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Cardano Cryptocurrency: Features and Working

  • Soumyaa Rawat
  • Oct 16, 2021
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Learning about Cryptocurrencies


The digital money market is a prevalent topic in the contemporary finance realm. Unlike paper currency that holds a tremendous significance in the masses’ perception, cryptocurrencies have emerged to be much different and diverse currencies. 


Unauthorized, privately regulated, and open-source, cryptocurrencies have something about them that the world is drawn to. By all means, cryptocurrencies are digital, thus implying that they have no physical form of existence in the world. 


With the coming of top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum, the world has suddenly begun to dig into its digital devices and persistently watch out for the pros and cons of cryptocurrencies. 


With the emergence of the first-ever cryptocurrency in the year 2009, the world has witnessed a stark increase in the release of other such blockchain networks. Even though a cryptocurrency is unregulated, it simply entails our interest in the excitement it offers. 


Needless to say that it cannot be exchanged at an ordinary grocery store or a shopping complex. It has to be ‘mined’ and obtained after much effort. 


That said, we will be discussing in this blog another cryptocurrency that is persistently making heads turn in light of its rapid growth and booming performance among its competitors. 


This blog is dedicated to Cardano cryptocurrency, an open-sourced digital currency supported by blockchain technology.  


Origin of Cardano


Launched in 2017, the Cardano cryptocurrency is claimed to be a third-generation blockchain currency. A decentralized digital currency developed with the help of ground-breaking technology, Cardano aims to become a scalable, transparent, and sustainable cryptocurrency. 


A public blockchain network, Cardano is one among the many famous cryptocurrencies with rapid growth and development. Its foundation was laid down by Ethereum’s co-founder Charles Hoskinson. No doubt, it is the best 3rd gen cryptocurrency. 


Over a period of two years (2015-17), this cryptocurrency was developed and launched in front of the world. It is the only peer-reviewed blockchain technology, leading to cheap and fast transactions. In essence, the ultimate purpose of the Cardano ecosystem is to solve problems faced by its counterparts like Bitcoin and Ethereum. 


“The Cardano blockchain tries to solve some of the issues of other projects. Namely, it aims to be faster than Bitcoin, more decentralized, and provide cheaper transactions and gas fees than Ethereum.”

Advantages of Cardano 


Despite its favorable market pricing and outstanding performance, Cardano is a bit underrated for the wonder it is in reality. However, with time, it will surely escalate in popularity and become more sought-after like its other counterparts. 


How does it work


A blockchain network that follows the principle of proof-of-stake (Ouroboros blockchain), Cardano claims to save more energy by adopting a sustainable path of mining protocol. 


Unlike other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum that implement the proof-of-work protocol, Cardano is a low-energy consuming cryptocurrency. What’s more, Cardano (Ada) offers its currency holders the opportunity to validate any and every node in the Cardano blockchain. 


Perhaps Cardano plays big when it comes to transparency and is absolutely active in accommodating all of its members in its blockchain. One of the biggest advantages of the cryptocurrency is that it goes light on energy consumption that wins the battle for sustainability. 


Usually, cryptocurrency mining protocols like Bitcoin mining require high energy levels to fetch Bitcoins with the help of hard-core hardware. But, Cardano supports lightweight energy consumption and perhaps this is why it is increasingly gaining attention in the field with respect to Cardano mining. 


Building Block of Cardano - Ada


Surprisingly, Cardano has its own internal cryptocurrency or digital token ledger that works inside the framework to make it more tasteful for its worldwide holders. Ada, the internal cryptocurrency of Cardano, acts as a mediator for exchanging transactions related to Cardano. 


“It is named after Ada Lovelace: a 19th-century mathematician who is recognized as the first computer programmer, and is the daughter of the poet Lord Byron.”

What is Ada? 


With the help of Ada, every transaction that takes place in Cardano is permanent, secure, and transparent for the surety of its holders. Without requiring any third-party validation mechanism, Ada ensures that Cardano’s operations run smoothly without any hassles. 


