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15 Powerful Examples of AI

  • Riya Kumari
  • Oct 31, 2020
  • Updated on: Feb 01, 2021
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Artificial Intelligence is energizing, ground-breaking, and game evolving. The standard publicity machine has created intense breezes behind its sail, to the point that AI is on practically everybody's radar and is essential for the vernacular.


You must have heard of the term 'AI' as this is one of the burning topics nowadays. AI is used in nearly every area like the media industry, cartoons and animation, healthcare industry, agriculture industry, aviation, and many more.


Recently, the government of India has planned an event that was named RAISE 2020. This was India's first mega-event that discussed Artificial Intelligence.


It was organized by the government of India with Industry and Academia. That event gave several young minds to talk about the future of Artificial Intelligence which is advancing day by day.



Definition of AI


Definition-wise, we can consider AI essentially as insight displayed by machines that can be utilized gainfully (e.g., completing assignments, helping people). AI portrays when a machine can gain from data, create some level of comprehension, and afterward use the information to figure out how to accomplish something.


Computer-based intelligence incorporates AI and explicit procedures, for example, profound learning as subsets.


Accordingly, in simple words, we can say that AI refers to technology that can make machines think like human beings and robots can work the way humans use to do.


Do you want to know how intelligent AI is? Don't you think, it will be fun if robots will do our repetitive or easy work?


Yes, it will be as it will make our life simpler. We will get the time to do stuff which we like to do. This technology in the future can prove to be a worldwide victory and might likewise be universally executed.


This technology has made our life easier and it has given rise to such things that felt unbelievable to our antecedents. John McCarthy is called the father of Artificial Intelligence because he was the one who has given rise to the word 'AI'.


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What are the applications of AI?


As we all know that Artificial Intelligence, in our daily lives, has got an important role to play and in today's society it has numerous applications.


In different industries like healthcare, agriculture, finance, education, and many more, AI can creatively solve complicated issues.


Let's begin with some sectors which have the application of AI.


  • AI in Healthcare


AI is benefiting a lot in the healthcare industry. It is helping in making diagnoses faster and better than humans do and also helps in reducing human mistakes


AI is used in numerous ways in the healthcare industry such as AI-assisted robotic surgery, helps in workflow and administrative tasks, and several more.



  • AI in Social Media


In social media like FB, Snapchat, Twitter there are billions of user-profiles and we need to maintain the data and AI is the one that manages this.



  • AI in Robotics


AI has a great role in Robotics. Some robots can do repetitive tasks given to them but with the help of AI, they can create robots that can think and do tasks.



  • AI in Astronomy


AI can be used in solving complex issues related to the universe. It will help in understanding how it works, its origin, and so on.



  • AI in Finance


The finance sector is carrying out automation, chatbot, and adaptive intelligence.



  • AI in Travel


AI is very essential in the travel industry. Travel sectors are using AI-powered chatbots which can create human-like interaction with customers for better answers.



  • AI in Data Security


Data is very important for any company and nowadays fraud cases are very high in this digital world. So, AI helps in making your data more safe and secure.



  • AI in the Automotive Industry


For better performance, some automotive industries are using Artificial Intelligence to give real assistants to their users.



  • AI in Agriculture


AI is making the agriculture field digital and AI can be very beneficial for farmers.



  • AI in Education


AI chatbots can communicate with students in the form of educating assistants. In the future, AI will show much more development in the field of education.  (more to know, AI in education)



  • AI in E-Commerce


Artificial Intelligence is assisting buyers to find out related commodities with recommended color, size, or brand. AI is coming to be more demanding in the e-commerce industry



  • AI in Gaming


AI is present in almost every field. So, while playing chess, the opponent player is controlled by AI.

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Impact of AI in business


Artificial Intelligence has combined with the business sector for development and it is not only restricted to computer instruction. Even, Artificial Intelligence will alter the way the software acts by bringing it to work proactively. 


Businesses have benefited a lot because of Artificial Intelligence like which makes the relationship between the customers and business more convenient.


Also, automatic live chats and AI chatbots are helping in advancement. AI voice assistants and many such apps are also impacting the business industry. According to Statista, by 2025 the global market of AI is anticipated to touch $ 118.6 billion.


15 Powerful Examples of AI


Now, let's drive towards the examples of Artificial Intelligence which will show you how AI is influencing our opinion and lifestyles every day.


We are all surrounded by Artificial Intelligence, don't you trust?  Read further and you will get your answer by discerning these examples.


  1. Google Maps


Earlier we were afraid to go to a new place or ask strangers about the location. But, now we do not have to put much thought into touring to a new destination anymore.


We can simply open one application that is a google map on our phones and it will help in reaching our destination.


