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How Augmented Reality is used in Marketing?

  • AS Team
  • Nov 20, 2021
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“Get your work done with the press of a button, without stepping out of your comfort zone.” Isn’t this something that we all wish for? 


The world is growing enormously along with growth in technology to make life activities such as marketing, financing, etc occur at the press of a button. Marketing is a complex area with ever growing competition for demand, advertisement and  sales.


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The basic strategy to increase sales and productivity is to make customers comfortable by building and managing relationships with them. All of this can be done using Augmented reality. 


Let’s step into knowing what exactly augmented reality is.



What is Augmented Reality?


Augmented Reality is an upcoming trend that helps one to experience real life in a digital way. For example: Google sky map. 


It works through simple machinery such as a smart-phone where-in the camera serves as a primary tool. You’re lost in an area, and you want to know where to go? Point your camera to a building or a shop, know its history, where to go next, find a stay etc. 


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Augmented reality basically works through vision technological software. 



Augmented reality in Marketing


When it comes to marketing, products and services provided by a brand plays a major role in growth of a brand. AR enables customers to view services and products through their phones being in their comfort zone i.e. A product can be shown in multiple ways and functions . 


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Techniques ranging from 3D modelling, product designing, product form & function, etc that help customers to understand products and brands better can be done using augmented reality. It also makes interaction with companies easier. 


Visual imagery is a must to grab your customers attention, it makes buying and selling much easier and choicier for the customer.  Augmented Reality does just that! It gives a visual digital image of products, services, brands, etc. 


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Having used Augmented Reality makes life better and simpler with a vast range of brands and companies to choose from. 



Examples of Augmented Reality in Marketing 


A perfect example of Augmented Reality in marketing could be lenskart.com. It allows customers to have 3D trials of frames that they would like to purchase, without stepping out of their homes. 


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“ 3D Try On “ service or” Try before you buy“ has helped the brand grow enormously as buying eyewear online just got easier with AR. With AR one can not only discover brands and browse through products, but also interact with them. 


Although 3D try on seems like the most prominent way of using AR, AR in marketing could also mean using it as a tool for early stage product developing and designing through 3D modelling. It gives designers a proper image of the work being done and a sharp view of the product and function. 


Social media marketing is also directed by Augmented reality.


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For instance Instagram & Snapchat uses filters that use AR in the form of advertising. You might want to learn how Snapchat makes use of technology for effective marketing. 


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For example, a fast food chain known as Taco Bell gained 224 million views in just one day with its selfie filter.Advertising is a marketing strategy that is made easier with Augmented reality. 


Advantages of Augmented Reality in Marketing 


  1. It makes interaction with brands and companies easier and helps customers get a better experience.


  1. It does not use sophisticated machinery; all that one needs is a phone in hand with access to cameras and social media. 


  1.  Digitally helps to get work done. You can learn more about Digital Marketing via our blog: Guide to Digital Marketing


  1. As the era of technology emerges with people becoming digital world oriented, it helps one to do work digitally as well. Learn more about major digital marketing channels here


Disadvantages of Augmented Reality in Marketing 


  1.  A major drawback of using AR is that it can be expensive, which means that its use is limited to only big budget brands. 


  1. Another element that can be considered as a disadvantage is public skepticism. As an upcoming trend, it is subject to rumours as there is no proper information about Augmented reality and customers are unaware about the technology. 



What makes AR a perfect choice for your business


  1. It creates a bridge between physical and digital worlds


It helps make connections easier in today’s world where businesses need to spread world wide or reach people living further away. All this is possible just with a smart-phone using AR. Both android and apple phones provide tools which can be put to use to create or view high quality content. 


For example IKEA,  allows users to test its products in real time. Place your phone in the direction where you want to place your furniture, and decide if you want to buy it or like it or not. 


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2. Augmented Reality itself has become a new media.


 AR is a technology that uses the world around us as a screen that opens up advertising opportunities. Brands such as Gucci, Nike, Levis etc, use Snapchat as one of the leading marketing platforms. It offers filters, trials which help advertise the products, trends, styles. 


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However, in conclusion it can be said that Augmented reality plays a great role in marketing, sales and production. It is an excellent tool that can upgrade businesses and create more opportunities. 


If your start-up involves--- mobile computing and business applications, using Augmented Reality can help you recreate your brand story and reach out to your audience successfully. 


Be digitally and technologically one step ahead in the age of media and the digital universe--AR in marketing, your next get-to strategy of business.

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