Any Ada holder is automatically viable to hold shares in the Cardano blockchain. It only empowers every Ada holder to redeem the currency, earn reward points, and run the network as and when they wish to. 


Even though we have dug into the sky-high prices of Cardano, Ada is particularly benefitting from its increasing prices in the market, and so are its stakeholders. 


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Features of Cardano


Here is a list of some exciting features of Cardano. Let us explore what characterizes Cardano and lead to its real-world advantages. 


  1. Rapid Transaction Process


One of the most exciting highlights of Cardano is that it supports faster transactions as compared to any other cryptocurrency available currently. 


A highly scalable blockchain technology, Cardano has achieved the title of being the fastest cryptocurrency in terms of carrying out transactions. 


Ever since its first-phase tests, the blockchain network is doing fairly well and continues to conduct its transaction with speed and sustenance. 


“When the Cardano chain was first tested in 2017, it was able to process as much as 257 transactions per second (TPS). For a better comparison, Bitcoin can only process 4.6 TPS, with Ethereum 1.0 at a slightly higher 15-20 TPS.”

Cardano v/s Bitcoin 


  1. Larger Decentralization


Cardano is not only the fastest cryptocurrency, but it is also highly decentralized in nature. While cashless economies that run unregulated are known to be decentralized, Cardano is simply touching newer heights. 


With the provision of enabling Cardano holders the ability to review any newly added nodes to the blockchain or even validate such transactions in the public ledger, the cryptocurrency has left no stone unturned to amaze its audience. 



  1. Environment-friendly Mining


Even though this blog has already focused on this aspect briefly, it is still worth mentioning that the environment-friendly mining of Cardano is one of its biggest achievements. 


By saving energy consumption, not only reduces the burden on the environment, but also saves resources that can be invested to procure greater results. 


All in all, it is efficient and has an enhanced user interface that increases its popularity and usability on a large scale. 


Needless to say, Cardano is emerging as a strong competitor when it comes to blockchain currencies. With so many advantages to offer to its holders, Cardano is not simply another cryptocurrency making its mark on the world. 


Rather, it is a uniquely designed framework of cryptocurrency that does not go heavy on the world or its population. With minimal consumption and maximum results, Cardano is a favorable pick if you are interested in entering this arena. 


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Cardano v/s Bitcoin


Although both Cardano and Bitcoin are prominent cryptocurrencies, there are some differences among the two that we shall address in this segment. 


To begin with, Cardano has a separate team committed to assessing its crypto monetary system, while Bitcoin users go largely unverified. Even its team of developers is collectively known as Satoshi Nakamoto. 


Another difference between these two blockchain networks is based on their speed. As discussed above, Cardano holds the fastest crypto transactions per second record and perhaps Bitcoin loses this battle. 


Speed of transactions is a major parameter that builds the identity of such a network and thus, Cardano yet again overshadows Bitcoin in this respect. 


Currently, there still seems to be no competition between these two cryptocurrencies since Bitcoin overpowers any other cryptocurrency. 


The oldest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has an immense reputation in the market and henceforth, has achieved numerous milestones in this arena, Cardano is still making its way to the top despite its overly amazing performance as compared to any other cryptocurrency.  


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Future of Cardano 


With so many perks to offer its holders, Cardano is indeed a favorable buy in the long run. As high-profile investors are already impressed by the performance of this cryptocurrency, all odds seem to be in favor of Cardano. 


Empowered by its own cryptocurrency framework, Ada, Cardano provides a variety of factors to its holders for believing in its ability to be one of the best among the rest. By accelerating the future of cryptocurrency, Cardano alone stands apart from its competitors.  


As Crypto Research Report, a blockchain analysis organization states, Cardano is expected to grow in the coming future with more and more investors placing their confidence in Ada’s framework. 


By 2025, as analysts suggest, Cardano will escalate in terms of performance, popularity, and persistence that will take it to newer heights. To sum up, Cardano has a bright future ahead.


Not only does it portray a stronger framework structure as compared to other networks, but it also proves that evolution in this field is necessary for better outcomes and greater advancements.    

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