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List of Digital Marketing Channels for Businesses

  • Jasmine
  • Sep 26, 2021
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Companies today depend on digital marketing tools to survive as the internet revolution has touched upon the marketing sector, disrupting the dated traditional practices, for good.


Failing to take advantage of the plethora of tools available would more or less mean that as a business, you are lagging behind. 


Thus, it is imperative that as a business, you verse yourself with the different tools that cater to different goals for optimum productivity.


This article would help you sieve through tools that best cater to your business goal, by narrowing them down.  But before we dig into the tools, let’s delve into what digital marketing encompasses to help choose the tools according to the purpose they are deemed to serve.



What is digital marketing?


Tools hereby imply strategies put forward for promotion and gaining traffic. It is essentially, in a nutshell, SEO optimization.


Digital marketing tools for your business help implement lucrative marketing strategies to expand one’s business online. They help the business get traction, and optimize search results adhering to the ranking SEO algorithm.


Digital marketing tools help implement lucrative marketing strategies to expand your business, gain necessary traction and optimize search results adhering to the ranking system.


They can be utilized to gather relevant customer data helping hike up sales. Another imperative function these tools carry out is a call for action; motivating the customer front to take action.


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It also helps to tap into the businesses’ primary demographic, regardless of the scale of the business. Helps overcome distance bound obstacles by making products available anytime, anywhere-increasing the target market.


Value Proposition


In marketing, the value proposition is crucial. If you have a clear declaration for customers about what they will get if they buy the product or service, you have a value proposition. 


The importance of having a solid value proposition in digital marketing cannot be overstated. It draws customers and sets you apart from the competition. When you have a strong value offer, you are demonstrating tangible and measurable end-results for your customers. 


This isn't a sales pitch or a one-minute elevator speech. The value proposition is to provide actual value to a customer in order for a company to gain credibility.


Benefits of digital marketing


Moving forward, there are various benefits to digital marketing,


  1.  First and foremost being lower cost influx. As compared to traditional marketing methods where marketing is generally reduced to paid media such as banner ads or pamphlets, digital marketing enables the business to take advantage of the internet revolution and reach two-fold more people.


  1. Digital marketing allows one to grab an eminent footprint to connect with the targeted strata of customers. Gives results. Depending on your business type, it would lead or not lead to results so it is imperative to choose the relevant tool. It helps in the generation of sales, modifying strategies, for the best outcome.


  1. Digital marketing allows you to construct engaging campaigns employing content marketing methods using social currency. This content (pictures, movies, and articles) can generate social currency by being shared and going viral.


  1. It is cost effective in the sense that it keeps the budget in check when it comes to campaigning. It also levels the playing field by putting small to medium businesses at par with big corporations on the digital marketing front. For instance, pay per click tool enables you to choose your budget. 


Digital channels and how they can help you


For a successful distribution strategy, various companies rely on digital marketing channels. A good understanding of user interaction and the optimum usage of the platform is required in order to make the best use of it.


To grow organically, content development is needed. Which is why for some a tight budget with a less enthusiastic attitude towards digital marketing, organic marketing is the answer.

The image elaborates on the various digital marketing tools such as catering to a customer base, website collaborations, search engine optimization, SEM and SMO. These tools are imperative.

Digital marketing Tools

It does not necessarily require attention, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to a price drop. Though, they help gain visibility and interest from potential customers, without paying for third party apps. Below is a list of some important Digital Marketing Channels. 


  1. SEO Marketing


A digital marketing channel would be SEO, wherein a platform such as google ranks, enables the business to get necessary traffic through using appropriate keywords. Although, it is to be noted that budget planning in advance is necessary. If the budget runs out, visibility trickles down to the point of no return. It is to be noted that both originate from marketing consumer methods of promotion.


Since SEO was mentioned, let’s tune into the concept. It is a tool that helps optimize content for better page rankings, the primary goal is being listed on the very top, by appropriate usage of keywords.


The two main methods of SEO are as follows:


  1. On-page SEO :


Refers to optimizing the client’s webpage variables for better google rankings.  There are several variables that follow under the same.


  1. Off Page SEO :


Refers to optimizing off-page variables like Social Media, Links, and demographic variables for better SEO ranking.


Actors, athletes, and public figures with hundreds of thousands or millions of followers are examples of celebrities. 


During campaigns, these celebrity influencers may generate a lot of brand exposure and sales. It will, however, cost you money, and the effect may be temporary until you pay again.



2. Social Media Marketing


One of the most effective internet marketing methods today is social media marketing. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media platforms give a platform for dynamic two-way conversation. 


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These online venues are where most internet users spend the majority of their time. As a result, brands cannot afford to miss out on the opportunity to capture more eyeballs and must actively advertise their products.



  1. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising


Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is still an unbeatable juggernaut in terms of marketing channels, especially with the variety of possibilities now available to firms.


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Meanwhile, Google's display ads and Facebook's paid social marketing will help you develop demand for your services and introduce them to people who may not be looking or even aware that you exist.


In today's PPC environment, there are two dominant forces: Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram Ads. Users who are looking for products or services similar to yours will be able to find you through Google search ads.



  1. Email Marketing


Subscribing to your online publications is a terrific method to keep users informed about your latest news and stories. 


Encourage individuals to subscribe to your emails because it takes an average of six to eight touchpoints to get a qualified sales lead. This will result in more leads and money for your company. This internet marketing strategy works wonders. 


While most people connect email marketing with newsletters, it can also be used to send targeted messages to your target audience, promote timely information such as product releases and sales, and nurture leads. 


Furthermore, email is a privately held media channel, which means no one is prescribing when, how, or why you should contact your prospects.


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  1. Influencer Marketing


You'd have to be living under a rock if you do not know about influencer marketing, when we consider the social media's cultural impact. Influencer marketing is the process by which your company collaborates with online influencers to promote your products or services. 


However, you may not be aware that this digital marketing channel may be further broken down into subcategories: 


Influencer marketing: earned vs. paid


Influencer marketing is divided into two categories: earned influencer marketing and paid influencer marketing. 


The first one is unpaid, but the second and third are compensated. With unpaid collaborations, the business delivers the influencer their product or service, the influencer tries it, and then posts content on her social media channel with her own thoughts on the product. 


This, in particular, is what most businesses are attempting to achieve, particularly smaller and medium-sized businesses with limited social media budgets.


Actors, athletes, and public figures with hundreds of thousands or millions of followers are examples of celebrities. During campaigns, these celebrity influencers may generate a lot of brand exposure and sales. It will, however, cost you money, and the effect may be temporary until you pay again.


You will gradually overtake your competitors with fewer efforts if you can make more from the same source of traffic as them, providing you a huge advantage anytime you find yourself in rough waters. Hopefully this article has helped shed some light on some critical digital marketing channels and on how they can be used.

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