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Top-10 Data Science Project Ideas for Beginners

  • Utsav Mishra
  • Jul 14, 2021
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Let me take you to a world where everything functions on data, from humans to computers and robots. Imagine such a world. Yes, right, it’s about the world we live in. So, in a world like this where even for a random fear of the smallest of diseases has a science to study the depths of them, what about data, the basic functional need of this world. For data, we have Data science. 


Data science is a discipline that combines domain knowledge, programming abilities, and math and statistics understanding to extract useful insights from data. Machine learning algorithms are used on numbers, text, pictures, video, audio, and other data to create artificial intelligence (AI) systems that can do jobs that would normally need human intellect. As a result, these systems produce insights that analysts and business users may utilize to create actual commercial value.


Nowadays, data science has become an industry in high demand. Companies are searching for data scientists and people who have experience in the field. The best way to showcase your skill in front of an employer has always been a strong portfolio of projects. 


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Here, our main area of focus is the data science project ideas for those who have just started in the industry, i.e the enthusiastic beginners.



Data science project ideas 


  1. Impacts of Climate Change on the Global Food Supply


Frequent Climate change and anomalies are major environmental concerns that must be addressed. These climatic anomalies are having a significant impact on the lives of people living on the planet. 


This Data Science Project focuses on how climate change will have a significant influence on global food production and how much quantification will have an impact on climate change.


The major goal of this project's development is to calculate the effects of climate change on staple crop output. All of the issues linked to temperature and precipitation change will be explored through this study. The amount of carbon dioxide that influences plant development and the uncertainties that occur in climate change will next be considered.


As a result, the focus of this project will be on data visualizations. It will also compare production in different time zones and different geographies.



  1. Detection of Fake News


This project can be done with the help of python. This project can detect false or deceptive journalism on a digital platform, as well as fake news. Falsehoods are being propagated via social media platforms, internet channels, and digital media in order to achieve any political objective.


You may use Python to create a specialized model that can accurately determine whether the news is true journalism or fake information with this data science project concept. To do so, first, create a ‘TfidfVectorizer' classifier, then use a ‘PassiveAggressiveClassifier' to segment the news into “Real” and “Fake” segments. There will be a dataset of 77964 dimensions to work with, and all of this will be done in the ‘JupyterLab'.


The goal of this Data Science project is to create a real-time machine learning model that can accurately assess the validity of social media news. The term Term Frequency (TF) refers to the total number of times a word appears in a particular text.


In contrast, ‘IDF' or ‘Inverse Document Frequency is a calculative estimate of a word's worth based on its reputational frequency of recurrence in multiple texts. (Learn how to detech fake news using CNN)


The idea is based on the concept of "common words," which are deemed less essential terms if they exist in numerous publications with a high frequency.


A ‘PassiveAggressive' classifier, on the other hand, will stay ‘passive' if the ‘classification outcome' is right but will alter aggressively if the ‘classification outcome' is erroneous. Using this Data Science Project concept, you may develop a machine learning model to determine whether social media news is legitimate or false.



  1. Recognizing Human Behavior


The human action recognition model is the subject of this Data Science research. It will investigate brief footage of people performing particular behaviours. This model seeks to classify things based on the activities they take. You will need to employ a sophisticated neural network in this data science assignment. 


After that, the neural network is trained on a dataset including these short films. Then there's the accelerometer data, which is linked to the dataset. First, the accelerometer data is converted, followed by a time-sliced representation. Following that, you must use the ‘Keras' library to train, validate, and test the network using these datasets using the ‘Keras' library.



  1. Detection of Road Lane Lines


A Live Lane-Line Detection Systems built-in Python language is another Data Science project idea for novices. A human driver receives lane detecting advice from lines painted on the road in this research.


Not only that, but it also relates to the way the driver should steer his or her car. This application for the Data Science Project is critical for the development of self-driving automobiles. As a result, you may create an application that can detect a track line using input pictures or a continuous video frame.


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  1. Modelling the Severity of Insurance Claims


Nobody wants to waste their time and energy filing insurance claims and dealing with all the paperwork with an insurance broker or agent. Insurance firms all across the world are using data science and machine learning to make the insurance claims process easier. 


