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10 SQL Project Ideas & Topics For Beginners

  • Utsav Mishra
  • Jun 20, 2021
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In recent years, the modern corporate sector has seen an increase in data-driven decision-making. And computer languages like SQL make retrieving and filtering crucial information from data silos trivial. One of a plethora of reasons to learn SQL. Furthermore, SQL databases are now used in almost every website or online application.


As a result of this many colleges and universities tell their students to make projects on SQL. Many jobs also require students to have a few SQL projects on their resume.


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In this blog, we are going to look at some of the most exciting project ideas that can be executed using SQL. 



What is SQL?


SQL is an abbreviation for Structured Query Language. SQL is a language that is used to communicate with databases. It's the industry standard for relational database management systems. 


SQL statements are used to do things like change data on a database or get data from a database. Although most database systems employ SQL, the majority of them also have their own proprietary extensions that are often only utilized on their system. 


However, common SQL statements like "Select", "Insert", "Update", "Delete", "Create", and "Drop" may be used to perform practically everything with a database. Explore here more about SQL language.


Now that we know what SQL is, let us have a look at the top SQL projects that can be made. Here are the 10 best project ideas that can be used to make projects on SQL.


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Top SQL Projects Ideas



  1. Library Management System


The goal behind the project is to develop an online library management system that will allow users to publish books, see various books and their titles in a single category.




  • It must be simple to use.

  • You may simply create it in Asp.Net using C#. However, SQL queries come in useful while obtaining information.

  • Finally, a Library Management System contains a record for each book, together with its associated information.


  1. Student Database Management


This project can be completed using SQL. The goal will be to construct a project that involves keeping track of students' data.




  • This project's database should provide general information about pupils. Name, address, contact information, entrance year, courses, and so on. 

  • Important elements such as attendance file marks or results in files, free files, scholarship files, and so on should not be overlooked.


  1. Online Retail Application Database


This project is quite frequent due to the fact that e-commerce is rapidly expanding in our globe today. Furthermore, anybody doing this project should keep in mind that it is all about developing an internet-based application that allows users to register and purchase products online.



  • This application's registration procedure will require a unique customer ID and password.

  • When a consumer purchases a product, a bill will be created. Furthermore, the bill is determined by quantity, price, and discount.


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  1. Railway System Database


It is recommended that distinct train stations, railway tracks between connecting stations, train details, rail routes and schedules, and passenger reservation information be modeled on this database system. 


To make your project easier, imagine that all of the trains operate every day and take only one day to go to their respective destinations. When it comes to recording, you may concentrate on preserving the following information at each station along a rail route:


  • When the train arrives at a station on schedule.

  • Out time: When the train departs a station (if the train does not pause at a stop, this may be the same as in-time).

  • The station sequential no.


  1. Salary Management System


Due to its widespread use across sectors, it is one of the most popular SQL database project ideas. A salary management system calculates an organization's employees' monthly pay, taxes, and social security benefits. 


It calculates compensation based on employee information (name, title, pay grade, benefits, etc.) and attendance records, including time off.


The program then provides output in the form of bank files and paycheck slips depending on specified calculations. Similarly, a tax file is prepared and kept in the database for the tax office.


  1. SMS-based Remote Server Monitoring System


Vast business enterprises with large data centers and various servers benefit the most from such solutions. Because these servers host a big number of apps, it's difficult to keep track of their performance. Clients often notify the organization when a server is offline or has crashed.


To prevent delays in remedial action, you'll need a web-based system that can monitor server problems remotely. This program would ping the servers on a regular basis depending on predefined rules, then send an SMS to a preset list of specialists if a server was discovered to be down. This message would provide information about the server like the time of failure of the system and other details.


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  1. Hospital System Management


It is a web-based system or program that allows you to oversee the operation of a hospital or other medical facility. It produces a consistent and systematic record of patients, physicians, and rooms that can only be accessed by the administrator. 


All patients and providers will be assigned a unique ID and will be linked in the database based on the treatments they are receiving. There will also be distinct modules for hospital admission, patient discharge summaries, nurse and ward boy responsibilities, medical supplies, and so forth.


Through the database, one can easily access the room no of a patient admitted, the availability time of doctors, and the vacant bed status.


  1. Blood donation Database


The data on patients, blood donors, and blood banks would be stored in this database, which would be linked together. The data points shown below can be used as a guide.


  • Name, ID number, blood group, and disease of the patient.

  • Name of the donor, unique identifier, blood group, medical report, address, and phone number.

  • Name, location, and donor information for the blood bank (name, address, contact number).

  • Try to replicate this in a database by constructing a schema and an Entity-Relationship (E-R) diagram, and then normalizing it.


  1. Cooking Recipe Portal


Another use of SQL databases in the creative area is this. You may create a website in which a stored method organizes your culinary recipes into categories. Here's how you can organize and display your data:


  • Using the RichText HTML editor, create a recipe article or blog.

  • The ‘Recipe of the Day with the most likes/ratings.

  • You may also provide the ability for people to review and comment on the recipes. In a password-protected admin section, you may make changes to or delete recipes.


  1.  Carbon Emission Calculator


Environmental conservation has recently gotten a lot of attention across the world. You may also help the cause by creating a web application that calculates a building's carbon footprint. 


This calculator will combine user-selected data or custom values on building type, climate zones, type of water fixtures, and other factors such as floor area and workdays per year with user-selected data or custom values on building type, climatic zones, type of water fixtures, and so on.


As a result, the emissions reported as outputs may be attributed to energy use, household water use, transportation, and solid waste disposal. It can be developed on an Excel file that can be then converted into a SQL server online application. 


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Projects foster an active learning environment in which students may think critically and solve problems using inquiry-based techniques. 


When picking a SQL project, you should aim for one that uses database normalization techniques at the very least. This project once completed can be presented to the college and can be added to your resume. 


Projects grace the resume more than any degree of accomplishment and catch the eye of anyone offering you a job. So, not only for academic purposes but also from a job point of view, projects are important.

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