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Popular IoT Devices & Products That Everyone Must Know

  • Soumyaa Rawat
  • Nov 26, 2021
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The Internet of Things is a much known concept all over the world. 


As the internet has rapidly grown in terms of usability and affordability, the technological advancement to connect any and every device with it has emerged. There are multiple applications of IoT around us.


In light of IoT, many IoT devices have been launched with numerous benefits for mankind. Some of these top IoT devices are discussed in this blog. 


Let us find out about them. 



List of Best IoT Devices


  1. Voice Assistants


One of the biggest and most renowned devices in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT) is voice assistant. Apple’s Siri and Alexa by Amazon are the first names that come to our minds when we talk about voice assistants. 


By connecting a series of devices with the help of an internet connection, Amazon’s Alexa device readily fulfills our commands and makes us believe in the power of technology. 


Be it calling your mother for that finger-licking recipe or turning on the lights as soon as the sun sets, there is nothing these IoT-enabled voice assistants can’t do. 


These voice controllers by leading tech companies have expanded the horizon of IoT and led us to believe that there’s so much we can do with the help of this technology.  



  1. Smart Locks


Another IoT device worth mentioning in the list of top 10 IoT devices 2022 is the smart lock. You read it right. Smart door locks are based on IoT that operate without a key. 


In this concept, you can install smart locks on your main doors or jewelry safes and only unlock them with the help of internet devices like a smartphone or a laptop. 


This way, locks will not be that vulnerable to getting thrashed open and stolen by thieves. This particular device is getting much attention as it has revolutionized the way locks work. 


Now, you don’t need to worry if someone can imitate your lock’s pattern and unlock it with a duplicate key. This is because the key is right in your smartphone.  


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  1. Smart Switches


The next device on the list, the smart switch, is another boon of IoT that mankind is currently using worldwide. That said, smart switches have in-built internet connections that enable them to become the Internet of Things. 


Like any other switch, smart switches and sockets can play with lights. However, with smart lights, you need not be at home to access the switch. Instead, you can remotely switch on or off lights, or other electrical appliances without worrying about your absence. 


These switches are directly controllable through your smartphones that make them so much easier to handle and manage in any place of the world. This leads us to smart lighting systems, that are IoT-enable smart lighting control systems with built-in sensors. 


These sensors detect whether a room is vacant or full and automatically turn off/on lights in the room. (As speaking about smart switches, read more about impact of IoT in lighting)



  1. Air Quality Monitor


Technology has spanned many fields. From electricity to water supply, there is so much that we can do with the help of technology. In this respect, air quality monitors powered by IoT are the talk of the town. 


Capable of alerting the residents of a house/building when the air quality reaches up to a certain level, air quality monitoring systems constantly keep a check on the air pollution levels in a particular building. 


This is a very important device in today’s time as the increasing pollution levels have severely hampered the masses’ health. 


Perhaps air quality monitors that can alert the citizens readily and remotely are highly useful and hence, very desirable in the contemporary era. 



  1. Temperature Control Device


When it comes to temperature control devices, there are a lot of applications that come under this category. 


From industrial applications to residential uses, IoT can be used almost anywhere to regulate temperature through remote means without being physically present in that place. 


For instance, if an industrial setup has a certain limit for temperature, then such a device can alert the authorities and enable them to remotely control the temperature of that specific hall. 


Likewise, one can control the temperature of air conditioners without getting up or even accessing the remote. And, the biggest advantage of this device is that it is cost-effective and does not require too many hassles. 


This is rather an effective way to regulate the temperature of your coolers or freezers without worrying about your physical presence in the same location. 


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  1. Content Streaming Devices


Have you ever heard of the Firestick by Amazon? We bet you have. Well, as we all know, this content streaming device, connected by the internet, enables you to stream your favorite shows from Amazon Prime and other such OTT platforms. 


Simply put, the firestick becomes a part of the connected devices that together let you watch your desired content with the help of just a click or a swipe. That is the power of IoT. 


One does not have to be worried about connecting 1000s of wires with each other to stream a single movie. Rather, a single device powered by IoT can make that happen for you in the comfort of your living room. 


Thus, the next time you use your firestick to watch the next episode of that interesting series, don’t forget to thank IoT for the quick and efficient way it works. 



  1. Doorbell Camera


Unlike earlier when our parents used to ask us to peep through the magic eye on the door to recognize who is on the door, the times have radically changed. And that too for good. 


This is because now doorbell cameras have arrived that do exactly what your magic eye used to do. As soon as someone is at your door, you can easily view who is out there with the help of the camera inside of your house. 


What’s more, you can also inquire about the purpose of his/her visit and ensure that whoever enters your house has a legitimate cause to do so. This device is especially useful for safety purposes as even children can operate these cameras and act accordingly. 


The in-built microphone also enables you to remotely converse with the visitor and attend to them as you see fit. 



  1. Alarm Systems


Gone are the days when people used to hire guards to supervise their home’s safety and protect them from robbers. Today, a smart security system does the job. 


Since these alarms are connected to your smartphones and alert the emergency contacts about a mishap, the sensors in these systems raise alarms that readily let you know that something strange is happening at your home. 


Be it a thief trying to enter your house or your son’s friends trying to sneak into the house through the wrong means, you will quickly get to know about the same and all your connected devices will get notified. 


Thus, you no longer have to be present in your house to guard it. You can do it from far off as well. The same goes for your offices, godowns, and other buildings that you need to keep protected.  



  1. Smart Cars


Yet another field wherein IoT has expanded its wings is the automobile sector. Automotive IoT has enabled cars to drive on their own using GPS systems and other IoT devices for maintenance. 


IoT is also very useful in this aspect as it enables the car to send away notifications to the connected devices and thereby making it more reliable and effective in performance. 


With the help of the 5G technology, smart cars will soon be on roads driving without human assistance. This is a revolutionary technology as many groundbreaking technologies are emerging in this aspect. 


For instance, Elon Musk’s Tesla is all set with its self-driving cars technology to be launched in 2023. There are various self-driving cars companies operating in this direction.



  1. Smart Pet Feeders


If mankind is benefitting from IoT, then why should animals stay behind? Well, smart pet feeders level up this scenario. Empowered by IoT, smart pet feeders let you feed your pets even when you are not at home. 


Capable of feeding your dogs in just the right quantity as you set it to be, these pet feeders operate according to your commands via smartphones and laptops. 


What’s more, it also notifies you as soon as your pets have been fed. So, if you are getting late to reach your home and are worrying about your pet’s appetite, you can simply take out your smartphone and let the dog feeder machine do its job. 


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Last Notes


In the end, the Internet of Things is a vast concept that has numerous applications in our day-to-day lives. From pet feeders to lighting systems, there is so much that IoT can help us do today. 


The future of IoT is extremely supportive when it comes to technological infrastructure. Unlike earlier times when houses and offices had to be guarded by men or physical locks, IoT has brought along a much safer way to keep these things protected. 


Perhaps it is safe to say that the better way to do things is the smart way. 

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