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AWS Machine Learning University

  • Neelam Tyagi
  • Sep 13, 2020
AWS Machine Learning University title banner

Recently, Amazon was mentioned in the news!!!


Amazon’s Machine Learning University has made its online courses available to the public, commencing with Accelerated Natural Language Processing. 


Previously, it was accessible to Amazon’s employees, but now freely-accessible to everyone. Let’s dive deep in course details.


Prefacing with Machine Learning


Machine learning,  a computational science domain that probes patterns and structures across data and helps out in understanding, decision-making and argumentation without human interaction. 


As they as, “Data is the quintessence for businesses, so machine learning benefits in diagnosing signals amongst the data noise.”


Machine learning, a subdivision of AI, is at the centrum in Amazon’s business. From supply chain optimization to making better product prognosis, machine learning extensively adopted by Amazon’s team across the company. For examples, the science team of Alexa uses ML to recast convenience on daily basis for customers, Amazon Go team to a permissive checkout-free shopping experience and also Amazon.com team chooses it for enhancing users’ shopping experience and many more.


Machine learning holds the strength to remodel businesses in entire industries with some restrictions as well like requirements for individuals with ML expertise, etc. It is a challenge for Amazon and other large and small companies over the globe. In order to meet that demand, Amazon established Machine Learning University in 2016, initially for its employees, and now open to all, gratefully.



Amazon’s Announcement Regarding Course


The knowledgeable course that is previously available to Amazon’s employees, is now open to all, i.e, the online course is free for ML endeavouring developers, applications developers, and data scientists who want to understand whence to develop artificial intelligence or machine learning into the novel and existing applications. 


This course is emphasizing instructor-leading session that focuses on; 

  1. How to develop a thought for the entire process of building ML models, it also includes how to implement pre-trained ML API services in a board spectrum of business and project challenges. 

  2. Furthermore, people can learn how AI/ML devices assist developers for easy starting with deep learning, reinforcement learning and other relevant forms of ML. 

  3. At last, the course assists in fabricating, training, and implementing ML models for systems through Amazon SageMaker, an entirely controlled service comprising complete machine learning workflow.



Course Offered

Machine learning, being the core of Amazon’s business procedures, revamps the company’s supply chain, encourages the company to widen its product forecasts and is used by Alexa, Amazon Go and Amazon.com. Commencing from 2021, all machine learning university classes can be accessed through on-demand videos, along with correlated coding materials.


“Machine Learning University got its start from the idea that we were going to have a difficult time finding enough people with ML skills to meet our needs Universities can’t develop students with ML skills fast enough for Amazon, much less for all the other companies out there.- Brent Werness, MLU’s academic director.”(Source)


The three online courses embrace Natural Language Processing (the machine understanding of human language), Computer Vision (the machine understanding of images and videos), and Tabular Data(machine learning related to spreadsheet-like tables). The curriculum of MLU, founded in the year 2016, is designed to hone the skills of ML professionals, it also supports newbies to utilize machine learning for their projects, as online classes are conducted by Amazon ML specialists. (From)


In addition to that, from course overview(read.me file) that includes the slides used in the video talks, assembled into three major lectures and YouTube link to contributing and licence profile is provided at GitHub. Also, if an individual is keen interested in learning through Amazon’s Machine Learning, can access to the AWS website here.


Discussing AWS Machine Learning Path


Only three courses are available online, and Amazon will include nine more courses in the series, The offering includes courses, videos lab that targets four major fundamental groups of neophytes, that are business decision-makers, developers, data scientists, and data platform engineers. Every course has core elements and developed over real-world examples and labs that allow specialists to discover explore machine learning via substantive problems that Amazon had to solve. 


Below is the short discussion for each learning path;

  • Business Decision Maker: Those business personalities and team leaders who leverage Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning, this path is designed for them in order to explore expanding approaches for their organization, it also helps in understanding how these technologies can provide business value in the context of digital transformation, originated in their organization.


  • Developer: This ML path is basically focused on builders and software developers as they adopt machine learning and artificial intelligence in order to seek excellent collaboration with data scientists that leads to uniting machine learning technologies.

Highlighting the AWS machine learning course path for data scientists.

AWS Machine Learning course path, image source

  • Data Scientist: For the active practitioners, who are proficient in mathematics, statistics, and analytics and want to be expert in machine learning inside their organizations, this path is for them. They can deploy knowledge to their work and boost association through learning how machine learning framework and analytical tools can be implemented for the same purpose.


  • Data Platform Engineer: In order to design data platforms for engineers, this path focuses on how machine learning could transform data ingestion, system obligations and efficiency, along with the user experience and satisfaction for the systems, services and applications.





Without any ambiguity, AWS is the platform of preference for several companies either on large-scale or small-scale, therefore it would be a huge spot to begin and acquire worthwhile experience. Amazon’s Machine Learning University would probably rule over the hype.


“Amazon Machine Learning is a service that makes it easy for developers of all skill levels to use machine learning technology.”(From)


In line-up to conclude the blog, we can say that the Amazon is focusing to train developers in Machine Learning and to spur more tech-savvy for better decision-making in order to explore AI solutions with the AWS platforms. In addition to that, the educational proposal incorporates around 30 digital courses pointed at developers, data scientists and engineers, and business experts.

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