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List of Latest Startups in US and UK

  • Ayush Singh Rawat
  • Aug 11, 2021
List of Latest Startups in US and UK title banner

People are seeking methods to improve their entire work experience, and some are even champions of smoothly integrating work into their lives. Startup culture has gotten a lot of attention recently.


Working from home whenever you want, happy hours, unlimited PTOs, and having to act like "one big happy family" come to mind when you hear the phrase “startup culture”. 


Startups may be little businesses, but they may have a big impact on the economy. They produce more jobs, which means more employment, which implies a stronger economy. 


Startups can also help to boost economic vitality by stimulating innovation and introducing competition. New entrepreneurs may bring fresh perspectives to the table, which is critical for stimulating innovation and generating competition.


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Let’s discuss the latest startups in the US and UK.



Latest Startups in US

Eyeware tech, Observe.AI, INK, SoLo Funds, and Calm are the latest startups in US.

Latest startups in US

  1. Eyeware tech


Eyeware Tech is a game-changing startup in the field of camera tracking and identification. It tracks a person's look and determines their motivation. Security, customer choice, human motives, and other real-world concerns are addressed by the programme. To improve human-machine engagement, it employs patent-pending computer vision techniques.


All of this is done with consumer 3D cameras, and the 3D eye-tracking software recognises depth through cameras and allows gaze tracking in 3D remotely. It aids in the recording of real-world interactions, user attention, purpose, reasons, and interests.


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  1. Observe.AI


Are you in charge of a call centre? Do you require a sales and support team coach? Observe.AI, your go-to platform for voice assistance in artificial intelligence. It's a voice assistant driven by artificial intelligence that can convert your call centres into profit generators.


What's up with that? So, keep an eye on things. To guarantee that all of your voice conversations follow the same processes, AI employs a variety of technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, and a series of error checks. It tracks, monitors, and trains contact centre operators to ensure that each of your calls results in a sale, boosting profits and reducing the number of disinterested callers.


Observe.AI is backed by Scale Venture Partners, Nexus Venture Partners, Y Combinator, and Emergent Ventures. In a short period, it has gained the trust of Tripadvisor, Microsoft, ERCBPO, Talkdesk, and other VC firms.


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  1. INK


INK is a content technology firm that focuses on ways to improve content's search engine performance.


The firm aspires to create a future in which "storytellers may determine their own search destiny." As a result, it created INK, an SEO writing platform that allows users to control their search engine exposure.


The writing editor in INK includes a set of activities that will assist you in optimising your content for search engines. Furthermore, the programme estimates how much higher you will rank if you accomplish these activities.


INK was nominated for the best search software tool category in the 2020 U.S. Search Awards, and it's no surprise. Similarly, the software platform was a nominee for the 2020 Content Marketing Awards. Michael Umansky, Alexander De Ridder, and Gary Hayman established the firm.


  1. SoLo Funds


SoLo Funds Inc is a technology-driven financial platform with a straightforward goal. And the goal is to make low-interest loans under $1,000 available quickly. In response, the Los Angeles-based software firm created SoLo, an iOS loan platform that links lenders and borrowers.


SoLo can analyse people' creditworthiness that traditional finance institutions may have ignored due to its cutting-edge technology. To identify borrowers, the programme uses many data points and a machine learning technique.


SoLo Funds has received several accolades and awards, including the 2020 Startup of the Year award. Jarrel Carter, Rodney Williams, Taylor Bruno, and Travis Holoway are the company's founders.


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  1. Calm


Calm is a digital company that caters to people who wish to meditate, relax, and sleep better throughout their hectic daily lives. The company's app has received over 100 million downloads and a lot of positive feedback.


Some programmers have complimented the app for teaching them how to meditate, which they may use to calm themselves during times of worry and stress in their high-pressure jobs as programmers for IT companies.


Calm's success in 2020 was largely due to their collaboration with Kaiser Permanente to assist clients cope with anxiety and mental stress. During a horrific epidemic, the firm was able to get into the mental health industry by providing apps for distressed people who needed mental stability in their life.



