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What is SEO? Importance and Marketing Strategies

  • Soumyaa Rawat
  • Apr 14, 2021
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Introduction to SEO


SEO or Search Engine Optimization, as the name suggests, is a way to optimize a website or a webpage and regulate online traffic towards your portal. A process that involves improvisation of online content as per various search engines, especially Google, SEO is used to enhance and upgrade a web page’s rank to make it more popular and organized for the users’ reference. 


As content is the main requirement for SEO, it is also helpful in optimizing online content with regard to keywords. A major component of online marketing, content is optimized as per search engine optimization google norms and is thus created in a manner that serves the purpose of the readers as well as profits the website owner. 


Engaging unpaid means to increase online traffic, SEO not only optimizes online content efficiently but also brings in more web traffic in terms of both quality and quantity. Furthermore, it directs users towards appropriate web pages according to their search results. 


This brings content and customers together and makes it convenient for them to access the internet. SEO is operated through a series of strategies that help one to optimize his/ her content well. 


Before understanding the different strategies that are used under SEO, we shall first understand why is SEO important and what benefits can we reap out of this concept. 


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Why is SEO important?


There is no doubt that SEO is extremely important for building a popular website. When it comes to what is seo and its importance, there are multiple benefits that a website owner can reap from the importance of SEO. By following fairly easy techniques, SEO can become extremely crucial for a web page. 


  1. Organic Web Traffic


Primarily, SEO is important because it increases organic web traffic. Anything that is unpaid on the internet (organic traffic), especially user flow towards a web page, is considered to be organic. 


When content gets optimized through keywords that help in organizing the content, the search engines like Google, Yahoo direct their users towards such web pages where information related to their search exists. This increases web traffic in terms of quality and quantity and so, users prefer to open websites that are more SEO-friendly. 


One might think that adding keywords won't make a big difference. However, it lets the search engines filter down the best websites and displays them in results. Perhaps it is undeniable that SEO is quite helpful in attracting users to your web page. 



  1. Credible Content


Secondly, SEO serves as an essential tool that helps your users to understand that your web page has credible content. Only the most verified information consists of keywords and that is why SEO lets you optimize your content in a manner that it looks verifiable and credible. 


In addition, SEO also allows one to format the website's content in a way that particularly highlights the important information. This way, users will feel comfortable clicking on an optimized website. Since fake news is so prevalent in the content scenario, content becomes the key to information. 


And that is how users recognize that the content available on a specific web page is credible. 


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  1. Enhanced Ranking


Thirdly, SEO helps in enhancing the ranks of a website. As keywords are added to the content and the content is optimized, a web page's ranking is enhanced making it more popular among all web pages. 


In a digital world where websites are competing against each other and a rat race is going on, the ranking of a website matters a lot. And that is why SEO is an important tool for a web page and certainly helps in making a website more visible among netizens.  


Therefore, to enhance the ranks of your website, you should straightaway adopt SEO techniques and strategies that help you bring visibility to your website and make it more user-friendly. 


Top 3 SEO Marketing Strategies 


Here are some seo tools that are also known as marketing strategies. Such different seo strategies will help you optimize your content and get started in an instant. Read ahead to optimize your website and shine on! 

This image talks about the different seo marketing strategies- 1. On-site seo 2. Off-site seo 3. Technical seo

SEO marketing strategies

  1. On-site SEO Strategy


On-site SEO strategy refers to the optimization of content that is present on the website. This includes adding keywords and adding tags to an individual page of a website that helps a search engine enhance its ranking. 


This can be done by including keywords in your content, writing well-scripted and explained content, and placing the keywords in the right order. All these steps are essential for the on-site SEO strategy to work well and generate more web traffic of users for the web page. 


While this strategy is a success in itself, it should be maintained and carried throughout the website's activity, or else search engines like Google no longer include the site in their ranking. This can be done by sticking to keywords for every content that gets published and optimizing the content in all terms. 



  1. Off-site SEO Strategy


The second-most-popular strategy of SEO, off-site SEO, or off-page seo strategy refers to the website developer linking a web page with several other trusted portals to gain popularity and presence. 