This data science project for beginners examines how insurance firms use predictive machine learning models to improve customer service and speed up the claims process.


When a person makes an insurance claim, an insurance agent meticulously examines all of the documentation before deciding on the claim amount that will be sanctioned. This entire documentation process to estimate the claim's cost and severity takes a long time. You will create a machine learning model to estimate the severity of a claim based on the input data in this assignment.


This project will use the Allstate Claims dataset, which has over 300,000 rows of masked and anonymous data, each row representing an insurance claim, and contains 116 categorical variables and 14 continuous features.


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  1. Loan Default Prediction Project


Loans are the primary source of revenue for banks, as interest on these loans accounts for a large portion of their profits. The loan approval procedure, on the other hand, is lengthy, including a great deal of validation and verification based on a variety of variables. 


Even after all of this scrutiny, banks are still unsure if a borrower would be able to repay the loan without difficulty. Almost all banks now utilize machine learning to automate the loan qualifying process in real-time based on a variety of criteria such as credit score, marital and employment status, gender, existing loans, the total number of dependents, income and expenses, and so on.


This is a fun data science project in the banking sector where you'll create a predictive model to automate the process of finding suitable loan candidates. This is a classification issue in which you utilize information about a loan application to predict whether or not they will be able to repay the loan. 


You'll start with exploratory data analysis, then pre-processing, and ultimately evaluating the model you've created. After completing this project, you will have a strong grasp of how to use machine learning to solve categorization issues.



  1. Recommendations for Online Sellers on Prices


Machine learning algorithms are used widely in today's e-commerce systems, from quality assurance and inventory management to sales demography and product suggestions. 


Another intriguing business use case that e-commerce apps and websites are attempting to address is eliminating human intervention in offering pricing suggestions to sellers on their marketplace to improve the shopping website or app's efficiency. This is where machine learning-based pricing recommendations systems come into play.


In this data science project, you'll create a machine learning model that will automatically and accurately propose the best product pricing to online merchants. 


This is a difficult data science topic since comparable items with minor variations, such as additional specs or different brand names, can have varying product pricing depending on demand. When there are lakhs of goods, as is the situation with most eCommerce sites, price prediction modelling becomes much more difficult.



  1. Detection of Credit Card Fraud


This is an intriguing data science topic for data scientists who wish to go out and tackle classification problems with huge disparities in the size of the target groups. 


Credit Card Fraud Detection is typically thought of as a classification issue, to identify transactions performed on a certain credit card as fraudulent or genuine. Because banks are not willing to share their consumer data owing to privacy concerns, there are not enough credit card transaction datasets accessible for practice.


This data science project seeks to assist data scientists in the development of an intelligent credit card fraud detection model for detecting fraudulent credit card transactions from highly skewed and anonymous credit card transactional datasets. 


The popular Kaggle dataset including credit card transactions made by European cardholders in September 2013 was used to tackle this data science assignment. The dataset contains 28 anonymized characteristics acquired by feature normalization using principal component analysis. The time when the transaction was performed and the amount in dollars are two additional characteristics in the dataset that have not been anonymized. This will help to analyze the overall fraud cost.



  1. Data Set for Text Mining


Text mining, to put it simply, is the process of analyzing data contained inside text. The natural language contains a large quantity of unstructured material. Companies may acquire business insights about consumers and their habits and subjects of interest by mining unstructured data from sources such as e-mails, text messages, and other platforms like Facebook and Twitter.


Text mining data sets might assist you in getting started. The objective is to classify cuisines based on recipe components.


Text mining data sets put classification and clustering abilities to the test. Regression analysis may be necessary on occasion.


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  1. Chatbots


Chatbots are an incredibly helpful tool in organizations because they can manage a large volume of client questions and messages without slowing down operations. Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Machine Learning are the three foundations of chatbot design.


Recurrent neural networks and intent JSON datasets can be used to train chatbots. Python may be used for the primary implementation.


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The field of data science is rapidly evolving. As a result, to stay competitive, you must be informed of the latest technologies and approaches that are breaking new ground in the business.


Including these data science projects in your resume will gather the attention of employers and will help you make a breakthrough in the data science industry. 

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