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7 Tools of Marketing Analytics

  • Riya Kumari
  • Jan 13, 2021
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Data and information are much crucial for companies, they leverage several tools to process their data and take out knowledge from it. Even though, taking information-driven choices is the way to fruitful marketing. 


Do you know how many marketing analytics tools are present in the market? There are several, you just have to choose the best one out of all.


Picking the correct marketing tools, estimating your information effectively, and enhancing your marketing efforts by it, will have the effect of affecting your marketing objectives and pounding them.


Need for Marketing Analytics Tools


Marketing analytics tools assist marketers in improving their endeavours and demonstrate their value. They will likely make promoting exercises more successful and legitimize the venture. 


Marketing analytics tools can collect information from all directions in your marketing mix and report on them. They make it simple for marketers to produce reports without depending on data scientists, track crusade achievement and perform a serious investigation.


Marketing analytics tools will catch and track the accompanying information concerning your promoting efforts, such as;


  • Site visitor information

  • Client touchpoint or event information

  • Paid campaign performance information

  • Client buy information

  • Email marketing information


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Tools for Marketing Analytics


Digital marketers should always have a path of managing their marketing performance and here comes the role of marketing analytics tools that help them to achieve this goal. 


“Marketing analytics tools help marketers by giving value to their efforts.”


Here we will discuss the top marketing analytics tools that you can consider encompassing into your marketing technique.


  1. MixPanel


The major work of this tool is to track the event of your mobile app or website and by this, you can know what users are doing in your mobile app or website. 

This image is showing the dashboard of MixPanel.

MixPanel Dashboard; Source: MixPanel

When you add an event to this tool, you can see several things like counts, trends, the users who used them, and also shows in what order. 


It additionally offers channels and A/B testing for various forms of your mobile application. MixPanel expects that you should add an event that you need to track and focus on.


Basically, it was developed for the product manager as its features are generally more product-oriented than marketing. But, for optimizing funnels and understanding users' behaviour it is also being used by marketing teams. 



  1. Google Analytics


Google has given this website analytics tool which is so simple and free as well. This tool is very useful as it helps you in tracking the traffic of your website.


Also, this tool will show who your web site's visitors are, where they find your website, how much time they spend there, and many more.


Google Analytics can likewise be incorporated with different tools like Google AdWords and Google Data Studio for a more profound examination of your marketing data.


Nonetheless, it is unpredictable to characterize and follow new changes, and it doesn't give an alternative to follow singular client meetings and ability clients to really use your site.


Google Analytics fits any marketer needing to follow the traffic his marketing endeavours are producing.

Google analytics dashboard showing weekly user data with sessions, bounce rate, and session duration.

Google analytics dashboard; Source: Google Analytics

Hence, the fundamental version of Google Analytics is free and it is the right maximum corporation.


Features of Google Analytics:


  • Track your goal
  • Audience report
  • Campaign measurement
  • Flow visualization
  • Custom reports


  1. Cyfe


Cyfe is an all-in-one dashboard that permits marketers to combine information from numerous marketing tools and see all of it in one place. You can use it to track information from all your online media promoting platforms, sales platforms, pay per click marketing channels, and many others.


This image is showing the dashboard of cyfe.

A dashboard of Cyfe, Source: Cyfe

It has pre-constructed gadgets that you can use to associate with Google Analytics and SalesForce accounts. It would then be able to gather all the information that you require from these platforms and show it on one dashboard.


Cyfe is for marketers who work with different multiple marketing channels and needs all the important data in one place.


Features of Cyfe:


  • Branded reports for users
  • Real-time reports
  • Custom data sources
  • Setup in seconds
  • Pre-built integrations
  • Track multiple websites
  • White labelling available
  • TV mode
  • Unlimited uses and dashboards



  1. SEMrush


It is one of the interesting tools of marketing analytics as it will help you in glancing at what your competitors are doing. Even, it will help you in tracking your brand.


It is a reasonable tool for marketers who want to improve their search engine traffic and oversee their competitors’ actions.


It can provide you with an approach to outclass your rivals in search results and offers its clients with a basic method to screen their rivals' web-based media accounts, brands, and so on.


SEMrush dashboard showing the data with sessions, unique visitors, page or visits, average duration, and bounce rate.

SEMrush Dashboard; Source: Semrush

SEMrush has an interesting feature, its analytics reports tool that shows the keywords that your rivals are using in their AdWords crusades.


You can likewise use it to analyse the keywords that you need to use in your advertising campaigns to realize how competitive they are.


Therefore, this tool is more beneficial for those who want to increase their search engine traffic and want to keep an eye on their rivals.


Features of SEMrush:


  • Link and Rank Tracker
  • On-page SEO checker
  • Position tracker
  • Keyword alert
  • Project dashboard
  • Visibility report
  • Domain overview



  1. Klipfolio


This tool is a dashboard software that permits its users to build interactive dashboards that can host marketing relevant data from several tools and channels. It records and links user engagement metrics from time to time every month.


You can use it to pull information from Facebook or Google Analytics, which is useful for tracking your performance and seeing all the information in an incorporated dashboard.


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This picture is showing the Klipfolio home page.

Klipfolio Home Page; Source: Klipfolio 

It appears with pre-assembled layouts of dashboards that you can use without making your own without any preparation. 


Nonetheless, you can at present make your dashboard that will help you address your issues. If you have many marketing channels and you need to screen their information in one dashboard, use Klipfolio.


It is a solid match for any digital marketer with different channels who wish to monitor them on one simple screen.


Klipfolio additionally includes more reasonable marketing agencies that can construct dashboards to share their performance with their customers.


Features of Klipfolio:


  • Several branding options like logo replacement
  • Mobile accessible
  • Attach annotations to reports for others to see
  • Unlimited users
  • Trusted security model
  • Direct file upload for files on a computer
  • Self-service KPI editing platform
  • Simplified dashboard assembly



  1. Crowdbooster


Crowdbooster is a social media analytics software that enables you to watch the achievement of social media ad campaigns through a sequence of simple dashboards.

This image is showing the summary of Crowdbooster.

Summary of Crowdbooster; Source; crowdbooster.com

One of the significant benefits of using this tool is its real-time reporting usefulness, which offers up-to-the-second information concerning who is drawing in your content via web-based media and how. 


It likewise allows you to see your most connected with fans and supporters and gives you suggestions on the best way to arrive at these brand ministers, as well as how to tweak your online media content for a greater engagement.


Features of Crowdboosters:


  • Audience growth tracking
  • Social advocates finder
  • Intelligent insights
  • Collaboration
  • Schedule Unlimited tweets and posts
  • Fast and simple analytics
  • Easy and simple customizable dashboard
  • Audience engagement



  1. Heap Analytics


Heap is a mobile and web analytics tool that has almost the same functions as MixPanel. This tool will track all the actions of your website visitors.


There are several interesting features of heap analytics tools like it will allow you to select an event that you want to analyze and preview on your dashboard. It can also benefit you in tracking particular user behaviour and segment users based on their behaviour. 

This image is showing how Heap engages their users by giving value everywhere in the product.

Engagement: It engages users by providing value everywhere in the product

Source: Heap


The audience target for the Heap is similar to MixPanel. Heap does not support Android apps, it can be a suitable tool for marketers wanting data on events and conversions of their website, product or iOS app.


Features of Heap:


  • Real-time insights
  • Direct data access
  • Data capture
  • Event visualizer
  • User-level activity streams
  • Retroactive stats
  • Custom event tracking
  • Retention reporting
  • Trend tracking


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Make sure you select the correct tools as it will help you in understanding the data. These tools will help you in enhancing your business results.

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