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Top 10 AI Apps in Daily Life

  • Ashesh Anand
  • Aug 04, 2021
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Contrary to what some sci-fi movie fanatics think, AI is nothing like "Transformers" where some robots are shown to take over the planet and is more like "JARVIS" a personal assistant, which is shown to be capable to automate complex tasks upon the command of its master, the Iron Man. If you are not into such movies, you can definitely try out some while also getting an idea of AI through this traditional definition :


Artificial intelligence, or AI, refers to systems or robots that accomplish tasks by mimicking human intellect and may iteratively improve themselves depending on the data they collect. AI is such a technology that gives machines the ability to learn from their experiences, adapt to new inputs, and execute human-like jobs once they are trained for it. 


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If I have to differentiate AI based upon its applications, there are mainly two Types of AI


  1. A Strong AI - Skilled and adaptable enough to act like a human. For example, a Humanoid. It is a special Human-Robot that resembles human behavior and can perform any task just like a human after being trained.


  1.  A Weak AI - A very narrow use of AI, which is designed specifically to do a certain task. It just needs to be automated by teaching it what it needs to perform and it will simply repeatedly perform the same action. Let’s take a witty example of the bots which some of the creative students make just to attend their online classes. Yeah  I know, I do the same.

The image depicts the types of AI, namely Analytic AI, Functional AI, Interactive AI, Text AI, Visual AI

Different Types of AI (Source)

Most of the AI applications examples you know today heavily depend upon the concepts of Machine Learning,  Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing.


It hasn't gone unnoticed that clever robots are now capable of solving tough issues in ways that only humans could previously. AI has been growing and enhancing since its inception. Mobile applications have become an indispensable element of modern life. As a result, app developers are searching for new methods to add value to their products. 


The fact is that app developers compete intensely to outperform one another. As a result, in order to stand out, you'll need to include AI in your software. Users of the app will be able to enjoy a far more customized experience as a result of this.


So here is a list of some of the best AI integrated apps:-


1. Siri


Siri, the most famous and the oldest personal assistant, is designed by Apple and doesn’t need too much of an introduction. It’s one of the most popular AI apps. This AI-powered virtual assistant is available on the whole Apple Ecosystem and provides seamless interconnectivity between all your Apple Devices. 


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It made its debut in 2011 with the iPhone 4s and the rest is history. Siri can make calls, send texts, give answers, and make suggestions using voice commands and a natural language user interface (UI). 


Siri can delegate requests to a variety of Internet services and adapt to users' language, queries, and preferences.iPhones, MacBooks, and Mac Pros all come with Siri pre-installed but it isn’t and as of now won’t be available any time soon on Windows or android and so they have made one for their own, which takes us to our second app.

This image depicts how users interact with AI through their apps

Interacting with AI through applications


2. Google Assistant

It's one of the most advanced virtual assistants. Competing with Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant made its debut in 2016, and since then Google's AI-enabled, voice-powered virtual assistant, has made tremendous progress. Google Assistant accepts text or voice input and employs natural language processing. 


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It provides a variety of services, including voice commands, voice searches, voice-activated device control, task assistance, online information, reminders, appointment setting, real-time translation, and many more. It's available only for Android, Google’s own OS. But thanks to some genius developers, through a bit of configuration you can easily run it on Windows, Mac, or Linux too.



3. Cortana 


Cortana is another personal assistant developed by Microsoft. All Windows devices, Invoke smart speaker, Microsoft Band, Android, iOS, Windows Mixed Reality (MR), Amazon Alexa, and Xbox One all support this AI-powered virtual assistant. It keeps track of your essential data such as movies, photos, crucial files, and personal information and synchronizes your smartphone and PC.


You may use your smart device to keep track of your critical files. It also makes it easier to obtain on-demand information about your favorite TV shows, series, sports, and other topics on your Smartphone just by voice commands.