5 Startups of UK

checkout.con, Cazoo,  Dija, Hopin, and Karakuri are latest startups in the UK.

Latest startups in UK

  1. Checkout.com


Checkout.com's innovative technology enables businesses to accept payments in different currencies online, simplifying a traditionally time-consuming and complicated procedure. It's completely customizable, allowing customers to handle common regional payment methods fast.


Users are safeguarded from fraud and given data and insights to assist them in keeping track of their finances. Enterprises of various sizes utilise the technology, from tiny businesses to huge multinationals.


Deliveroo and Adidas are among the noteworthy customers of Checkout.com's payment technology, which supports hundreds of currencies. The firm currently has 17 offices across the world, including in the UK, North America, and Asia. Since January 2020, it has raised an astonishing £454 million, with the most recent fundraiser, at the beginning of this year, coming in at £332 million and valuing the firm at £10.8 billion.


  1. Cazoo


Cazoo is a digital marketplace that allows consumers to buy or rent old automobiles, disrupting the traditional automobile supply chain. Customers may buy their automobile fully online and have it delivered to their door, thus Cazoo's business model has survived COVID-19 well. Before being dropped off, cars are thoroughly cleaned and refurbished, which may be accomplished while preserving social distance.


The digital firm is still relatively young; it started in late December 2019 after setting a pre-launch fundraising record of over £180 million. Cazoo achieved unicorn status six months later, with a market capitalization of over $1 billion. Its most recent fundraising, held in October 2020, raised £240 million, out of a total of £365 million raised since the beginning of the year. Draper Esprit, General Catalyst, Octopus Ventures, and Stride.VC are among the investors. (From)


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  1. Dija 


Dija is a super-fast grocery delivery business that was founded in 2020 in response to the pandemic. Dija, which was founded by former Deliveroo employees, combines assured stock availability, a unique user interface, and lightning-quick delivery. In less than a year, the team has expanded to 60 members and is supported by top-tier venture capitalists, having secured one of Europe's largest seed rounds in history, valued at roughly €17 million.


Blossom Capital, the early-stage venture capital firm formed by ex-Index and LocalGlobe VC Ophelia Brown, is leading the round, which has yet to close, according to several sources.


  1. Hopin


Johnny Boufarhat was on lockdown long before it was fashionable; his immune system had been compromised by an adverse response to medicine, rendering him housebound for the rest of his life. 


Despite the fact that he could keep up with business and life via social media, he was unable to attend industry events in person, and he couldn't find anything online that might provide a virtual equivalent, so he decided to create one.


Enter Hopin, a virtual events platform established in London and supported by companies like Slack. Boufarhat's company creates a custom virtual venue with interactive elements for businesses. Hopin offers a room for networking, advertising, and even a virtual backstage area, rather than simply logging into a presentation.


The pandemic, like many other remote solutions, provided Hopin with the perfect chance to demonstrate its capabilities, and it has grown from strength to strength during lockdown, increasing from 10,000 to 18,000 users in a matter of weeks.


  1. Karakuri


Despite the fact that the deployment of robots is believed to be a major employment disruptor, there are evident benefits to their usage in some areas. Catering is one such industry, where a machine can perform some of the more monotonous duties much more quickly.


Karakuri, a London-based firm, is prepared to capitalise on the industry with two robotic food preparation and serving equipment. The first is Marley while the second is DK One. These are machine-learning-trained automated service bots that may be customised to meet the demands of the user. These robots can also answer client requests through an app, which will appeal to those firms looking to maintain social distance as the epidemic continues to change the sector.


If you'll pardon the pun, there's a strong ARM influence here, as founders Barney Wragg and Simon Watt both started their careers at the UK chipmaker, which has helped to generate interest among investors and the wider industry.


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These are a few of the most exciting companies to emerge in recent years and to have taken the company by storm.


Even with the pandemic's interruptions, the business IT startup industry is bursting at the seams with firms capitalising on rising demand for big data, devops, cloud, mobility, the internet of things, and cybersecurity technologies.

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