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Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Really Intelligent?

  • Riya Kumari
  • Oct 09, 2020
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AI or Artificial Intelligence is a term that you must have heard before. Artificial intelligence is the endeavour to let PCs perform stuff for which people need intelligence. Though this is still not possible there is a hope that in the future we will definitely get something big and unique in AI. 


Nowadays, AI systems are skilled to do several tasks like learning or making decisions, but what do you think, Is this Intelligence? We all know that intelligence is something that only human beings have. So, do robots think like humans?


Before going further read what Chen Zhe, a Chinese musician explained. He said, "Robots cannot replace humans in the arts".


Therefore, here you will find the things that will prove the intelligence of AI. Also, you will get to know several things in this blog such as details of what actually AI is, how companies are using AI, about the best AI android apps with some examples of AI which will surely prove AI is intelligent or not. So, just go through the blog to know all the answers to your curious questions with some latest news related to AI.


What Exactly is Artificial Intelligence?


In simple words, Artificial Intelligence or AI refers to technology that can make machines think like humans. It means that any machine (robot, car, computers etc) can have the ability to copy the actions of human beings based on their behaviour. AI also enables them to make certain decisions on their own.


This technology is enabling mankind to evolve machines further. It has the capability of a high-tech future world. AI works on the basis of the specified codings. However, it can learn from human activities. It can also take decisions that are best in the interest of humans. This technology can soon prove to be a worldwide success and might also be implemented everywhere. This is how the human mind (Neuroscience) and AI can be met. 


Examples of AI Which Proves AI is Intelligent


Now, let's catch a glimpse of some examples that will prove AI is intelligent. AI is influencing our opinions and our lifestyles too. Don't you believe it? So, read further and you will definitely get your answer.


  • Smartphones- You are reading this article using your smartphones, don't you? Yes, smartphones have become a part of our daily life and we cannot even manage a normal day without a mobile phone. There are several AI technologies on a phone that we are unaware of. The portrait mode is also an example of AI. Furthermore, smart assistants have become a precious part of smartphones. While using a smartphone you are interacting with AI.

  • Music and Media Streaming Services- This is one of the decent examples of using AI on a daily basis. We use apps like youtube, Spotify, Saavn etc for music and video streaming purposes. These apps use AI to suggest videos and music according to a person's taste. It tracks the user's behaviour and suggests content accordingly. So, we can see how AI is making the decision for us. (The recommendation system is behind it that suggest content according to user’s taste).

  • Video Games- The industry of video games is the earliest adopter of Artificial Intelligence. All the single-player offline games use AI technology. If a user is playing against the computer, it means that the PC is using AI to fight or race against the player.

  • Navigation and Travel- Nowadays, everyone uses maps to reach their destination. Even if the distance is short, people check the fastest routes. Google and Apple maps use AI to show real-time traffic around a certain area. This saves users a lot of time.

  • Smart cars and drones- The new AI technology is slowly taking over the automobile industry. Tesla has already been way ahead in this research. AI can enable cars to brake automatically or take a turn. Also, smart drones are being developed for the delivery of different products.

  • Smart Speakers- You may be convinced about the intelligence of AI after all the above points. Now, let's peek at another point that is smart speakers. To play a song, to check messages or reminders, a smart speaker is a very common device these days and they are also an example of AI technology-enabled devices.


How Companies are Using AI?


AI is consistently spending on regular business use. From the work process the executives to drift forecasts, AI has a wide range of employment in business. It additionally gives new business openings. All the world's tech goliaths from Alibaba to Amazon are in a competition to turn into the world's chiefs in AI.


Therefore, let's take an example or Apple company. Apple uses AI and device learning in items like the iPhone, where it empowers the FaceID feature. Even in items like the AirPods, Apple Watch, or HomePod smart speakers, where it empowers the savvy right hand, Siri. There are several companies that use AI for daily work like Alibaba, Facebook, Baidu, IBM, Amazon, Microsoft, Tencent, and many more.


What is the Best AI Android Apps?


  1. Google Assistant- It is the most known voice-based AI assistant. It is available on android devices. Besides, the google assistant can also be used to interact with other smart devices which include a smart fridge, cars etc. It can set alarms, reminders, make a call, or can even be used for real-time translation.

  2. Cortana- It was launched in windows phones earlier. However, after the downfall of windows based phones, it was soon available for windows 10 Operating system. It has the same features as google assistant. 

  3. Replika- This AI-based app is built for the mental health of people. When they are feeling low or when they want to share their feelings, they can talk to the app. This ensures better mental health and has proven to be very effective in beating the early stages of depression. (Read here the top 5 myths about AI)

This image is indicating some logos of the best AI Android Apps.

Some logos of best AI Android Apps

  1. Swiftkey Keyboard- This app corrects the spellings of words as typed. So, whenever the user wants to send some official letters or wants to sound formal, they can enable the autocorrect feature that corrects grammar and spelling. It also has many themes and different font types.

  2. Face App- This app has a lot more filters than the normal ones. It can change the picture to look more beautiful and even transform it into another gender, different hairstyles, looks etc.

  3. Lyra- This app is mostly used to kill time. Whenever the user is bored, it can open the app to play games, hear jokes etc. It even helps with travelling.


Consequently, there are several other apps moreover like Hound, ELSA, Google Allo, Socratic, Edison Assistant, DataBot, Robin, Leia, IRIS, Wysa, Easy Do, Acquisio, Clara, Apptus, Meitus, Flo, Flye, Prisma, Youper, and so on.



Latest Information Related to AI


Nowadays, there is a new study related to AI where the University of Central Florida analyst is a part of a new examination demonstrating that Artificial Intelligence can be close to as exact as a doctor in diagnosing COVID-19 in the lungs. The examination likewise shows the new strategy can likewise conquer a portion of the difficulties of current testing. Here is a link that will make you aware of more recent news related to Artificial Intelligence.


“People are in a position to create something new and provide creative services. Likewise, people often develop emotional intelligence. Due to this, AI systems still fail today. They cannot think and therefore cannot derive useful action. But the systems (perhaps even better than humans) can recognize patterns and connections, distinguish differences and learn rules.” – Bernd Zipper




So, we can conclude by saying that Artificial Intelligence is affecting our day-to-day life. We use AI in different areas, even there are areas where we use AI but aren't aware of it. Yes, it is not yet possible to fill emotion under the robot and there will always be a difference between the work of human intelligence and artificial intelligence


As you have already read in the blog about the use of AI in different areas with examples, hope so you get your answer about the intelligence of AI. Thus, AI is expanding very fast, and maybe in the coming days, AI will be used on a daily basis even more. 

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