4. Socratic 


Having trouble solving a Question or Need to quickly complete your homework before your bus arrives for school? If that is the case this app is the way to go. Socratic is another artificial intelligence-based software that can help you with your schoolwork. It blends AI with computer vision technologies to assist you in solving issues in less time with an immediate explanation.


You just need to take a picture of the question using your phone’s camera through this app and the app will show you a detailed explanation of the whole question. Socratic is based on text to speech recognition that can help students study science, mathematics, language, and social studies, among other subjects. 


This application is compatible with the iPad and is available for Android and iOS. Highly popular among students all around the globe as they don’t need to worry about their homework now. However, our advice, of course, will be to use it wisely and not because you don’t want to do your homework yourself.



5. FaceApp


Do you want to see how you would look when you are 75? That is what this app does. It uses AI to change your normal photo and show how you will look once you get old. This app recently gained huge popularity. 


FaceApp is a fun picture editing software for iOS and Android that can transform an ordinary shot into something spectacular. FaceApp allows users to modify their general appearance, such as their smile, haircut, and give themselves a distinctive look. 


To generate incredibly realistic changes of human faces in pictures, the software uses AI-based neural networks. The platform is more than just a picture editing tool; it allows users to quickly alter their appearance, gender, haircut, and other entertaining features.


6. Fyle 


Fyle is an expense management software driven by AI. Fyle has just introduced direct integrations with Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365, making it a significant participant in the intelligent cost management sector. This app offers valuable features such as - Data extraction in real-time, expense reporting, corporate card tracking, real-time policy checks, approval procedures, travel advances, travel requests, and Analytics. 


Fyle is used by many multinational companies for expense management such as Royal Enfield. Users may now record costs from email receipts with a single click thanks to the company's new Google Chrome extension and G Suite Add-ons. Fyle is already well-liked, and these latest improvements have given it a boost.



7. ELSA Speak


Want to become proficient in English speaking or improve your pronunciations? ELSA Speak is the app for you. Elsa is a renowned AI-powered English learning software. With the aid of brief conversations, users may learn how to speak English and pronounce English words. As a result of AI's ability to provide fast feedback, they may expect to achieve rapid development. 


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This app uses speech recognition Artificial intelligence for its working. Elsa Speak is available for both Android and iOS.



8. Youper 


Youper is a personalized AI-powered meditation app to improve your emotional health. Because users can have brief interactions with it, this app can help them take charge of their mental health. Users can be guided via customized meditations by Youper.


With the aid of Youper, users may gain a deeper understanding of themselves and keep track of their moods. Youper utilizes AI to customize a variety of approaches. On app stores, the app has gained worldwide recognition and excellent reviews.



9. DataBot 

This is an AI-powered software that speaks back to you and answers your questions on the issues that are important to you. DataBot includes built-in services that offer you photos, information, and multimedia presentations depending on your chosen topic. 


It gathers information from Google searches, Wikipedia, RSS feeds, and other sources. This intelligent digital assistant can find subjects, produce page summaries and multimedia presentations, do Google searches, respond to inquiries, and customize preferences and languages. It is available on Windows 10, Android, iOS, Xbox.



10. Microsoft Pix 


The Microsoft Pix camera software is integrated by artificial intelligence that transforms photography into a career. Users who want to shoot high-quality photographs will find this software quite handy. Users may also take crucial documents and business cards without pixilation with the app. 


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Microsoft Pix is like having a professional camera on your phone, adjusting settings, picking your finest photos, and improving each one. It's also jam-packed with clever and entertaining features for any circumstance. Before and after you click the button, Microsoft Pix automatically mixes a stream of photographs to give you the finest possible image.




AI is being utilized to create cutting-edge intelligent solutions and mobile apps for a variety of sectors. AI, a combination of technology and science, has transformed the way we think about smartphone apps. The app's use of and implementation of human intelligence and behavior has improved the user experience and made it more fun to use. The aforementioned mobile applications are the finest artificial intelligence apps across different OS, however, there are always more.

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