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How is Big Data Used in Content Marketing?

  • Neelam Tyagi
  • Aug 26, 2020
  • Updated on: May 28, 2021
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“Content is King”.....??? Really???


Of course, if bestowed appropriately……!!!!!!!! 


Though content marketing is used as a way to fix yourself separately from competitors, as time moves onwards, it has become the necessity for the latest brands that use it, especially for successful digital marketing campaigns.


For any successful brand marketing, valuable and relevant content plays a crucial role that connects audiences with the brand, or company. Now, 


  1. What if, such a content marketing fuses with novel big data approaches(technologies), 

  2. What if, data-driven strategies would get adopted in content marketing, 

  3. What if, a brand or company focuses on improving the content marketing strategies, based on outcomes extracted from real-time generated data.  


“Successful content marketers hit all stages of the buyer journey—from start to finish. Most brands are seriously over-weighted at the bottom of the funnel. And they miss huge opportunities to meet new customers at the point of need.” – Michael Brenner, CEO, Marketing Insider Group


In the system where essential information has transformed into noise, providing meaningful data can mark a remarkable difference. This is the essence we have observed the latest data-driven approaches in content marketing.


For example, data-driven stories and infographics are adopted as consumers gain statistics, analytics, and real-time events as a part of their everyday business. 


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Accounting that note, we are focusing here


1. What is content marketing?

2. What are content marketing strategies?

3. How does big data improve content marketing?

4. Conclusion


What is Content Marketing?


“Content marketing is a marketing system that makes and spreads worthwhile, compatible, and consistent content, that not only brings and engages a clearly defined audience but also concentrates on accelerating lucrative consumer performance.”


  1. Content marketing enables marketers to grow as publishers by establishing audiences and drawing their attention. 

  2. By delivering creative and valuable content that buyers discover beneficial, marketers can build their brand recognition and preference by setting a connection of trust with customers that continues to thrive and increase over time. 

  3. Additionally, content marketing is examined as a slightly less-cost strategy than some others. It might have a slow starting, but once the brand’s content library expands and stretches to a larger audience, it is very effective in satisfying them.

  4. An expertly-crafted content marketing can locate any business in the status of leaders, can develop a brand preference as one acquaints and trains buyers.


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What are Content Marketing Strategies?


Focusing on the content marketing strategy, it is a blueprint for assembling audiences through publishing, sustaining, and expanding consistent and informative content that instructs, entertains, and motivates them. It helps in changing strangers into followers and followers into customers.


Conventional modes of marketing, which impedes audiences, are less effective as compared to the time when they were capable enough for touching expectations and transforming leads into customers.


That is the main agenda due to which content marketing has turned out a suitable way for businesses in order to communicate and engage with their target audience.


Therefore, delivering the audience useful content that educates them about the products and services of any business, and to explicate them how these products and services help in addressing challenges, one can enhance progress, develop brand awareness, raise revenue, and many more things. 


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How Big Data Improves Content Marketing?


Big Data, the unmitigated value of information being generated by users every bit of seconds either online or offline.


While conducting a piece of click, swipe, like, comment or share, a huge amount of data is formed, being adopted by businesses or brands in order to make informative decisions that tell how various services are consumed by users.  


We obtain information concerning consumer behavior, likes, and dislikes, etc, that lead to target consumers in appropriate ways by businesses and brands.


After that, instead of dissipating resources and hanging around with aimlessly content, brands now can focus on targeting the content more suitably closely to users, let us understand how big data can help in content marketing;


  1. Understanding your Goals


You must know and understand the goals of your marketing proposal before making any content marketing strategy. These goals carry informed-decisions that are made and implemented while executing the full operation.  


After examining the business needs, or observing what improvements are required, one can make flexible business goals as each goal assists the business in reaching the next level. 


With the help of big data analytics and tools, one can accumulate lots of information in understanding these gaols. 

  • By dragging the information from big data, one can obtain the exposed patterns that are essential for improving business goals. 
  • Big data unveils the pitfalls in business plans and aids in anticipating better marketing strategy.


  1. Knowing the target audience


Best planned approaches towards potential customers are the origin of any business to be successful. And, big data can help in customizing those approaches in most-effective ways.


In making a focused content strategy that forces you to reach the target audience, first, it is necessary to know who they are.    

  • Adopting big data to analyze the enumeration of the target audience, distinguishing their interest and preferences, and knowing the concept of what type of content they admire, etc. 

  • You can also get such information through social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, your own website, Google Alerts, Quora, etc. for instance Instagram Uses big data technology and AI to improve its user experience.

  • Building a successful content marketing strategy, depending upon a thorough survey of target customers can actually remodel the business performance.

The image reflects the 5 ways through which big data helps in content marketing.

5 ways Big Data helps in Content Marketing

  1. Progressing conversion rate


One of the main targets concerning content marketing is to “convert”. In fulfilling and improving conversion rate, big data can support in identifying the type of content goes fittest for conversions in various ways, like,


  • Drafting a customer’s visit on the website,

  • Applying information just as how long customers stay within the purchasing cycle, and 

  • At what period the conversion occurs.


Such an analysis would expose the behavior of customers and also give leads that convert them from website visitors to customers.


Conversion rate can be only enhanced via content marketing strategy if brands present appropriate and valuable content.


In this case, big data will provide the interferences that ease in planing and drafting such content. (Source)


  1. Increasing retention rate


The association amid retention and content is much important for any content marketing strategy, content must be coherent for retaining customers.


But, checking out which type of content would retain customers is not an easy approach. And here, big data can help us in delivering the necessary information.


  • Calibrating customers metrics like click-through rates, users-timing consumed at site, number of returning customers and subscribers, etc using data can actually help in exploring the entire craving of customers at business sites.


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  • Also, dividing customers into faithful and unsatisfied segments based on big data interference, one can personalize and expedite content marketing among various groups of customers.


  1. Acquiring visibility 


One of the main objectives of content marketing is to acquire visibility and expand your business. It can only be possible by putting content and information to a larger audience. 

  • Marketers often analyze their industry rivals to know how they can boost their marketing efforts and to know where they can post their content to obtain maximum results.

  • For that account, big data lets marketers have substantial information that provides them with identified and foretold posting possibilities for executing their plans and businesses. 

  • Also, big data furnishes marketers with advanced awareness about where their links will be most triumphant, leading to a more profitable marketing strategy. (In reference to)


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In the nutshell, we can conclude that big data benefits in making more enlightening decisions by deciphering the data and implementing assertive mining that consistently delivers outstanding outcomes especially when it targets content marketing. 


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Scripting an influential piece of content signifies how much a powerful content marketing strategy is built on the basis of actionable content-data. This might be difficult to achieve temporarily as it suggests to have a proper approach. 


“The great content marketing is the fusion of creativity and data”


In order to obtain huge growth, a single piece of content is not worth enough to publish time to time, even one necessitate to invest consistent effort in understanding the audience, delivering them significant content, and estimate the worthiness of each content provided.

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