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How does the Internet of Things sketch a smart city under the IoT ecosystem in 2020?

  • Neelam Tyagi
  • Dec 30, 2019
How does the Internet of Things sketch a smart city under the IoT ecosystem in 2020? title banner

What comes to your mind if I ask “Dream City”, obviously individuals have different opinions and thoughts about dream city, some may think of a city full of dreams and desires, a city full of passion and adventures, and so on, have you ever think city full of technology, innovations, advancements, etc, and the best part all their interconnection with some network systems ????  


You know, it could be possible and somewhere it is, yeah !!! there are smart cities where emerging technologies are conducted, implemented, and brought into effective actions, they are connected with networks system and operated remotely through the Internet of Things. 


In this frame of the article, we will study the smart city, elements of smart city, the role of IoT in the making of the smart city, and the Internet of the smart city. Let’s start with examples of smart cities in the world and parameters or attributes that make them a hub of the smart city. 


1. Amsterdam Smart City, It is a glorious example of a smart city that is well-connected, obtaining premia for data vault. Initiating in 2009, the city has executed 170 projects in the course of becoming a smart city. In specifically, it delivers traffic and transportation data to interested mobs or developers who created mapping apps to connect to the transportation systems of the city. The city has Robots, a self-governing delivery boat, to keep things moving on time. It established a floating village of houses that decrease overcrowd in the city with a sustainable and energy-adequate manner.


Even if we consider other basic amenities, power is generated within societies, water is supplied directly to homes from rivers and people filter it into their water tanks. All of these would be possible by sharing data through connected-sources via IoT.


2. Another smart city is Dubai. The Hyperloop, a proposed transport system can take passengers from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in just 15 min, it is based on magnetic levitation that reduces the friction between the train and the rails and provides much quicker speeds. A vacuum-sealed tube-based train comes into service in 2020, put Dubai is one of the world’s smartest cities. 


3. Singapore is also a shining city, a well cleaned, organized and technological city lacks with the shortage of drinking water and imported it from Malaysia. Now, the city has adopted some policies that encourage innovations to discuss the shortage of water. As a consequence, hundreds of companies sell rainwater collection and deploy water recycling technologies and earn revenues up to the US $ 370 million and more.



Concept of the Smart City


In the long run of the dream city, urbanization is the non-ending step, most of the people move towards city area for a better and comfortable life that origin and foundation to urbanization, an idea of dream city #smartcity generated. Superficially, the smart city is the portrait incorporated of Information and Communication Technology(ICT) in order to build, implement and promote sustainable and renewable development modes that majorly concerned about mounting challenges in urbanization fashion. 


ICT ecosystem is actually an exceptional network-thread of linked entities and devices that transfer data using wireless technology and cloud. Cloud-based applications of IoT acquire, explore and investigate data in real-time scenarios to assist enterprises, municipalities, and civilians to make better and improve life-quality.  


A large number of devices are interconnected and generate a massive amount of data that provide unique possibilities to solve urban problems, these technologies have strong connections through sensor-networks, they are combined together to city systems and create an ecosystem where the digital and real worlds can meet, interact, and communicate. This sharp and interactive ecosystem forms the basis of interlinked smart cities, the imposition of IoT allows the data collection and sharing of entities embedded with sensors, software, electronics, and network connectivity. 


The image shows the glimpse of the smart city constituted with smart homes and appliances that are connected through sensor-networks. Analytics Steps, analyticssteps, analytics

Smart City connected with technologies  


For instance, street lights are transforming into a next-generation smart lightening platform with expandable possibility, it can be feasible with wireless secure connectivity and IoT technologies. Blending solar power in connection with a cloud-based control system enables it to connect with other entities in the network ecosystem. Smart LED-lights can commute about traffic lights, give severe weather warnings, detect free parking space, alert drivers via mobile app, etc.  



Role of Internet of Things in the making of Smart City


The Internet of Things (IoT) is the latest archetype that combines various features and technologies from universal and extensive computing, wireless sensor networks, internet communication etiquettes, sensing and communications technologies, and embedded devices. Smart cities are moving towards a prevalent, integrated and mind-blowing environment, where IoT has a significant role. IoT is crucial there to interact, command, interconnect and deliver inferences about different pits of the divided systems inside cities.


Under the sunshade of the smart city, data and technology are used extensively to improve the livings of citizens and businesses embedded in it. The key role behind the success of the enactment of the smart city is purely IoT, either it is a pollution-free city or fully controlled traffic system, all is possible only when data is exchanged through sensor-networks keeping data privacy secured. The smart city is the dream city of the future.  


When smart city and its application are operated remotely via IoT systems, a view of the world-wide spreading network through the internet. Analytics Steps, analytics steps, analyticssteps 

World-wide connected devices in the smart city through IoT


Further moving in the discussion, there are various factors that can boost in the smart city, citizens interact with the smart city in multiple ways using smartphones, mobile devices, computers, connected cars or even connected homes. A city’s physical support with combined devices and data information can lower expenses and enhance sustainability. On the social levels, people can make better energy distribution, decrease traffic jams, smooth collection of wastage and improve air quality with the help of IoT.  Consider the example when;


  1. Interlinked traffic lights collect data from network-sensors and cars, manage their light rhythm and timing and respond appropriately to real-time situations of traffic, it reduces gridlock on roads. 


  1. Connected-cars can interact with parking meters and electric vehicle charging stations, control and instruct drivers to the nearest spot available. 


  1. Smart garbage cans constantly transmit data to waste management authorities and schedule pick-up accordingly.





Contribution of citizens and local authorities is certainly necessary for the successful execution projects under the umbrella of the Smart City, local administration must consider the social, economic and environmental status of the city to prevent project through any barrier or pitfalls. Civilians and local officials are surely keeners to originate dynamic initiatives and the internet of the smart city is predominant to meet up and success of these objectives. 


Hope, I was capable to make you clear about the concept of smart city and the what makes a city smarter. The role of IoT is crucial for smart city projects and their thriving running. For more updates and blogs on Analytics, Do read Analytics Steps.

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