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16 Digital Marketing Tools For Business

  • Mallika Rangaiah
  • Feb 25, 2021
  • Updated on: Nov 19, 2021
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Imagine a graphic designer being able to produce a poster without employing suitable editing programs, be it Canva or Photoshop, and imagine a Big Data Analyst being able to analyze the data they are subjected to without employing relevant Big Data technologies. Is that possible? Certainly not. Likewise, no Digital marketer can intrigue users to their site, convert the traffic of these users, and securely engage their customers without employing appropriate digital marketing tools. 

Digital marketers in the present day, thrive and cease based on the tools associated with their trade. Being tasked with a series of disparate duties and responsibilities, marketers are required to sort through a range of work around the same time. This makes digital marketing tools a savior, allowing these marketers to save both their time and energy. 


In the present scenario, we’ve got a range of such tools at our disposal, with companies depending on many tools to expand their business. 


What is Digital Marketing?


Firstly let’s give a gist of what Digital Marketing is. In layman’s terms, digital marketing implies any online marketing attempts or services. Any online marketing endeavor whether it is email marketing, social media marketing, or pay-per-click advertising are instances of digital marketing, the ultimate goal being to introduce one’s product/ company to the public and persuading them to purchase or engage with it. 


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In this blog, we will discuss 16 of the top Digital Marketing Tools and their features, which have played a significant role in helping digital marketing emerge as the latest trend in the world of marketing. 



Top 16 Digital Marketing Tools


We will highlight some of the cutting-edge digital marketing tools, which are presently revolutionizing the market. 


  1. Google Analytics


Pegged as one of the most well-known tools of Digital Marketing, Google Analytics is proficient in helping its marketers gain knowledge of how many people consume their content and how they respond to that content.


Google Analytics’s primary features are :


  • It comprehends the kinds of messages which resonate with the audience

  • It discovers where the users are coming from

  • It determines what a company’s digital strategy can be

  • It allows users to finalize goals for tracking conversions, building an advanced eCommerce setup, and tracking events to gain more knowledge on user engagement.


To top these gains, one of the biggest perks remains that the tool is free and does not require its user to spend a penny to avail of its services. 



  1. HubSpot Marketing


The tool provides both free and paid services. 

  • HubSpot’s free services allow the users to set up web and popup forms, access live chat facilities, CRM and email marketing, and assess site visitors' behavior.

  • Coming to the tool’s paid services, the tool allows for sales email automation, it also allows users to generate email signatures, grade their website, and generate marketing plans and invoices. It helps the user manage their content and social media, track their emails and connect with their leads.    

  • The tool allows the user to expand their traffic, convert leads, fasten deal cycles and also prove ROI for their inbound marketing campaigns through their features. 


  1. SEMrush

Image representing SEMrush Home page


This tool offers both free and paid memberships and provides a range of services, the free services being comparatively limited. Its primary features are:


  • SEMRush provides assistance in conducting keyword research, site analytics, detecting backlink potential, and tracking positions. 

  • It conducts a comprehensive technical SEO audit. 

  • It reviews organic search rankings for the user’s keywords.

  • A key feature of SEMRush is that it can be leveraged to pull the backlinks of the user’s competitors, assess any ranking fluctuations and perform a complete competitive analysis. It monitors the moves of competitors through its competitive research tools. 



  1. Moz


A leading market tool, Moz constitutes 2 packages :

Moz Pro offers analytics and insights into the user’s SEO, effectively enhancing their rankings in search engines.  

Moz Local is their automated list management tool that focuses on publishing regular location data across search engines. 

The tool’s primary features are :

  • The user can monitor their site, conduct keyword research, monitor the domain authority of a website, undertake page analytics, and do backlink analysis. 

  • Moz Bar - the tool’s Chrome plugin offers instant metrics for any page of the user. 

  • The tool offers data and software solutions for boosting traffic, visibility, and ranking in the search result. 



  1. Bit.AI

A package deal document collaboration platform, Bit.AI provides an effective tool for : 


  • Developing interactive live documents and adding any kind of digital content which would be displayed visually

  • Bit.AI generates a sturdy digital content library where all the content can be maintained in a common spot.

  • Monitoring shared documents so that the teams can observe how audiences interact with the content at their disposal. 

  • The platform collaborates and arranges insights, creation, and document management onto a common platform.


The top Digital Marketing Tools include Moz, Semrush, Google Analytics, Trello, Kissmetrics, Canva, HubSpot, Hootsuite, Buzzsumo, Wyng, Ahrefs, Bit.AI, Screaming Frog, Mailchimp and Buzzstream

Digital Marketing Tools


  1. Ahrefs

A comprehensive SEO tool, Ahrefs has been developed for offering competitors analysis. 


  • Ahrefs also offers keywords, backlinks, and content research, and also tracking of ranks and monitoring of websites. The platform also has a Content Gap tool, which can detect the gaps in the user’s content. 

  • The tool’s Top Pages highlights where the user is performing well and lets them know about the level of traffic their competitors’ sites are gaining.

  • Site Audit highlights where the website requires work. 

  • Site Explorer assesses the behavior of the user’s competitors

  • Keywords Explorer highlights what the user’s competitors are searching for. 

  • Content Explorer offers data regarding the top-performing content of the user’s industry

  • Rank Tracker updates the user on their progress.



