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AI in Early Childhood Education - All You Need To Know

  • Ashesh Anand
  • Jan 25, 2022
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Artificial intelligence (AI) allows robots to learn in a similar fashion to humans. AI, which was formerly confined to science fiction literature, is now being employed to better practically every industry. If you're a parent, you'll be relieved to learn that early childhood education is included. 


While using AI technology in the classroom may seem weird, the shortage of accessible teachers necessitates it. Fortunately, it looks like AI is giving children a leg up on the competition.


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Early Childhood Education and AI


AI and early childhood education are already inextricably linked, despite the fact that many people are unaware of it. In reality, they have a dynamic relationship that is improving all the time. 


Researchers were employing AI to investigate the processes of childhood learning, according to Scientific American in 2017. With this information, it became easier to develop AI that might, in some ways, operate as educators.


However, research had been using AI in education long before this date. Robotic tutors could boost exam results when they engaged students via embedded social interactions, according to a study presented at the 2013 International Conference on Humanoid Robots. When it comes to instructing youngsters, robots with AI are just as capable — if not more so — than people.


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  1. Students can receive more personalized tutoring


It might be difficult to ensure that your child understands the topics taught in the class when they are falling behind. Our classrooms are too big, and kids get lost in the mix. Parents may find it difficult to educate their children on the new standards expected of them, especially because they are so far removed from their own primary school days.


With crowd-sourced instruction from professionals and more skilled students, AI can fill in the gaps. Without losing their grades or achievements, students can avoid the shame and embarrassment of asking for excessive help in front of their colleagues. Using these electronic programmes, tutoring is more accessible and affordable than ever before.


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  1. The computer determines the ideal speed


For years, qualified educators have realized that no one-size-fits-all technique to teaching a lesson exists. It's practically hard to accommodate every possible learning type while maintaining the ideal pace in each class. Fast learners must remain engaged, while slow learners must not fall behind. 


The ideal pace is becoming increasingly elusive as the number of pupils grows. AI can now assist in determining the ideal pace for each student.


Students can progress at their own pace thanks to the tailored curriculum. Because elementary-aged students' maturity levels and attention spans vary so widely, this provides a great chance for children to pursue academics at their own pace. They do not find learning to be overwhelming or frustrating.


  1. Edtech use in elementary school may be linked to college success


For decades, we've understood that early childhood education instills in our children the abilities they'll need to succeed in the future. If they don't fully know the courses today, those academic flaws would come back to bother them during their university years. 


According to research, utilizing robotics to teach early childhood math classes provides a hands-on tool that aids children's understanding of mathematical concepts. These years can yield big returns in the future when fewer university-bound youngsters need to sign up for remedial college math courses.


On the surface, it appears that integrating technology into elementary school classrooms was done too soon. This critical transition, on the other hand, may usher in a revolutionary shift that affects the academic future of the next generation. Consider the numerous lifelong benefits that a more tailored and effective primary school education may provide for students.


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Robotics is Making a Big comeback


Scientists continue to find evidence that self-driving robots can improve educational outcomes and even socialize with youngsters. Of course, if the technology is exclusively available to colleges and researchers, this means nothing to the regular individual. All of that is set to change with the release of the ROYBI language learning robot.


ROYBI's AI has the capability of teaching youngsters more than 15 languages. Working with this commercially available robot is already warranted, as research regularly shows that learning a second language enhances educational outcomes. 


However, it turns out that the AI-enabled humanoid is capable of much more. ROYBI can respond to a child's facial expressions and learn about their hobbies in addition to learning languages.


You can also have the robot email you updates and notifications regarding your child's progress. But it's the fact that ROYBI is always changing that makes it even more impressive. It will soon be outfitted for STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) learning, which implies robotic tutoring will go beyond language acquisition to boost outcomes across the board.


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Benefits of Starting Early


AI and robots have a positive impact on early educational achievements, according to a growing corpus of studies. However, you may be wondering if this will assist in the long run. The answer is an emphatic "yes," according to science. Increased immersion in education, even before kindergarten, has been linked to greater cognitive test scores in adulthood, according to studies.


According to the same study, starting early increases the likelihood of entering college. This is a big predictor of success since, even at the relatively young age range of 25 to 32, people with a college degree earn $17,500 more per year than those without a degree. The basic fact is that higher educational exposure correlates with future performance in all populations.

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Bottom Line: The Future Has Arrived


Every age sees at least one technological development that affects youth education. AI is rapidly appearing to hold the distinction in the current world. 


This trend, together with a determined push to incorporate the arts into STEM study, will provide children with a more well-rounded education that will equip them for whatever the future holds. Even if your child's school does not emphasize AI, you can use technologies like ROYBI to introduce AI into your home.

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