Now, AI is helping by giving users a much more enhanced familiarity concerning their particular surroundings. It makes our ride easier as it suggests to us about the traffic, distance left, and voice suggestion of the route.



  1. Smart Cars


Smart cars are one of the areas where AI is increasing its importance. Not only big companies like Tesla but many of the other companies are using automation in their vehicles.


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  1. Smartphones


Now also you are using your smartphone while reading this blog. There is no need to tell you the importance of smartphones in our lifestyle as everyone is aware of the fact that we can not imagine our lives without smartphones. Whether you know or not you are interacting with AI.


We know that Google Assistant, Siri are all examples of AI in our phone. But, not everyone knows that portrait mode in the camera is also based on Artificial Intelligence.


There are many more features in our smartphones that use AI and in the coming future. We will see many more features because of Artificial Intelligence.


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  1. Autocorrect


While writing you have noticed that autocorrect is doing its work. It corrects your spellings, suggests you words and spellings, grammar. Machines are there that automatically correct your spelling mistakes and grammar.


So, next time when autocorrect corrects you then you will remember that you are using the example of AI.



  1. Chatbots


Another area where AI is gaining its presence is Chatbots. As a customer, we always want our questions to be answered as soon as possible. AI helps in this by explaining to machines how to talk with customers.


Chatbots are instructed to emulate the chattering manners of customer representatives through NLP.



  1. Smart Home Devices


Now, coming towards the next best example of AI that is smart home devices. Whenever we listen to this term Alexa and Bixby hit our mind. But, not only smart voice assistants but many such things come under smart home devices.


Smart speakers, apps that change the color of light or temperature control, switching on/off the fans are some of the applications where AI is being used to build the homes smarter.


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  1. Video Games


The video game industry is perhaps one of the initial adopters of Artificial Intelligence. While playing racing games, have you ever thought about who is the opponent of you? It's AI bots who are playing opposite to you. This is how AI is grasping its position in the video game industry.



  1. Banking and Finance


The banking and finance industry mostly depends on artificial intelligence for stuff like consumer aid, fraud safety, investment, and many more. You must have received emails if you do an out of the usual transaction, so it is AI who is warning you of any fraud.


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  1. Face Recognition


Everyone is aware of this feature of 'Face Recognition'. AI makes it possible to open our smartphones by just showing our faces. Intelligent machines match our faces and then open our phones. Yes, it is interesting and AI is giving us several features like this.



  1. Music and Video Streaming


You have seen that sometimes YouTube recommends you some videos or music apps suggest your playlists, so this is the work of Artificial Intelligence. It traces the videos and the song you listen to most and come up with suggestions.


As discussing YouTube recommendations and comments, read the blogs, “Sentiment Analysis of YouTube comments”  and “ Extracting and pre-processing of YouTube comments”



     11. Smart keyboard apps


The smart keyboard apps keep a tab on the writing style of a user and accordingly anticipate words and emojis. This helps users in typing more fastly and comfortably.


These smart keyboard apps make it very convenient for users who get tired while typing. Hence, AI is doing a lot for today’s generation.


AI also plays an important role in pin-pointing misspellings and typos.



     12. Smart Email Apps


Modern email apps are very different from the previous ones. Apps like Spark make the most of AI to get free from spam messages. Also, it categorizes emails so that you can immediately access the more important ones.  


Google has introduced an AI-powered service named Smart Reply that creates short email message reply recommendations based on how you have replied to similar messages before.



    13. Online Ads Networks


Whenever you see an online ad or any product recommendation, keep in mind it is the AI that is continuously impacting your life. The online ads industry is the biggest user of AI.


They use AI to track user's statistics and based on that statistics they give ads. If AI is not adopted, it would result in random unnecessary ads being placed at the beset of the audience which would be of no use to them.



   14. Discovering Drugs


Atomwise is a company that uses AI in drug discovery. They illustrate the potency for AI to strengthen the outcomes of businesses of all types.


It is like a part of the Atomwise team, however, there are many humans in the effort involving medicinal chemists, structural biologists, and machine learning experts.



    15. Social Media Feeds


If you are using social media then most of your decisions are taken by AI. From the feeds that you see in your timeline to the notifications that you receive from these apps, everything is arranged by AI.


From your past searches, and interactions, AI experience what you are looking for and show recommendations.


The main motive of AI is to make you addicted to the fact that you come back on their websites.





This is the time to conclude the blog and after reading it we can say that Artificial Intelligence is growing very fast and soon we will see most of the tasks getting done that seem impossible today.


Nowadays, AI is used in several industries like agriculture, healthcare, animation, aviation, and many more. We are regularly using AI but didn't realize as we have seen above the examples.


Artificial Intelligence is assisting human beings to become more valuable and live a satisfactory life. We just have to wait and we will see more advancement in Artificial Intelligence.

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