary and monotonous positions compared with humans. 


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On the other side, Human Intelligence identifies with versatile learning and experience. It doesn't generally rely upon pre-taken care of information like the ones needed for AI. Human memory, its registering power, and the human body as an element may appear to be immaterial contrasted with the machine's equipment and programming foundation. Yet, the depth and layers present in our brain are far more unpredictable and complex, that machines actually can't beat at least not sooner rather than later.

This image is indicating the basic difference between Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence.

Differences between Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence

Following are the fundamental differences between artificial intelligence and human intelligence; 


  1. If we can compare it nature wise then, human intelligence intends to revise to modern environments by using a mixture of distinct cognitive procedures, whereas artificial intelligence intends to create devices that can mock human behaviour and conduct human-like actions. Thus, we can say that the human brain is analogous, but machines are digital.

  2. The simple difference is that human beings use their brain, ability to think, memory, while AI machines depend on the data given to them.

  3. As we all know that humans learn from past mistakes and intelligent ideas and intelligent attitudes lie at the basis of human intelligence. Hence, this point is simply because machines cannot think and learn from the past. They can learn from information and through regular training, but they can never attain the thinking procedure unique to humans.

  4. Artificial intelligence takes much more time to adjust to the new changes whereas human beings can adapt to changes easily and this makes people able to learn and ace several abilities.

  5. Modern computers normally use 2 watts of energy whereas human brains use about 25 watts.

  6. Machines can handle more data at a speedier rate as compared to humans. As of now, humans cannot beat the speed of computers.

  7. Artificial Intelligence has not aced the ability to choose up on related social and excited codes. People are many ways better at social interaction since they can develop academic data, have self-awareness, and are elegant to others’ emotions.


What are the impacts of AI on the future of jobs and the economy?


  • Automation of tasks


The most obvious impact of AI is the outcome of the automation of tasks across an expansive scope of businesses, changed from manual to digital. Tasks or jobs that incorporate a level of reiteration or the utilization and translation of tremendous measures of information are currently conveyed and handled by a computer, some of the time not requiring the intercession of people.


  • Welcome new chances


As artificial intelligence and machine learning execute the manual assignments that people used to perform, it opens up and breeds new businesses and open doors for the labour force. Digital engineering is an illustration of an arising calling that came about because of the quick improvement of innovation, and it is as yet developing. Thus, while old manual assignments might be out, new openings and professions will be arising.


  • Economic growth model


At the point when used with a reason and not for the good of technology, artificial intelligence can open huge loads of chances for organizations and improve efficiency and cooperation inside the association. Hence in return, it can bring about an expansion sought after for items and administrations and drive a monetary development model that conveys and improves the nature of living.


  • Role of work


In the time of AI, understanding the capacity of work past only supporting a way of life is significantly more significant. It turns into an impression of the crucial human requirement for investment, co-creation, commitment, and a feeling of being required; and accordingly, should not be ignored. So, here and there, even the customary and dull assignments at work become significant and beneficial, and if it is taken out or has been robotized, it should be supplanted with something that gives a similar occasion to human articulation and disclosure.


  • More room for creativity and innovation


With robots, AI, and robotization taking a portion of the ordinary and manual tasks out of our hands, experts have more opportunity to centre in reasoning, conveying imaginative and inventive arrangements, and activities that are past the compass of AI and are soundly in the space of human intelligence.


Summing up


Artificial Intelligence has come a long way from being a component of science fiction to reality and there is no doubt that artificial intelligence is shaping every industry and taking the world to the next level. 


But, it is still not possible to exactly mimic the level of human intelligence. Computers cannot copy the thought process of humans and according to experts, it won’t be possible in the coming future. Since scientists and experimenters still don’t know the maze behind the human thought procedure. It is highly uncertain that we will generate machines that can think like humans anytime soon.


“The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race….It would take off on its own, and re-design itself at an ever-increasing rate. Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete, and would be superseded.”- Stephen Hawking, BBC


Therefore, in the rising discussion about artificial intelligence vs. human intelligence, the given intuition has been that artificial intelligence will enhance human chores, but not replace them shortly.

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