 This works on the basis of backlinks that can be added to a web page or a website which leads to the most popular websites referring to your website in their content. 


This strategy does the background work and so, it is highly important too. This strategy can be achieved by inviting other website competitors to share your website's link on their portal and vice versa. 


Such an initiative vis-a-vis search engine optimization helps the website to gain a presence on the sites that are more visited by users. But, do keep in mind that your guest websites should have a similar target audience as yours. 


Another practice through which one can implement this strategy is the link-building plan. This plan lets a website owner analyze the competition that their website possesses from other websites which leads them to add their competitors' website link on their web page.



  1. Technical SEO Strategy


The third-most-popular and efficient SEO marketing strategy is the Technical SEO strategy. This strategy particularly drives away from the content of a website and instead focuses on the technical aspects of a website. 


This includes the speed of your website, user-friendly elements, availability of secure data, organized structure of the web pages, and an altogether occurrence of the website. Although content is the key, technical aspects like these always play a major role in determining one's SEO ranking and perhaps the way search engines rate your website. 


Therefore, it is crucial to look for technical aspects and keep a strong foundation of your website so that nothing goes wrong when a user visits your website. Different sites can help you analyze the technical performance of your website and improve it accordingly. 


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5 Factors important for SEO Strategies 


While strategies are the best tools to optimize your website, there are certain factors that can help your SEO operation manifold. Here is a list of 5 components of seo that will boost your SEO strategies and enhance your website's performance. 

User-friendly Environment, Comforting Content Elements, Voice Aid, Defined Structure, Identify your target are the significant factors for SEO.

Important factors for SEO strategies

  • User-friendly Environment


Now you must be thinking that user-friendly elements are merely important when it comes to a website. But that is not true. User-friendly elements like graphics and organized information have a lot to say about your website and the SEO strategies applied to the same. 


When a user visits your website, s/he should be attracted to your web page. This also involves reducing the chances of bounce rate that can impact your performance. 



  • Comforting Content Elements


Another factor that can have a huge impact on your SEO strategies is content elements. Since content is the key, one should keep in mind to include comforting content elements that grab your viewers' attention instead of discouraging them and must publish good website content. 


Language plays a key role in framing your content and that is because the reader should feel comfortable and convenient while reading the content published on your page. 


The content should be easy to understand and should not be put in a haphazard manner. Rather it should be organized and be fairly easy for readers of all age groups to understand.  



  • Voice Aid


A trending element on almost all websites, voice aid refers to a feature that helps you speak out your requirement, and then the website presents you with adequate results.


While voice aid is an easy-to-use feature, voice search website features are also very convenient for those who feel typing might delay their search process.  


Therefore, to optimize your website and apply SEO marketing strategies to your website, you should definitely think about having a voice aid feature



  • Defined Structure


Imagine clicking on a website where there is chaos and nothing else. Structuring your site is considered to be a very important factor when it comes to SEO marketing strategies and perhaps plays a major role in helping you generate organic web traffic. 


Adding a well-defined web page structure to your site involves organizing the content in a well-explained manner, adding features to your website in a visible way, and keeping some room for other elements too. 



  • Identify your target


The last of all factors, target audience, is highly important. It is very essential for a website owner to identify his/ her target audience and then formulate their SEO strategies as per their audience. 


For an audience that consists of teenagers and young adults, tech-savvy features are never a problem.


However, it may be the other way round when it comes to senior citizens. Perhaps identifying the target audience for your web page should be a vital factor before you hop on to applying SEO strategies. 




In conclusion, I would like to mention that SEO is the need of the hour when it comes to online content. In a world where websites are the new windows to information, one needs to stay connected with SEO and marketing strategies to keep up with the competition and stay updated. 


With the fast-paced world, SEO is making search engines convenient for users like me and you to fetch information in an instant with all filters applied. 


Through different SEO strategies like on-site, off-site, and technical strategies, one can do the impossible and achieve everything in an instant.  

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