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How is technology revolutionizing Yoga?

  • Manisha Sahu
  • Jul 01, 2021
How is technology revolutionizing Yoga? title banner

Yoga has an incomparable peaceful and calming sensation. Tech has made our lives simpler and Yoga is about achieving that perfect experience with the correct balance and posture.


One cannot ignore the reality that technology-infused yoga items make a significant impact on the practice as the whole is handy. Tech Yoga is an influential word that makes many individuals pursue yoga since support is constantly available. 


Many individuals frantically attempt to establish an equilibrium between an advanced technology world and the peacefulness of a life centered on awareness and consciousness. Fortunately, it is the period of the gap in ancient, good practices and modern advances in yoga.


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The whole process of achieving a great balance between busy schedules and yoga has been made very simple by technology like IoT and artificial intelligence. 



When technology meets yoga


Science and technological advances have affected many areas of our lives and have resulted in huge changes in our way of life. While people often worry about the adverse impacts on the current generation, the positive things they have done are not sufficient time for the screen. 


It has resulted in numerous great things in yoga and the modest way it has changed in relation to the practice of yoga.



Techy yoga clothes


A good combination of Yoga and technology means interactive clothes. To make yourself aware of your body and positioning, weaving sensors in ordinary garments such as Yoga Pants, T-shirts and even Shoe Inserts is intended to be combined with the relevant software on your smartphone or tablet, which collects and translates the data for your use. Nadi X, wearable yoga pants created by Wearable X, offers a mild vibration during the course of your yoga practice, to inform you of your alignment.


Wearable technology


The fitness business mushrooms via technological trends with new companies and health initiatives. With a demanding working life, numerous technologically driven solutions help individuals keep healthy and fit.


One such popular technical hack is a wearable application or a wearable gadget. It enables users to monitor fitness, sports, heart rate, blood pressure, and the calories that have been burnt in an exercise.


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We'll speak about such an old fitness and health-yoga practice. Wearable gadgets and other technology upgrades have benefited greatly from this shape.


We collect the advantages, features, and function of the technology in linking your business to technological progress when you are a professional yoga instructor or a yoga institute and are looking for yoga management software. Without further debts, let's get in it.



Wearable Applications benefit from Yoga Management Tools


There is numerous yoga management software particularly created for the management of students or personnel tasks. This aids to make online and offline education and workplace work smooth and efficient. See some of its advantages.


  • It allows accessing software over a network connection.

  • Eliminating the expense of hiring a permanent employee

  • Comprehensive functionalities are managed easily through the software


To catch up with today’s world automation of manual tasks is very important:


In your case, it requires management, professional staff, programs, sales, inventory of healthy goods, information for students, and the organization of fitness activities in your house. Tedious activities were traditional ways, but software development allows you to automate time-consuming operations such as data input to handle other areas such as publicity, online sales, and much more.


There are other important tasks, for example:


Subscription, cancellation of registration

Details of classes and courses

Payment collection and a waiting list

Notification of Customer Communication and Recall



Nadi X Wearable Technology


For the beginning practitioner, wearable technology makes yoga simpler. Nadi X introduced intelligent yoga pants that can teach you how to fix your yoga postures. When you need to enhance your downward dog or crow pose, you appreciate having an instructor on the body. Designed with integrated electronics, yoga trousers provide real-time feedback via mild vibrations.


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The pulse clips behind your knee power the vibration of your yoga pants with the aid of an iPhone app and a battery called "the Pulse." The frequency will intensify every time you move into a position improperly. In short, you are compelled to adjust the position and become a yoga warrior.


'Jeevah' Yoga Smartwatch


The 'Jeevah' yoga wristwatch is a sophisticated piece of technology for sporty customers who can measure their entire well-being simply and keep up with their physical and mental condition.


The wearable works by being worn on your wrist and immediately works to measure stress levels using machine learning technology to advise people who may be overcome on time. The gadget may be utilized to help people avoid the requirement to see films or visit courses while wanting to work out from home in their yoga practice.


Interactive yoga mats


The most exciting technology for yogis in the future may be intelligent yoga mats. Again, these items may significantly improve your yoga practice if you utilize sensors synchronized to your smartphone or tablet. 


Many forward-looking businesses are trying to produce a yoga mat that will not only assist you in your yoga flow but will also fix your balance and posture discrepancies. Although many of them are still "at work," you could find them earlier than you expect in your local yoga class.


This Yoga technology will enable individuals to monitor their Yoga practice, enhance it, and improve it. SmartMat is a sensitive, motion-sensing yoga mat providing feedback on your harmony and balance in real-time.


Enhanced as "the first intelligent yoga mat in the world," the SmartMat is constructed with sensitive sensors connecting with your Smartphone or tablet. SmartMat's flexibility gives you a more personalized yoga.



YogiFi, AI-Powered Smart Fitness / Yoga Mat

This images shows how yogifi AI- powered yoga mat  is guiding  yogi's to better practice their asanas.

YogiFi AI-Powered Yoga Mat

An Interactive Fitness Mat that provides guided instructions and real-time corrections on your form/poses, for yoga and other workouts.



Interactive Apps


Down Dog, Daily Yoga, and Gaiam's Yoga Studio are among the effective yoga-centered applications available on the market for your smartphone or tablet already. Another invention is the Muse, a headband that helps to assess whether your mind is quiet or busy in meditation, and which transforms those signals into guided tones using brain-sensing technology.


We will probably see a lot more technological progress in the future in support of yoga. While these advances may not be geared up to the conventional methods of yogic life, these concepts may soon be made available to a larger audience through technology.


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We live in a world driven by technology. Applications are accessible on the market for every single human activity. In the market, yoga-centered applications are also popular. They help and enlighten the individual about different asanas and their advantages. 


You may use these applications to practice yoga anywhere. Technology has helped yoga and the number of attempts one can do in asanas can truly be understood with their aid. With numerous applications entering the market, it's just the best ones to make sure you have the postures and balance you need.



Zenia Shapes The Future of Yoga With AI


The image shows how Zenia - AI powered app assist to practice your yoga asanas effectively and helps in analysis.

     Zenia AI      

Zenia is the first virtual yoga assistant to utilize movement recognition and machine learning technologies to help people through their practice activities.


The fitness programs presently available on mobile phones are often video tutorials where you must follow the video instructions and not be watched personally. Now, even if you believe you are properly executing them, it is impossible to know whether the asanas are done are correct.


 Moreover, if you have practiced for a long time you know that there is more than simply moving portions of the body, such as breathing monitoring. These internet movies take a long time to adapt to the specifics. These online videos take up a long time to get adjusted to, particularly for beginners.


Zenia's software allows you to transform your house into an exercise studio where the app monitors you through the asanas. Zenia not only watches you but step-by-step advises you and explains how to stand or bend for a specific posture precisely. It also tells the user how to feel using spoken-controlled commands during the workout.





New technology is giving this age-old practice a modern spin, which has encouraged even more people to give it a try. Yoga is a practice to calm the mind, body and spirit a lot. 


Everything is available from technology, whether you are beginning to improve flexibility, an athlete wishing to maximise sports achievement, an older citizen who tries to increase immunity, a pregnant woman seeking prenatal yoga benefits, or a busily engaged mom looking for rapid energy boosters.


Technologically inspired yoga changes the game as more individuals are drawn to yoga. It is really motivating to have aid with these unique items and to guarantee that the yoga flow is maintained.


For supporting yoga practice, we might see a lot more technological progress. While these advances may not be geared up to the conventional methods of yogic life, these concepts may soon be made available to a larger audience through technology.

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