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AI in Interior Designing - Applications and Tools

  • Ashesh Anand
  • Feb 13, 2022
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a truly amazing tool. AI can perform simple human tasks that we are always too busy, i.e. lazy, to do. And AI is capable of a variety of tasks that our limited human minds are incapable of doing in a reasonable amount of time.


The interior design profession has gained a lot of traction during the last few years. The domain is only getting bigger and better with the introduction of technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR). 


Because of the tremendous developments, we now have a flood of mobile apps, online apps, and other technologies that perform the functions of an interior designer.


Interior Design and AI


Because of the decreased barrier to entry, businesses are scrambling to identify the finest AI-powered solutions for their needs. Although interior design is generally thought to include more artistic processes than technical ones, it has just as much room for technological advancement as its sister industry.


Although some industry professionals warn against plunging headfirst into technology for fear of it overpowering the artistic nature of the work, others argue that it's only another, more powerful tool at a designer's disposal.


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What Can AI Do for the Interior Design Industry?


The technologies known as "Weak AI or Narrow AI" have taken us to a whole new level. Computers, or more precisely, the improvement in GPU performance, have enabled people to begin developing software that can not only forecast but also learns from its own mistakes. 


This isn't a complete replacement for the designer, but it's already capable assistance. What does this technology mean for the interior design industry, and how will it impact this multibillion-dollar industry in the future? We'll do our best to figure things out.


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Applications of AI in the Real World for Interior Designing


Let's look at a couple scenarios where AI could be useful. Assume you have an app installed on your smartphone or tablet. You may simply scan your room and receive its digital model in the blink of an eye using a phone or tablet camera with a LiDAR sensor. 


Adding objects to such a model in the modern world is often done manually by selecting furniture from the built-in library and applying the relevant materials.


But what if the programme takes care of everything for you? When you scan your house or apartment, for example, it will show you a range of finished designs that are already furnished and designed in various colour schemes.


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Learning Capability and Self-Improvement


Let's dig a little deeper into this. Working with a human designer has certain advantages, including the capacity to make non-standard judgments after gaining a better understanding of the client. In its current state, how can AI reach such a result? Actually, it is becoming increasingly capable of dealing with this, thanks to new software based on Deep Learning.


Before developing various design alternatives, the app may ask the user to complete a brief questionnaire in which they can select their preferred style, colours, interior accents, desired materials, and even their favourite rock band. 


All of this data will improve your chances of producing the perfect design option. Furthermore, the obtained data can be compared to a database of previously completed tasks, and voila! The design, which is customized to your preferences, is now complete!


Furthermore, the app will remember the design you selected, and will present that design first to a new user in a similar situation.


Accelerate the Workflow


To begin with, this technology revolution has both positive and negative implications for interior designers. On the plus side, it will hasten the work process because the primary selection of colours, styles, and variations of the project, as well as the selection of furniture and furnishing alternatives, will be easier and faster. Some apps have already learned to detect blueprints and convert them into a digital model that can then be altered.


Advantages of LiDAR


The combination of AI-powered LiDAR technology and Augmented Reality, which allows you to acquire a digital model of the objects and interior of a house or apartment by simply scanning it with your smartphone or tablet, is more promising and advantageous.


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AI Powered Interior Design Tools


We've compiled a list of five popular AI-powered interior design tools in this blog post.


  1. Leaperr


Leaperr is an artificial intelligence (AI) system that performs interior design tasks. The Leaperr system uses a combination of deep learning, image processing, and complex algorithms to create interior designs automatically. The technology is built in such a way that it streamlines the entire design process. 


Simply take a photo of your area, complete a short questionnaire, or select photographs of designs you like, and the AI system will generate a variety of photos that are tailored to your environment. One of the best features of Leaperr is that it creates interior designs that resemble real photographs.


  1. Homestory AR


Homestory AR is an AI-powered home design software available for iOS that displays various types of furniture and other items that might look excellent together. The app is built so that all a user has to do is scan an area in their home, and the AI capabilities would measure the room's size and shape and offer things based on that information. 


Other benefits of this platform include the ability to share photographs and designs with others, as well as the ability to examine it from various perspectives using the app's 3D virtual room view.


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  1. LexSet.ai


LexSet.ai is an AI startup based in New York that is revolutionizing the way people buy furniture. The company's AI analyses a room and determines which furniture and basics are there, as well as making item recommendations (for example, furniture) that the user would like to have in the room.


  1. Planner 5D


Planner 5D is a best-in-class AI-powered home design tool that is available for Web, iOS, Android, Mac OS, and Windows. This popular home design tool, which is powered by AI, VR, and AR, allows anyone to effortlessly generate floor plans and interior designs. 


This tool's popularity has grown to the point where it now has 40 million users who have created more than 80 million projects without needing any professional design or software abilities.


The program also converts a 2D blueprint into a 3D version, which is a unique feature. Its sophisticated neural network digitizes floor plans in real-time. All you have to do is upload a floor plan, and the AI will take care of the rest.


  1. IKEA Place


IKEA, one of the most well-known furniture businesses, has a platform called IKEA Place that allows customers to design their own interiors. The platform is based on ARCore and is designed to digitally place corporate objects in environments that you can with your phone's camera. 


The platform also features an intelligence feature that allows customers to scan any existing item and determine which IKEA goods are compatible with it. 


Another great feature of the software is that it provides the measurements of the furniture that will fit in the scanned space, allowing users to select the ideal match.


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Bottom Line: The Future of Interior Designs Is AI


With each passing year, technological advancements have increased, and things that were once deemed impossible have now become a reality. 


AI is unquestionably the technology of the future—a future in which interior and home design will be as simple and enjoyable as a few mouse clicks. In addition, new capabilities of home design apps will expand AI's participation in our daily life.

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