  1. BuzzStream

This is a useful tool for discovering potential audiences and influencers and for performing research. Offering varying pricing plans, through Buzzstream the user can :


  • Add fresh bloggers, social profiles and websites to their database. The user can perform email outreach in an easier and efficient manner.  

  • Stay updated on interactions since the tool automatically saves the emails and tweets of the user. 

  • The tool also allows users to set reminders so they can follow-up on every interaction and not lose track of it. 


Image representing BuzzStream Home Page


  1. HootSuite


An enterprise-level management tool for social media, Hootsuite offers a range of services which primarily are :

  • It also allows its users to store and plan the content for their social media on different platforms. The tool enables the schedule of multiple posts, at the same time through advanced keywords and tags. 

  • This tool aids users in tracking the performance of their social media content, measuring conversions, ROI, and tracking public interactions regarding their brand, service, or product. 

  • The tool provides a limited free subscription and a 30-day trial offer for a professional subscription. 


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  1. Canva


This is a drag-and-drop design platform that has both free and paid membership and offers a range of services : 


  • Canva enables users to make images through the templates, clip art, and fonts from their catalog. 

  • Provides an aesthetically attractive and easy approach for users to create their own presentations, logos, graphs, or images based on their requirements.

  • It limits the need for an experienced designer to allow users to make the visual they picturized through their extensive collection of images. 



  1. BuzzSumo


This is an exclusive content research tool that detects leading influencers in the user’s industry and helps the users associate with them.


  • BuzzSumo allows users to discover trending topics and determine their search scope for creating long-lasting or trending content. 

  • It enables users to assess their content’s analytics and monitor their social, to calculate their performance in accordance with it.

  • The tool searches for phrases or terms and swiftly detects popular content. 

  • It detects influencers from any industry or field and tracks trends and comments so the user can respond timely and grab prospects. 


Image representing BuzzSumo Home page


  1. MailChimp


This is an email marketing and social advertising tool, which has been developed for automating and orchestrating campaigns. Excellent for users who are new to the world of email marketing and offering both free and paid versions, the tool’s key features constitute :


  • The application and sliding price tag of the platform are in accordance with the user’s email list size. 

  • The user can stay updated on the traffic gained from their campaigns. MailChimp also provides various integrations with other SaaS firms and is effective in the case of email drip campaigns. 

  • The tool both automatically sends emails to the user’s customers at suitable times and also displays detailed analytics that can be effective for boosting the user’s digital marketing approaches for their business. 

  • Users can create entire emails through gifs, images, and personalized fonts available on the tool and generate their campaign’s A/B testing solely using this tool. 



  1. Screaming Frog 

As the name suggests, Screaming Frog is a crawling tool for SEO.  Its key features are : 


  • Screaming Frog offers significant SEO-related information regarding the user’s site which they can download and keep on file as a reference. This includes advanced elements such as Javascript and HTML. 

  • The tool can swiftly crawl through websites, website lists, or particular web pages to analyze performance. It aids the user in any fixing broken pages, links, or any redirecting errors and highlights the approach for improving the overall performance of the website. 



  1. KISSmetrics


The marketing analytics tool Kissmetrics a range of features :


  • Kissmetrics provides analytics tools that aid users in boosting conversions across their complete website.
  • The tool keeps track of site visitors in every part of their journey till conversion, offering reports for every section of the funnel. 
  • With its data mass, Kissmetrics enhances the process, increasing conversions across all areas of the user’s website, as an approach to enhance sales and revenue. 


Image representing KISSmetrics Home page


  1. Trello


A content management tool, Trello is adopted by many businesses for the purpose of deliberating and constructing content. Its key features include : 


  • Free for smaller organizations and teams, Trello offers a visualization approach for brainstorming and scheduling content online. 

  • The tool makes it smoother to assign cards to multiple employees to have clarity on who is managing to edit, writing or adding CTA offers to posts. 

  • The users can develop cards and incorporate notes on their card topic and even set deadlines and topics for particular teams. Trello expedites collaboration and offers precision regarding the projects in line. 

  • The tool leverages lists, cards, and boards for providing an easy and visualized project management tool for both teams and individuals.  


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  1. Wyng


Wyng is an engagement marketing platform with varying pricing plans. The key features of the platform are : 


  • Wyng is focused on assembling engagement by reaping engagement through user-generated content, contests, quizzes, or referral programs. 

  • Additionally, their platform also includes a built-in analytics dashboard that assesses the user’s performance in any particular campaign. 

  • The tool works on improving the manner in which brands can engage and transform all their consumers.



16.    Vistacreate

Image showing Vistacreate page on crello

VistaCreate, used by 8M + people around the world, is a top choice graphic design tool for marketers who need to create a lot of visual content daily. It ships with tons of free tools to help you succeed in many tasks, ranging from designing the next ad for Facebook to banners and infographics. Its core features include:


  • Numerous pre-optimized design formats, including business cards, social media posts, presentations, coupons, certificates, logos, tickets, invoices, TikTok videos, site ads, calendars, and more.

  • 50K+ thematic design templates you can fully tweak, e.g. change fonts, change colors, move objects, add animations, etc.

  • 1M+ creative assets, including royalty-free photos, videos, music, animation, and vectors.

  • You can easily remove backgrounds from your designs and significantly speed up your work.

  • Free Android and iOS apps.


These are just a handful of the leading digital marketing tools available at our service. With this, I conclude this article. I hope I have managed to shed some light on your familiarity with Digital Marketing and its tools. 

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